Mr. Meaty

Season 1 Episode 2

Buffalo Burrito / Parkerina

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 22, 2006 on Nicktoons Networks
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Buffalo Burrito / Parkerina
Buffalo Burrito: Parker smells really bad. Josh can't stand to be around him, but doesn't want to tell Parker because he's afraid he'll take it badly. Parker thinks that their friendship is falling apart. So he gets the boss to let him and Josh be in the Buffalo costume to help promote the new Mr. Meaty menu item. Parkerina: Mr. Meaty releases a new burger just for girls. Josh can't seem to have any luck with the ladies. Parker eats one too many burgers with their special sauce and is transformed into a girl. Josh sends him under cover to find out about the girls.moreless
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  • good stuff

    I didn't quite like the Buffalo burrito episode but I like that part were Parker hangover josh at the top of a building and the jokes about Parker's b.o.


    In this episode Parker ate a lot of the new ms.meaty burgers and due it's side affects it turn Parker in to a freaking girl that was funny and Josh makes Parkerina (Parker) spy on the hot girls and Parkerina (parker) learns that Josh is a User basicly he uses people and the Parkeria (Parker) leads the girls and it ends with Josh turning into a girl to man that was so funnymoreless
  • Face the music fans , Mr. Meaty will be closed , banned and owned by garbage.

    The first real episode in the series was really the offensive use of animals , vegetarations , and carnivores. The first episode can eaisly reason why it offends animals. You can see that the title on this episode makes buffalos into chopped up meat that people of all ages like. The resturant uses killer robots to electricute any vegetarians who enter Mr. Meaty. It also uses the same basic bathroom humor as of which the shorts were. Speaking of the shorts , this episode makes the shorts look like Oscar trophies! Then the second epsiode from what I thought used a gay joke and sexual harassments. They're burgers made for girls and uses a sauce for them which they make them into what they suppose to be. What happens in this episode is that Parker accidently drinks about 10 to 15 copies of the sauce and turns into a girl of his own. Then they show the girls of the series who are , and what they are today. Overall , we haters ranted on and on about a show that was such horror but did you listen to us? No! Did this show ended up horrible? Yes!

    A 1.0 out of 10.0moreless
  • Pilot episode

    Parkerina -

    This episode is about Mr.Carney making a new Mr.Meaty burger named the miss meaty burger and Parker eats it so he starts turning into a girl with strawberry shampoo smelled hair, long eyelashes, and orange hair. None of the girls are liking Josh that day so, Josh makes a deal with Parker that if he spys on the girls to find out why they're not liking Josh he'll buy him the bubblegum flavored lip gloss. And Josh makes Parker go into the girls bathroom and all the Girls tell how Josh has used them and Parker and the other girls were about to hurt Josh but, he turns back into a boy and the girls still hurt Josh and he accidentally eats a miss meaty burger and turns into a girl himself! This is a funny episode!moreless
  • They call this a Nick Series?!

    This episode was ok, kinda, but, um, it was, ok, I admit it. It was terrible. I hated this episode. The humor was good, very good, but the vegetarians out in this world are truly sickened in their stomach. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do care about them getting killed due to the grossness of a show! But still, the humor was good. I just would like to change this show to Adult Swim, not Nick. I don't want it to get cancelled, I just want it on a different channel. Agree? Get it? Got it? Good! The vegetarians, I'm sorry.moreless
  • And what I think about this episode? Not my favorite one.


    Patheic as the resterunt tries to find an gimmick to get more customer for the customer to come to the resterunt.Parker and Josh are in the bufflo costume.With them thinking to save buffolo.They eventually were taken to the wild.

    I think this part is boring.


    Some sort of chemical making Parker an girl.Who goes in some sort of secret girl hq talking about Josh.Than Parker suggest that they go and deal with Josh once and for all.

    Another boring episode.

    Overrall this is not funny its lacks of sense of humor.So boring glad I am not watching all the episodes.moreless

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