Mr. Belvedere - Season 3

ABC (ended 1990)




Episode Guide

  • Grandma
    Episode 2
    Heather and Angela are participating in an Adopt-a-Grandparent program at a retirement home and Wesley is talked into going with the prospect of squeezing some money out of an unsuspecting old person. However, Wesley makes quick friends with one woman in particular but he soon realizes she has Alzheimer's disease. Meanwhile, Heather and Angela become friends with a grumpy old man who does nothing but complain.moreless
  • The Crush
    The Crush
    Episode 15
    Finding himself dateless on a Friday night, Kevin agrees to go to a Huey Lewis concert with Heather's best friend, Angela. However, this one date, ends with Angela coming down with a serious case of puppy love, much to Kevin's dismay. Meanwhile, when George goes out of town with Marsha, Mr. Belvedere takes Wesley on a camping trip in the back yard, but Wesley gets an earful when Mr. Belvedere gets fed up with Wesley and begins talking in his sleep.moreless
  • Deportation (2)
    Deportation (2)
    Episode 7
    Following his arrest, Mr. Belvedere is held in jail pending bail. When he is released, Mr. Belvedere arrives at the Owens home to find another maid has taken his place. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere and the family try to come up with ways to keep him in the country and Wesley hatches a plan of his own by trying to find a woman who could marry Mr. Belvedere so he can get a green card.moreless
  • The Spelling Bee
    The Spelling Bee
    Episode 9
    Wesley is competing in a spelling bee at school and one of his female opponents cozies up to him but her intentions are hardly innocent. However, when Mr. Belvedere realizes what she is doing and tries to open Wesley's eyes, he refuses to see the obvious. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere puts the Owens family on a strict budget after their spending habits get out of hand and soon the family is chomping at the bit for cash.moreless
  • College Bound
    College Bound
    Episode 11
    Kevin has been looking at colleges and has even gotten some acceptance letters, however, the schools he wants to attend are too expensive for the Owens' family, so he quickly informs his family, that he just wants to get out of the nest and away from their rules. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere is horrified at the prospects of teaching Heather how to drive after she receives her learners' permit.moreless
  • Baby
    Episode 19
    Marsha gets some unexpected news that she may be pregnant which brings back the feelings she had when she became pregnant with Wesley. Not wanting another baby, Marsha voices her feelings and says out loud that she didn't want Wesley, unaware that he was standing behind her, feeling unwanted, Wesley runs away. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere prepares to accept an award from Queen Elizabeth herself.moreless
  • The Competition
    The Competition
    Episode 16
    Tired of George's smug face every time he beats him at arm wrestling, Kevin becomes to determined to beat his father and has Mr. Belvedere coach him. Meanwhile, Heather begins dating the football jock who's been ordered to take ballet class by his coach. However, when he shows little interest in her, she begins to question his sexuality and he becomes convinced he's a homosexual.moreless
  • Reunion
    Episode 8
    George and Marsha have conflicting events. George has a high school reunion and Marsha has a convention in Atlantic City and both places have things about them that are a bit tempting, gambling for Marsha and for George it's an old flame he once had a crush on and who's eagerly fanning it now. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere accompanies George to the reunion and must fend off the advances of a persistent woman.moreless
  • The Auction
    The Auction
    Episode 22
    For a charity auction at Wesley's school, Mr. Belvedere is talked into having his services auctioned off. However after his time is up, the lonely woman who bid a whopping $500 for his time, sets into motion a bizarre scheme that begins when she drugs Mr. Belvedere and he wakes up to find himself bound and gagged. Meanwhile, Heather and Angela are running against each other for class treasurer and Wesley teams up with Angela to smear her competition.moreless
  • Kevin's Older Woman
    Kevin's Older Woman
    Episode 18
    After a disastrous date, Kevin vows to give up women and he throws himself into his part-time job. However, one evening while working delivery, he meets an older woman whom he instantly becomes smitten with which leads to him losing his virginity. Later, his parents aren't exactly happy when they meet his new older girlfriend and when they put their foot down, Kevin decides to move out. Meanwhile, Wesley journeys into the world of Semifore to earn a merit badge.moreless
  • Pills
    Episode 10
    Heather has become convinced that she's fat and decides to try diet pills, but when Marsha discovers them, she confiscates them. At the same time, Marsha has been studying for an exam and a bottle of amphetamines may just be what she needs to keep her alert. Meanwhile, George and Wesley stake out the attic to catch a rat, however, it seems the rat just may have the last laugh.moreless
  • Halloween
    Episode 5
    George is to become a member of The Happy Guys of Pittsburgh but on the night of the induction, which happens to be Halloween, George and Marsha discover the Happy Guys have a dark side. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere shows a different side after he goes wild toilet papering a house while trick or treating with Wesley.moreless
  • The Mogul
    The Mogul
    Episode 21
    Wesley becomes a mini-mogul when he organizes a company that goes around the neighborhood doing odd jobs. The company starts off small with just him and Miles as partners. However, when greed overwhelms Wesley, Miles is fired, leaving Wesley power hungry and taking advantage of his employees. Meanwhile, Kevin debates over taking Wendy to the senior prom or a more popular girl.moreless
  • The Thief
    The Thief
    Episode 1
    Heather and Angela get a job at a music store and at least Heather seems to have enough responsibility to do a good job, that is until she begins dating the captain of the football team and he just assumes it would be okay to stop by Heather's work and rip off a few things. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere tries to beat Wesley at gin rummy.moreless
  • The Cadet
    The Cadet
    Episode 17
    Wesley has gotten totally out of control and George and Marsha are up in arms over his constantly getting into trouble at school and at home. When George threatens to put him in military school, Wesley is sure he's just joking, but Wesley is certainly not laughing when he finds himself there shining shoes. Meanwhile, Kevin has a crush on a girl who loves horseback riding, so naturally he decides to pick it up himself.moreless
  • The Ticket
    The Ticket
    Episode 14
    Kevin gets a ticket after he goes through a stop sign but complains that he could see the stop sign due to a tree branch being in the way. This leads Marsha to test her knowledge at law and represent Kevin in court, however her attempts just get Kevin in more and more trouble. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere is after a raise and George is dead set against giving him one and Wesley is having his fun blackmailing Heather.moreless
  • Inky
    Episode 12
    Wesley is heartbroken when his pet hamster, Inky, dies, so to cheer him up, George and Marsha buy him a dog. However, little do they know, Wesley has faked Inky's death for the sole purpose of getting the dog. Meanwhile, one bathroom in the Owens' household, has George and Marsha thinking of adding on to the house and each member of the family has their own ideas for what the room should be used for.moreless
  • Separation
    Episode 20
    With George out of work and Marsha busy with law school, they have been spending little time together creating tension between the two. Soon fighting begins to erupt and Mr. Belvedere suggests that they try a marriage retreat but after a failed weekend at the retreat, they decide to separate, and George moves into an apartment. Meanwhile, Wesley, Heather and Kevin plot to get George and Marsha back together and Mr. Belvedere has a plan of his own.moreless
  • Deportation (1)
    Deportation (1)
    Episode 6
    Wesley is all excited about getting a dog, however, first he must do well on his history exam. When he gets an A, Wesley feels pangs of guilt and confides in Mr. Belvedere that he really cheated. Later, Wesley feels betrayed when Mr. Belvedere tells George and Marsha the truth and to get revenge calls the INS who promptly stops by and arrests Mr. Belvedere who does not have a green card.moreless
  • Debut
    Episode 3
    George has a near-death experience after he is electrocuted when the TV falls into the bathtub. Mr. Belvedere saves his life but after he recovers, George quits his sports writing job and decides to do some things he always wanted to do, including taking up a career as a lounge singer. Worried about George's prospects, Mr. Belvedere has Robert Goulet stop by to give George some advice.moreless
  • Jobless
    Episode 13
    Fired from his job, George decides to put his pride aside and finally decides to go down to the unemployment office, however, George quickly finds himself the community hero, when he saves a woman from a mugger. However, the media attention leads the Owens' financial situation to become public knowledge and they find themselves swamped with gifts from the people in the community. Meanwhile, to help the household, Mr. Belvedere gets a side job.moreless
  • Kevin's Date
    Kevin's Date
    Episode 4
    Kevin's 18th birthday is approaching and he's apprehensive for his first sexual experience. Pressure from his friends doesn't help any when they suggest he take out a girl who has a reputation for being easy. Kevin quickly finds himself in an uncomfortable situation when he takes their advice. Meanwhile, Wesley goes on a hunger strike, after refusing to eat his Brussels sprouts.moreless