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Mr. Meaty

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Born out of a series of animated shorts, Mr. Meaty follows the adventures of teenaged slackers Josh and Parker. These two friends work miserable jobs at the local food court while nursing dreams of girls and film making careers, along the way, Josh and Parker must learn to survive the lunch rush, robbers, and wedgie giving kids.
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  • Holy Shit

    I watched this when I was a kid and it scared the shit out of me, when I look at the pictures of it it gives me a headache and almost pushes me tears, If they ever put it back on the air I will destroy all the TV's in my house, I would never let my children watch this show
  • Mr. Crappy

    Creepy and godawful show. Thank god it was cancelled. It was an abomination.
  • Do not watch this unless your on crack....

    This was probably the worst thing to air on Nickelodeon, next to Glenn Martin DDS. Its even worse than Breadwinners for fuck sake. This show had no charm or enjoyment whatsoever and it made me really uncomfortable at times. The characters are unlikable weirdos, the jokes were really bad and disgusting, the writing was horrifying, the puppet designs were ugly and scary, the scenes were really gross and scary, and the plots were demented in a bad way.

    I remember this episode where Josh eats a raw burger and a HUGE tapeworm pops out of him and starts hissing while squirming around and then some dunce pops out of nowhere and eats it for no appparent reason instead of killing it.

    Wtf???? That episode gave me psychological damage aswell as a few other disturbingly gross and creepy episodes.

    It just appals me that the creators were trying to reinvent a Muppets type of show, and this is what they came up with???? Are you fucking kidding me????? The Muppets wouldn't"t have been anywhere near as popular if it were anything like this. This show will damage your mental health.

    Ren and Stimpy wasn't even as frightening or squeamish as this show. Sure, that show was disturbing and gross at times, but atleast they knew how to entertain people and they didn't go over the top like this disgrace of a show always did. I amso happy it got cancelled, thank God!

    I do not reccomend this show to anybody at all, it isn't appropiate for any age.

    If you want a quality Nickelodeon show, watch 90's Nickelodeon shows, SpongeBob seasons 1-3, Fairly Odd Parents episodes before Poof and Drake and Josh.

  • The beginning of Nickelodeon's decline

    Somewhere, somehow, someone or some people with influence either had a bad case of judgement, under the influence of something, or was really trying to entice a certain demographic as part of their audiences and brought us this piece of rubbish that deserves nothing less than the dishonor of being tossed into the trash and forgotten.

    The premise is of two teen slackers who have dreams of film making and chasing girls but they are just a couple of creeps and not to mention how ugly they look. In fact that's part of the problem with the show is that all the puppets are so ugly that they're creepy. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy good puppetry but I don't like this. Not only that, the humor is disgusting, the plots border if not cross on inappropriateness, and the whole premise of the show is stupid beyond words. No wonder it offended so many people and got cancelled. It should have been rejected before before or early in production. What's worse is that better and watchable shows were cancelled so that this waste could air and be funded.moreless
  • Bad show

    The show terrified me as a kid and im still terrified now who ever show must have been on drugs

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