Mr. Lucky

Season 1 Episode 1

The Magnificent Bribe

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 1959 on CBS



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    • Lucky: That must have been quite a picnic.
      Nick: Well, you know how it is, Senor Lucky. Lovely boat, beautiful night, fascinating woman.
      Lucky: A man goes past his cruising range.

    • El Presidente: My apologies for the inconvenience. One never knows these days. I suspect none of you. I trust all of you. Except one of you. And one never knows who that one may be.

    • El Presidente: In any country such as mine, a little country so susceptible to graft, a man such as yourself would have to pay exorbitant sums to open a casino like this.
      Lucky: You have been most gracious. It's a pleasure to lose $1,000 a week to man of such, uh, integrity, El Presidente.

    • Nick: We are in trouble.
      Lucky: We are?
      Nick: I am the one responsible for the gun smuggling.
      Lucky: Andamo, my friend, what you do in your spare time is your business. You are in trouble.
      Nick: I used your boat.
      Lucky: That makes a difference.
      Nick: And the lovely lady you inquired about? She's having dinner with El President at 11 o'clock.
      Lucky: Well, as I've always said, there's just no understanding women.
      Nick: This one is easy to understand. She's an assassin. At 11 o'clock she will kill El Presidente.
      Lucky: I should never have doubted you, Andamo. We are in trouble.
      Nick: I'll start packing.

    • Lieutenant: (discovering Lucky is smuggling his money out in his luggage) El President will be shocked to hear you have been victimized. Someone has stolen your shirts and underwear.

    • Elena: He discovered that you were involved in the smuggling. That you both agreed to transport the guns. He was delighted at the prospect of seeing you bribe your way out of it.
      Lucky: Believe me, he was more delighted at the prospect of how much he was going to get.

    • Nick: All of it? Only this much?
      Lucky: We might get searched again. The lieutenant knows El Presidente would never let us get away with more than a few thousand.
      Nick: Talk about corrupt. He's dead and we still have to pay him.

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