Mr. Belvedere - Season 6

ABC (ended 1990)




Episode Guide

  • Bad Marsha
    Bad Marsha
    Episode 18
    Visiting a client in jail, Marsha comes face-to-face with Sharon Whit, an exact Marsha lookalike. During their consultation, Sharon knocks out Marsha and switches places with her, leaving Marsha trapped in prison while Sharon moves into the Owens' household, although the Owens grow suspicious of her strange behavior, while Marsha desperately tries to convince the guards that she's not Sharon. When she sings a guard out of a hostage crisis, she returns home just as the family confronts her, thinking she's Sharon - when she wakes up, victim of a nightmare caused by anxiety about a test in law school.moreless
  • Homecoming
    Episode 7
    With Homecoming days away, Heather finds herself considering being dateless that is until she meets Keith Elliot and is swept off her feet, that is until he tries to rape her. Meanwhile, Wesley is making a video about Mr. Belvedere's career but is having a hard time getting anything interesting.
  • Runaways
    Episode 15

    Wesley gets a part time job at the donut shop, and immediately develops a crush on Lou-Anne's daughter Sheila. When Lou-Anne forbids their relationship and fires him, the love birds decide to run away together. Meanwhile, Belvedere realizes he has been stricken by a bout of the "Stonehenge Curse," which afflicts him every seven years and causes him to randomly change personalities.

  • The Baby
    The Baby
    Episode 17

    Marsha takes weekend custody of a baby when an adoption arranged by her law firm falls through, causing havoc for the entire Owens household.  However, she quickly grows a strong maternal attachment to the child and announces she wants to adopt it, without considering how it will affect her career.

  • Home
    Episode 19
    George and Marsha get fed up with things deteriorating in their home so they decided it might be time to sell the house and find a smaller one. However, soon everyone has second thoughts about moving when they get a glimpse at the potential buyers. Meanwhile, Kevin's elderly neighbor finds herself in a new home, a retirement home, put there by her son and daughter in-law.moreless
  • Mumsy
    Episode 20
    Mr. Belvedere gets a surprise visit from his 'Mumsy' his elderly mother who has come over from England to stay with the Owens family. Mr. Belvedere is driven up the wall by her walking down memory lane and bringing up his past something, which he seems ashamed of. Meanwhile, Kevin inherits George's old tool belt and soon finds an admirer fawning over him strictly because of his belt.moreless
  • The Pageant
    The Pageant
    Episode 16
    Heather is a member of a feminist group at school and they set out to make a statement against the Miss Beaver Falls Beauty Pageant. First they try to use Angela as a pawn but when that falls through Heather runs herself, but has second thoughts about sabotage. Meanwhile, George forgets his wedding anniversary.moreless
  • Paper Mill
    Paper Mill
    Episode 6
    Wesley becomes friends with a new kid, Craig and agrees to write a book report for him to help catch him up. This leads to word getting around and all of Wesley's classmates come to him for papers. However, he quickly finds Craig coming to him for every paper he has to write which leads to Wesley discovering that Craig can't read.moreless
  • The Field
    The Field
    Episode 1
    George's birthday is coming up and the family is trying to find the perfect gift for him. Meanwhile, George has been coaching Wesley's baseball team and has been putting pressure on Wesley to be the best he can be which brings to light George's not-so great past as a baseball player.moreless
  • Fear of Flying
    Fear of Flying
    Episode 5
    George reveals that he has a fear of flying and Mr. Belvedere tries to cure him by talking on a ferris wheel ride. When that doesn't work he enrolls him in a fear class with classes being held in the Owens' living room. Meanwhile, Heather's psychology project has her dying her hair blonde and gets a jealous reaction from Angela.moreless
  • Used Cars
    Used Cars
    Episode 9
    Kevin gets a job at the used car dealership run by Carl's Uncle Phil. Kevin at first has a hard time getting into the selling business, but quickly becomes a natural crooked used car salesman. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere receives a letter from the Queen expressing her desire to have Mr. Belvedere return to his previous position.moreless
  • Brain Busters
    Brain Busters
    Episode 2
    George and Wesley are big fans of a TV game show called Brain Busters and they are such big fans that they apply to be contestants. When they go for tryouts, Wesley quickly learns he has a dud for a partner, so he dumps George and teams up with Mr. Belvedere. However, he quickly discovers himself going from one extreme to another.moreless
  • Big
    Episode 4
    Wesley is being harassed at school by some bullies and runs into some luck when an another student scares them off due to his body size. However, Wesley's savior turns into an annoyance when he begins hanging around all the time. Meanwhile, Kevin and Heather are in a battle of the sexes and they drag George and Marsha into their fight.moreless
  • Truckin'
    Episode 3
    Investing in live commodities puts Mr. Belvedere in the money but George finds himself in something else when he doesn't sell off his share and ends up with a truck load of pigs. This leads him and Mr. Belvedere to drive the rig down to West Virginia to sell the swine but they find that they like the trucker lifestyle so they decide to make it their profession.moreless
  • Fixed
    Episode 8
    Wesley's dog, Spot is running rampant and keeps following around the prize poodle of a neighbor. George and Marsha order Wesley to take Spot to the vet to get neutered but it quickly becomes apparent that Wesley didn't listen to them, when a slew of puppies take over the Owens' household.moreless
  • Mr. Belvedere's Wedding (1)
    While at the laundromat with Wesley, Mr. Belvedere meets a nice woman whose work in the African jungle has temporarily been halted and has come to the area. They quickly hit it off and Mr. Belvedere fears that it may be getting too serious she he tries to brush her off by fooling around with a much younger woman.moreless
  • The Professor
    The Professor
    Episode 12
    Kevin falls head over heels for his substitute professor and begins wooing her. However, he gets a shock when Mr. Belvedere hits it off with her and a jealous Kevin and Mr. Belvedere begin acting like jealous little kids battling over a woman. Meanwhile, George's idea of a family game turns into a gambling addiction for Marsha, Wesley and Heather.moreless
  • Mr. Belvedere's Wedding (2)
    Louise confronts Mr. Belvedere and reveals his fears and they decide to get married. However, cold feet has Mr. Belvedere running away, only to have George drag him back for his wedding. As Belvedere and Louise reach the alter, she breaks the news that she's been called back to Africa and Mr. Belvedere decides to go with her. Saying goodbye to six years of working for the Owens family.moreless
  • Counterfeit
    Episode 10
    Wesley needs to take an additional class to fill up his schedule and decides on print shop but once he takes the class, he takes full advantage of the copy machines by making counterfeit money which inadvertently gets into George's hands and he spends the money all over town. Meanwhile, Kevin's apartment seems to be haunted calling for a seance.moreless
  • A Happy Guys' Christmas

    The Happy Guys of Pittsburgh are putting on their annual Christmas play and have decided on "A Christmas Carol." The entire Owens family is cast but when Mr. Belevedere gets fed up with the poor directing, he takes over the job only to quit in a huff. This leads to him being visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.

  • Donuts
    Episode 14
    When the owner of Belvedere's favorite donut shop dies, he leaves his dout shop to him. Which doesn't make Lou Anne his faithful employee happy. When Belvedere bosses her, she quits leaving him all alone to take care of the donut shop. When he spends too much time at the donut shop to take care of the Owens, they hire Lou Anne to help out. Belvedere hires Kevin to help which only leads to disaster. Later they learn that there's another will, a video one and it he says thatthis was all part of the owner's plan to teach both Belvedere and Lou Anne lessons. Belvedere who scsrfs them like there's no end in sight to ease up. And Lou Anne to value something. So in the end he gives Lou Anne 90% of the donut shop and Belvedere the rest.moreless
  • Love Fest
    Love Fest
    Episode 13

    Belvedere advises George to try different venues for his romantic escapades to spice up his love life, but things quickly get out of hand; Kevin's disastrous date with love-hungry German stewardess turns out to be the least of his worries when he finds out Heather is dating his friend Carl; Wesley has big dreams for a cookie he creates with Belvedere's likeness.