Mr. Belvedere - Season 2

ABC (ended 1990)




Episode Guide

  • The Play
    The Play
    Episode 22
    Wesley has been cast as the lead in the school play and he's all set to play the part. However, when the director quits the play, Mr. Belvedere steps in as director and makes a decision for the best of the play. He decides to recast the lead with Tommy Sullivan leaving Wesley out in the cold but he play a retaliation, he decides if he is not the star he will use sabotage.moreless
  • The Dropout
    The Dropout
    Episode 14
    Marsha is hitting the books for her finals but she doesn't feel her hard work is paying off after she fails her exam. This leads her to decide to quit college and become a full-time housewife, complete with a housedress and a string of pearls around her neck (shades of June Cleaver) but Marsha's attempts at being a housewife soon make Mr. Belvedere's job obsolete.moreless
  • Strike
    Episode 8
    When George's newspaper goes on strike, he finds himself board to death and becoming increasingly more irritating to Belvedere. Meanwhile, the family tries to cut costs which means no new car for Kevin and Wesley and Heather put together a garage sale where Wesley inadvertently sells a priceless Fabrache egg of Mr. Belvedere's.moreless
  • The Letter
    The Letter
    Episode 9
    Wesley has joined the football team and is terrible at the sport much to the disappointment of George. This re-opens old wounds in Kevin and decides to secretly join the football team to get a letter and make George proud. However, when Kevin's grades slip, George comes down hard on him and Kevin decides to move out, just days before Thanksgiving.moreless
  • Rivals
    Episode 15
    George and Mr. Belvedere become rivals in a contest over who can do without their favorite vice. George tries to give up smoking and Mr. Belvedere tries to give up junk food and each one discovers that trying to sneak may not be an option. Meanwhile, Heather is head over heels for her latest boyfriend who happens to have a strong attraction ... for Marsha.moreless
  • Dinner for Two
    Dinner for Two
    Episode 21
    Marsha has been busy night after night with her study group leaving little time for George. So George decides to plan a romantic dinner for two with Belvedere's help, but a surprised Marsha can't even find time for that. Meanwhile, Kevin begins dating a Swedish foreign exchange student but finds Wesley and Heather tagging along on his date.moreless
  • Wesley's Friend
    Wesley's Friend
    Episode 16
    When one of Wesley's friends is revealed to have AIDS, he is taken out of school due to the ignorance and uncertainty that many of the other children's parents share. This leads Wesley to shun his friend in fear of getting the disease himself. Meanwhile, Kevin takes a home economics class because he thinks it will be an easy A.moreless
  • Valentine's Day (a.k.a.) The Valentine
    Valentine's Day has one particular girl going wild over Wesley who does his best to try to avoid her. Meanwhile, Heather is let down after sending out tons of valentines but gets none in return, that is until a secret admirer begins sending her gifts. However, when her admirer reveals himself, she is less than thrilled.moreless
  • The Prize
    The Prize
    Episode 11
    Wesley begins selling cookies door to door in an attempt to win a trip to Disney World. However, when he does win, he surprisingly gives it away to a sick kid in the hospital. Little does anyone know that Wesley has hopes that this will lead to an even better trip. Meanwhile, George and Mr. Belvedere hold a contest concerning the stock market and Heather debates cheating on an algebra exam in order to bring her grades up.moreless
  • The Will
    The Will
    Episode 17
    When one of George's cousins suddenly dies it prompts George and Marsha to prepare a will and they must decide whom should look after the children if they should die suddenly. Mr Belvedere, who happens to be their number one pick, turns them down without hesitancy.
  • The Teacher
    The Teacher
    Episode 13
    With everyone busy with their own lives, Mr. Belvedere appears to be lonesome, at least from Wesley's point of view and decides what he needs is a woman in his life. However, the woman who peaks his interest, wasn't quite the woman Wesley had in mind, when Mr. Belvedere begins seeing Wesley's teacher.moreless
  • Speechless
    Episode 12
    When George learns that he is the winner of The Happy Guys of Pittsburgh Man of the Year Award he is thrilled. That is, until he learns he must give a speech, something he's terrified of doing. Meanwhile, a project in one of his classes has Kevin married to a nice girl but he's resistant to being seen with her in public.moreless
  • Pinball
    Episode 10
    George buys a pinball machine to recapture memories from his youth but quickly tires of it. However, Mr. Belvedere takes a liking to the machine and quickly becomes a pinball junkie and in the process begins to neglect his household duties. But when George sells the machine, Mr. Belvedere takes up a new residence, in the local arcade.moreless
  • Tornado
    Episode 2
    A tornado watch adds to the tension between George and Mr. Belvedere after Belvedere takes it upon himself to edit a story George is writing. Things reach a head when a tornado forces everyone in the basement and a pool contest begins between George and Belvedere and neither one of them will allow something like the weather to interfere with their competition.moreless
  • Heather's Tutor
    Heather's Tutor
    Episode 19
    Heather has been floundering in her French class and Marsha insists that she get a tutor. Heather is thrilled to learn her tutor will be a high school boy but isn't prepared to learn that he's blind. However, she quickly realizes he is just like any other boy. Meanwhile, there is an all out war between the Owens' and their neighbors, the Huffnagels, thanks to Wesley's antics.moreless
  • Requiem
    Episode 4
    During an accordion lesson, Wesley's teacher, Mr. Zabriskie suddenly dies right after a frustrated Wesley silently wished his death. This leads Wesley to believe he is the one responsible for his teacher's death and begins to believe he has a special power. Meanwhile, Heather gets a pair of high heels and has some trouble learning to walk in them.moreless
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    Needing a peaceful night's sleep, Marsha kicks the constantly snoring George out of the bedroom. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere goes on a weekend trip and while he's gone George sleeps like a baby but the snoring returns when Belvedere returns.
  • Vows
    Episode 7
    For their anniversary, George and Marsha act like it's just another day while the kids suggest they renew their wedding vows. However, after doing some digging, trying to find George and Marsha's original wedding picture, Heather and Kevin make a shocking discovery, that leads Kevin to re-examine his life.
  • The Contract
    The Contract
    Episode 6
    Worried that Kevin will get drunk on the night of his junior prom, Marsha has Kevin sign a contract promising that if he should drink, he should call home for a ride and George and Marsha would promise not hassle him. However, Kevin sees this contract as an open invitation to drink which leads him to take the contract a bit too far and begins drinking all the time which it turns out is really masking a deeper problem.moreless
  • Amish
    Episode 20
    While at the library, studying for his SAT's, Kevin runs into a lost Amish girl whom he brings home, where she marvels at modern conveniences. Kevin soon learns about her culture and with all the pressures in his life he becomes smitten with the idea of becoming Amish himself, in hopes of escaping from the pressure of his world. Meanwhile, little does he know but she has become smitten with all the modern conveniences of his world.moreless
  • Cheerleader
    Episode 3
    Heather and Angela have decided to go out for the cheerleading squad. However, when Marsha finds out, she takes an unusual attitude toward it, this just on the eve of her birthday, of which Wesley is scrambling to get a present. Meanwhile, Kevin snags a date with a girl he has been eyeing, but Marsha's birthday dinner becomes a conflict.moreless
  • Delivery
    Episode 5
    Kevin has his friend come over to help him on a science project and George and Marsha quickly become worried when the girl arrives 8 months pregnant and wanting to name the baby Kevin if it's a boy. That appears to be beside the point when the girl suddenly begins to go into labor and Mr. Belvedere finds himself the first person in line to help with the delivery.moreless