Mr Dressup

CBC (ended 1996)


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  • Good show.

    It was a good show I enjoyed watching it wish they would show repeats.
  • This show was on from I believe the 60s through the 90s. It was an awesome show and I still have some of it on tape.

    Mr. Dressup was an awesome show and I was so sad to hear that the actor (Ernie) had passed away several years ago. He taught me how to spell and how to draw. I just loved watching it when I was little. Mr. Dressup was a big part of my childhood and I will never ever forget him. Chester the crow and all the other characters were funny and taught a lesson to you. It was a cute and educational show. I wish they could bring it back so kids from this generation can have something better to watch than what is on now.
  • My childhood hero.

    Come on, it would be downright unpatriotic for any Canadian to say that they did not watch Mr. D growing up. I loved tuning in to see what costume he'd pull out of the tickle trunk, as well as what was going on with Chester the crow, Annie, and Truffles (I vaguely remember Casey and Finnigan, but have much more vivid memories of the later characters). And cheers to CBC for keeping Ernie Coombs alive through syndication!
  • _The_ Canadian children's program - did anyone _not_ watch this when they were little?

    "Mister Dressup" is possibly the CBC's finest contribution to the field of children's programming. Hosted by the late Ernie Coombs, the show is gentle and friendly; it includes stories, imaginative play, simple crafts, and lots of lessons on kindness and fair play. Mr Dressup (Coombs) interacts with various puppets and human guest stars; my personal favourites were puppets Casey and Finnegan, though they disappeared when their puppeteer retired. I have never met a child who was familiar with Canadian television who was not also familiar with this show, and most retain warm memories of it well into their teens and beyond; I know that I do!