Mr. Belvedere - Season 4

ABC (ended 1990)




Episode Guide

  • The Initiation
    The Initiation
    Episode 1
    Kevin has begun college and decides to join a fraternity and part of his initiation includes, donning women's clothing and also to bring the worst looking girl to a frat party. Coincidentally, Kevin meets a girl whom he thinks fits the bill, but wants to spare her feelings. However, he finds himself trapped and hurting her feelings seems to be the only way out. Meanwhile, Wesley's school has a talent contest and Wesley takes up ventriloquism with a dummy that looks remarkably like Mr. Belvedere.moreless
  • TV George
    TV George
    Episode 2
    George is excited about his new job as a sportscaster for a local television station but his co-workers give him less than a warm welcome. Meanwhile, George doesn't mind being in front of a camera that is until upper management tells him that to pull in the correct viewer segment he should consider getting a facelift. Meanwhile, Wesley's secret agenda has him refusing to bathe but the family could care less as he quickly begins to stink up the house.moreless
  • Triangle
    Episode 3
    Wesley has been spending a lot of time in detention and little does anyone know that he has been getting into trouble on purpose because he secretly has a crush on the detention supervisor, Miss Connors. However, his little plan to spend time with Miss Connors goes awry when Kevin stops by to pick up Wesley and he hits it off with her and they begin dating each other. Meanwhile, Heather gets fed up with her name and decides she wants to go by Bianca.moreless
  • Marsha's Job
    Marsha's Job
    Episode 4
    Marsha has been waiting for her letter from the National Bar Association with the news of whether or not she has graduated law school. The entire family is overjoyed when she finally does get the news that she passed. However, she quickly finds it difficult searching for a job in a law firm and when she is hired she finds herself dealing with her boss who has anything but law on his mind when he begins making passes at her. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere begins a crash diet.moreless
  • Moonlighting
    Episode 5
    Mr. Belvedere encounters an insufferable girl while waiting in line at a fast food restaurant more insufferable than Wesley and Mr. Belvedere soon realizes that her family needs him just as much as the Owens family does. Soon, the Owens family begins to see less and less of Mr. Belvedere and they discover that he has been moonlighting for the other family. It soon turns out to be an all out war between families over who gets to keep Mr. Belvedere.moreless
  • The Wedding
    The Wedding
    Episode 6
    Kevin is excited when he learns that his old high school friend, Wendy, is coming to town for a visit and she has a surprise, she's engaged. Kevin feels a little disappointed when it appears that Wendy has gotten over her crush for him and has moved on, or has she and to make matters worse, Kevin decides to get everything out in the open during her wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere may be in hot water when he accidentally lets Wesley's pet myna bird fly out the window.moreless
  • Fall Guy
    Fall Guy
    Episode 7
    Wesley is left home alone one evening as George, Marsha and Mr. Belvedere go out to the opera, Heather goes to the movies with Angela and Kevin goes out on a date. The next morning Marsha is furious when she discovers that her "Home Sweet Home" pillow has been destroyed. This leads to Wesley to take the fall for Kevin who was responsible for the pillow being ruined. However, evidence soon begins to mount that leads the family to speculate what really happened a la Rashomonmoreless
  • Christmas Story
    Christmas Story
    Episode 8
    The Owens family begins to prepare their home for Christmas but strangely Mr. Belvedere seems anything but in the Christmas spirit and Wesley sneaks into his room and discovers the perfect gift for him for Christmas but even that may not be enough to cheer him up. Meanwhile, both Kevin and Heather would like to be anywhere but home for Christmas which leads to a family feud that just may lead to George and Marsha canceling the entire Christmas celebration.moreless
  • G.I. George
    G.I. George
    Episode 9
    Wesley is trying to find someone he can use for his history assignment, someone who would be willing to speak in front of his class and talk about something they lived through. Wesley immediately volunteers George whose Korean War stories awed him when he was younger but he is now disappointed to learn that George had made them all up. Meanwhile, Marsha prepares the family for a family portrait and Mr. Belvedere feels left out when he is not asked to appear in it.moreless
  • Kevin's Model
    Kevin's Model
    Episode 10
    Kevin is excited about his new semester in college and his friend Carl talks him into taking an art class. Kevin soon begins to fall for one of the female nude models and they begin to get quite serious. However, Kevin soon becomes uncomfortable with her posing nude and insists that she quit. Meanwhile, Heather tattles on Wesley when he breaks the Huffnagel's living room window using a slingshot and he decides to take revenge by making her think she is going crazy.moreless
  • Commentary
    Episode 11
    George is nervous when he is assigned to do editorials during his sports broadcasts at the television station. At first he is not quite sure what to do and starts off with something tame, protective sports gear and quickly jumps to the controversial when he condemns the singing of the National Anthem at sports games. However, George's intention soon gets him in hot water as his opinion proves very unpopular and he finds himself being forced by the station manager into doing humiliating jobs to force him to quit.moreless
  • The Diary
    The Diary
    Episode 12
    Heather's 16th birthday is coming up and George is having a hard time dealing with his little "Kitten" growing up. Meanwhile, Heather is getting over a breakup with her latest boyfriend and creates a fictional man in her diary which George just happens to glance at and becomes worried especially after Wesley discovers birth control in Heather's room. Meanwhile, Wesley is searching for his lost snake, Captain Nemo, but little does anyone know, Kevin is responsible for his disappearance.moreless
  • The Trip (1)
    The Trip (1)
    Episode 13
    Heather and Angela have been volunteering at the nursing home again and this time have befriended a Mr. Sparks who has been spending time with a female resident, but when she passes away Mr. Sparks falls into a depression and the girls decide to honor his wishes and they break him out of the home and take him on a trip to Atlantic City. Meanwhile, George has a hard time coming up with a gift for Marsha for their 20th wedding anniversary and Mr. Belvedere catches gambling fever and Wesley becomes his good luck charm.moreless
  • The Trip (2)
    The Trip (2)
    Episode 14
    Heather, Angela and Wesley head for Atlantic City with Mr. Sparks after breaking him out of the nursing home and they hit up the first casino they see. Meanwhile, George and Marsha's second honeymoon is a bust and they decide to high tail to Atlantic City as well and Mr. Belvedere is furious when he learns that Heather and Wesley have left the state. Kevin and Mr. Belvedere quickly hitch a ride with Robert Goulet, with their destination being Atlantic City and the stage is set for all parties to collide while Mr. Sparks has the time of his life.moreless
  • Foxtrot
    Episode 15
    Marsha and George go out dancing and Marsha decides that she would like to start taking dance lessons but when George decides he does not want to participate, Mr. Belvedere steps in and soon Marsha and Mr. Belvedere begin stepping out every night. Meanwhile, Heather and Wesley become convinced that Mr. Belvedere is falling for Marsha and try their best to get George to spend more time with her. Meanwhile, Kevin gets a job as a dishwasher at a sorority house and finds himself fending off every female in the house.moreless
  • Heather's Monk
    Heather's Monk
    Episode 16
    Heather and Angela join chorus but neither one of them hardly has the singing voice, but Heather has other things on her mind when she eyes an attractive senior who she asks out on a date. However, her romance gets the brakes when he reveals he's joining the seminary to become a priest and Heather is in a state of shock when he asks to sleep with her days before he is scheduled to leave. Meanwhile, the family does their best with their free time when Wesley breaks the TV.moreless
  • Kevin Nightengale
    Kevin Nightengale
    Episode 17
    George and Marsha get fed up with Kevin and his not making a decision on a college major. After some soul searching, Kevin finally makes up his mind, he decides on nursing and he quits his current part time job and gets one as an orderly at a hospital. However, George and Marsha aren't convinced that this is what Kevin really wants to do. Meanwhile, Wesley becomes an efficiency officer and begins to manage Mr. Belvedere's time and Heather is not looking forward to a frog dissection in biology.moreless
  • The Apartment
    The Apartment
    Episode 18
    One evening, Kevin brings home his date thinking he has the house to himself only to discover George and Marsha making out on the couch. Fed up with having no privacy, Kevin decides to move into an apartment of his own and advertises for a roommate. His ad is answered in the form of Mr. Belvedere who has gotten fed up with having no privacy of his own and barges in on Kevin. Meanwhile, the rest of the family fights over what to make out of Kevin's old room.moreless
  • Graduation
    Episode 19
    Wesley has been named valedictorian of his graduating elementary class and days before the ceremony Wesley plays a prank at a school dance and his classmates insist that he grow up. This leads Wesley to start wearing suits to school and begins acting more like an adult which turns out to be a little too grown up for his classmates. Meanwhile, Heather and George prepare for a father-daughter race but George finds it hard to keep up and Kevin thinks he saw a UFO and stakes out the backyard, ready for another encounter.moreless
  • The Counselor
    The Counselor
    Episode 20
    Summer vacation has Heather taking summer classes, Kevin working overtime and Wesley going to a day camp. While at the camp, Wesley finds himself a victim when one of the counselors touches him inappropriately leaving Wesley feeling guilty and scared and unsure if he should keep it a "secret" like the counselor encourages him to. Meanwhile, George wants to golf but has no one to go with that is until Mr. Belvedere volunteers and George soon discovers that golfing with the butler may have been a mistake.moreless