Mr. Belvedere - Season 5

ABC (ended 1990)




Episode Guide

  • Fat Cats
    Fat Cats
    Episode 1
    George's manager at the TV station orders him to lose 15lbs so George decides to go to a fat farm and he brings Mr. Belvedere along for the excitement. However, they soon find themselves having a hard time sticking to the regime and when George sneaks pizza onto the premises and Mr. Belvedere gets blamed, both of them get kicked out. Meanwhile, Kevin baby-sits his girlfriend's cat that escapes and holds Marsha, Heather and Wesley hostage, while totally destroying the house.moreless
  • Braces
    Episode 3
    George is having a fit when he and Wesley have to go to the dentist for a routine checkup. However, when they come back Wesley is the one having the fit, the dentist suggested he get braces. Worried that braces would ruin relationship with a girl, Wesley quickly comes up with a plot to try to avoid getting them, however, his ill thought out plan does not fool Mr. Belvedere. Meanwhile, Kevin is trying to cut costs and Mr. Belvedere buys Kevin's old car and he doesn't know that Kevin's unloading a lemon.moreless
  • Hooky
    Episode 2
    George and Wesley have reasons for wanting to play hooky from work and school. Marsha doesn't buy either of their sick acts and sends them on their way. Later, George and Wesley each discover one another sneaking around the house they decide to play hooky together and decide to go on a fishing trip. However, a last minute trip to the supermarket gets them into trouble when they run into Mr. Belvedere and two armed robbers and soon find themselves front and center on the six o'clock news.moreless
  • Almost Heaven
    Almost Heaven
    Episode 22
    Wesley has been grounded to the house after yet another prank on the Hufnagels but he's determined to sneak out. When Mr. Belvedere discovers he's gone he goes after him and ends up in the hospital in a coma after wrapping Marsha's porsche around a tree. Mr. Belvedere is then taken on an "angelic" journey of what the Owens' would be like without him.moreless
  • The Escort
    The Escort
    Episode 20
    For some extra money, Kevin picks up a job as an escort and after having an encounter with a sexpot, Kevin meets a sweet old woman whom he hits it off with and even begins thinking seriously of marriage when she proposes. Meanwhile, the Owens' monthly bills have gotten out of hand and Mr. Belvedere suggests a strategy to curb the family's expenses.moreless
  • Marsha's Secret
    Marsha's Secret
    Episode 5
    Marsha's position at the Legal Hut has been draining all the excitement out of her and when she's offered a higher position the entire Owens family is excited for her but she secretly decides to turn it down. Little does her family know, that she has quit altogether at the Legal Hut and has taken up a position as a singing waitress at a 50's style restaurant but Marsha's secretive behavior has George convinced that she is having an affair. Meanwhile, Kevin enters into a competition in an attempt to win a Ferrari.moreless
  • Stakeout
    Episode 14
    The town of Beaver Falls is stricken with fear with the Highheel Bandit on the loose and the neighborhood rallies together and forms a task force headed by two members of The Happy Guys of Pittsburgh club. This leads George, Kevin and Mr. Belvedere to stakeout the neighborhood even going as far as dressing in drag to serve as decoys for the ruthless bandit. Meanwhile, Wesley corrupts the young boy whom Heather has been babysitting for and the young man soon becomes an even bigger terror than Wesley.moreless
  • The Book
    The Book
    Episode 19
    Mr. Belvedere decides to try to capitalize on his years of living with the Owens family when he goes though his journals to use as references on a book that he's writing. However, once the book is published no one in the family is pleased with the end result. Meanwhile, George discovers Marsha has been secretly saving money to buy a Porsche and Kevin joins the pep squad in an attempt to meet girls but ends up becoming the team mascot.moreless
  • Spot
    Episode 12
    George comes home with a surprise for Wesley, something that Wesley had been wanting for years, a dog. However, Wesley is less than satisfied, it seems he's gotten past that phase and does his best to ditch the cute little pooch. Meanwhile, Heather becomes friends with a mystic, which threatens her friendship with Angela. However, Angela decides to not take this threat lying down and suddenly seems to be able to speak from the spirit world.moreless
  • Homeless
    Episode 10
    Heather and Angela volunteer down at a soup kitchen and Heather befriends a homeless man who is being thrown out of the shelter because his two-week limit is up. This prompts her to bring him home with her and she hides him in the attic but living in such close quarters, the family soon becomes suspicious of what she is hiding. Meanwhile, Marsha wonders what George is hiding when a golf buddy of his dies while having sex and George becomes scared the same thing might happen to him.moreless
  • Mutiny
    Episode 16
    To celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary, George and Marsha go on a romantic cruise but it turns out to be a cruise from Hell when they appear to have become passengers on a pirate ship. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere takes a sojourn to England to rub elbows with the royal family leaving Wesley and Heather at the mercy of Kevin whose pushy roommate, Casey, barges in and takes over. Soon, Kevin, Heather and Wesley begin to revolt against the strict Casey and try their best to bring Mr. Belvedere back as soon as possible.moreless
  • New Years
    New Years
    Episode 11
    Wesley and Heather talk their parents into letting them throw a New Years party and to get Mr. Belvedere out of the house they set him up with the Hufnagel's housekeeper, Ilsa. However, the two of them begin to neglect their housework when they start spending all of their time together and Mr. Belvedere realizes that things are getting more serious than intended so he tries to fend off her advances. Meanwhile, Kevin becomes an unwelcome houseguest when he falls ill and Marsha becomes his personal nurse.moreless
  • Anchors Away
    Anchors Away
    Episode 13
    A new news director at the TV station is making changes and has George filling in for an ailing Skip who is having colon surgery. However, when Skip returns he finds himself out of his old job with George having become the permanent replacement and Skip's new job as host of a horror program isn't as satisfying. Meanwhile, Heather tries to pay for the repairs of Marsha's car after she scratches it and asks Mr. Belvedere for a loan, but when she fails to pay it back, she becomes his slave.moreless
  • Duel
    Episode 6
    After Mr. Belvedere trips over a skateboard and falls down the stairs, he becomes wheelchair bound with a broken leg. Thus, the family is seeking a temporary housekeeper and after a handful of disastrous interviews, one presents himself in the shape of Mr. Belvedere's midget cousin, Galen, who's out for more than just a job and a friendly visit, he wants revenge. Meanwhile, Marsha is excited about a job interview and Kevin's latest girlfriend is furious with him when he gives her a bowling ball as a gift.moreless
  • The Dinner
    The Dinner
    Episode 23
    Marsha begins cooking meals, to her family's horror because her meals always turn out inedible but to help boost her self-confidence, Mr. Belvedere secretly substitutes her meals with his. However, things may blow up in his face when she plans to cook a meal for her boss and doesn't allow Mr. Belvedere in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Kevin's attempt at being a stripper nearly kills him.moreless
  • The Election
    The Election
    Episode 15
    Wesley, running for student body president, is sure he will win because he doesn't have an opponent and he has a determined campaign manager named Miriam. However, at the last moment he gets an opponent, in Billy Podell, a paraplegic, whose situation makes Wesley shy away from slander, but it doesn't shy Billy away from doing it to Wesley. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere hopes for a surprise birthday party even though he said he didn't want a fuss and then becomes upset when the family obeys his wishes.moreless
  • The Debate
    The Debate
    Episode 17
    Heather and Angela are members of a Speech club and a certain boy catches both their eyes and they each set out to make him their boyfriend. The boy soon finds himself in the middle of the feud between friends and he must decide between one or the other. Meanwhile, Marsha redecorates Mr. Belvedere's room and Wesley and him become roommates but Wesley quickly becomes sick of Mr. Belvedere's constant practical jokes that he pulls on Wesley day and night.moreless
  • The Ghostwriter
    The Ghostwriter
    Episode 21
    Wesley is trying to get the attention of a girl he likes and begins writing love letters to her. Meanwhile, Marsha and George's spring cleaning unearths some old love letters from an old flame and this prompts her to wonder why George can't be that romantic. In response, George begins plagiarizing Wesley's poems. Meanwhile, Kevin and Mr. Belvedere become the repairmen for Kevin's apartment building.moreless
  • Roommates
    Episode 7
    Kevin has had it with his foreign exchange student roommate, Anatole, who keeps a pet goat in the apartment. The last straw is when Anatole invites some friends over for a party and Kevin promptly tosses him out. Meanwhile, for a business class, Kevin observes the operations at a plumbing supplies company and meets a feisty woman whom he discovers that she lives next door to him. Meanwhile, Wesley's criticism of Mr. Belvedere's cooking, leads to a cook-off.moreless
  • Pigskin
    Episode 4
    Wesley is all set to join the football team but is in for a shock when the only girl on his team gets a position on the team while Wesley is a bench warmer. Wesley sets into motion a plan of sabotage that uses her crush on Wesley to his advantage and his plan seems to work, when she quits the team but Wesley fails to realize that she was actually an excellent player while he falls short. Meanwhile, Heather and Angela try to find an act for a talent show but their constant bickering may be the end of their friendship.moreless
  • Really Full House
    Really Full House
    Episode 18
    Kevin wants to take the next step in his relationship with his roommate Casey and move to a sexual one but just as they decide to take that step, they get an interruption in the form of Wendy and her husband who pay them a visit and Wendy makes it known that she still lusts for Kevin all the while being trapped in a loveless marriage. Meanwhile, a hick family moves in down the street and they begin to torment Wesley, Heather and George, while Marsha is preoccupied with putting together a case for a client.moreless
  • The Curse
    The Curse
    Episode 8
    When Kevin kicks him out of the apartment, a furious Anatole shows up at the Owens door demanding a place to stay for him and his goat. However, the family gets fed up and demands he leave but before he does, he puts a curse on the family. Now the Owens family must deal with a string of bad luck and must find away to break the curse. Meanwhile, Kevin is having no fun constantly bickering with his new roommate, Casey and soon discovers that there is a thin line between love and hate.moreless
  • The Attic
    The Attic
    Episode 24
    Yet another prank on the Hufnagels prompts punishment for Wesley who is supposed to clean out the attic. However, he finds himself with some company, when he gets locked in with Mr. Belvedere and they recall (thorough flashbacks) what life has been like in the Owens' household since he moved in with the family.moreless
  • Black Widow
    Black Widow
    Episode 9
    George is offered a guest appearance on a local talk show and the host, Barbara Collins, becomes smitten with him. Later, George learns of her reputation for hiring attractive co-hosts and then luring them into bed. George isn't worried at first until he finds Barbara throwing her weight around and squeezing him out of his sportscaster job and George finds himself trapped, which just may threaten his marriage. Meanwhile, a makeover from Heather has Wesley becoming a slave to fashion.moreless