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Mr. Meaty

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Born out of a series of animated shorts, Mr. Meaty follows the adventures of teenaged slackers Josh and Parker. These two friends work miserable jobs at the local food court while nursing dreams of girls and film making careers, along the way, Josh and Parker must learn to survive the lunch rush, robbers, and wedgie giving kids.
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    I hate it its creepy They look like human frogs
  • Lolwat?

    I only vaguely remember this as a show that was on when I was like 7 that I'd watch if literally nothing else was on. I don't really remember the actual plots of the show, or even caring about the grossly-disfigured characters at the time either. But looking back at it now, I can definitely vouch for you all that this show is disgusting. The skinny one looks stoned and the fat one looks like a pedophile. I have no idea what the hell Nick was thinking with this one. I can't begin to imagine how many little kids got nightmares from watching this show...moreless
  • This is the creepiest form of puppetry I've ever witnessed.

    Words cannot sum up the atrocity of Mr. Meaty, so let's take a look at the show shall we? This show is about two teen guys named Josh and Parker, Parker is the nerd and Josh is the womanizing teen. Toghether they go through chaotic and odd adventures as they work at a fast food restaurant. The puppetry done in this show is handled in quite possibly the worst way you can imagine. Sometimes the strings are visible and you can actually see them. The characters move in such a choppy and slow way and it's downright awful to look at. The characters look ugly and downright creepy to anyone and it's unspeakably bad. The characters themselves are no better either. Josh is a stereotypical ladies man, Parker is just a typical nerd, and the girls on this show are stuck up and only care about shopping and fashion. The plots are poorly parodied spoofs of movie titles and it's just stupid. The humor is gross and feels too disturbing and creepy for the sake of it. This show is downright creepy and horrifyingly unbearable to watch, do not look at this show and let it be forgotten.moreless
  • TERRIFYING! Catscratch was actually better than this, and I'm glad this has been pulled off syndication

    This crap has got to be one of the most ugliest, disgusting, and creepiest show I have ever watched on Nickelodeon. First of all, the show is about (what looks like) emo-stoner hipsters that work at a fast-food restaurant. The episodes are bland and are just so nasty obviously. Especially that damn tapeworm episode.

    You know the drill. Whoever remembers this show must've been spooked for life.
  • Somewhat good

    I know this show can be revolting and creepy, but I kinda like it.
  • Mr Meaty on DVD?
    Ok someone called "orap" said in his/her Mr Meaty review that the show got a DVD.Is it true?If it is I guess I'd be nice and let t...
  • The Mr. Meaty Movie?
    I once remember reading in the Nick Mag that they were planning on showing this mr. meaty movie about Josh making movies asa job a...
  • lost episodes?
    since mr.meaty was cancelled so soon they didn't air the last episodes of the season . im guessing nick will never air them but th...
  • New Episodes on Nicktoons Network
    According to's TV listings, a new episode titled "Parker's First Kiss / Kids Party" will air on Nicktoons Network Satur...
  • Who agrees?
    Ok,knowing this show,it would probably be better of on Comedy Central seeing as being on Nick it got poor ratings,no doubt for the...

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odd couple, oblivious bumbling, feel good comedy, crazy neighborhood, childlike sense of wonder