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  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      When Josh and Parker get locked in a freezer, Josh reflects on good times while Parker eats everything in sight.
    • Buffalo Burrito / Parkerina
      Buffalo Burrito: Parker smells really bad. Josh can't stand to be around him, but doesn't want to tell Parker because he's afraid he'll take it badly. Parker thinks that their friendship is falling apart. So he gets the boss to let him and Josh be in the Buffalo costume to help promote the new Mr. Meaty menu item. Parkerina: Mr. Meaty releases a new burger just for girls. Josh can't seem to have any luck with the ladies. Parker eats one too many burgers with their special sauce and is transformed into a girl. Josh sends him under cover to find out about the girls.moreless
    • Schnozzola/ Wedgelor
      Schnozzola: Josh gives Ashley #1 a cream to remove a zit. It accidentally makes her nose fall off. So he and Parker attach a sausage on her nose and it becomes all the rage. Wedgelor: Josh decides to bulk up after he gets a wedgie from some bullies. He gets some bulk powder from the pharmacy and releases a guy named Wedgelor. Wedgelor grants Josh one wish before leaving to give everyone wedgies. Josh has to save the day.moreless
    • The Fries That Bind/ Moochmaster P.
      The Fries That Bind: After a meat explosion caused by Josh, Parker quits working at Mr. Meaty. Parker gets a new job at the Soy What? store in the food court. Josh decides he needs Parker to be his friend. When he goes to apologize, he finds that the people who work at the restaraunt are in a cult! Josh has to save Parker. Moochmaster P. People are angry with Parker for mooching food off of them. But it becomes difficult to eat when he gets a tapeworm from sneaking raw hamburger meat from the kitchen.moreless
    • Hamish / Tater Turf
      Hamish: After Josh and Parker get into a fight over a girl, Parker looks for a new best friend. Though unsuccessful, he creates one of his own. He names him Hamish, since his head is made of ham. He and his new friend go to the same movie theater that Josh and his date are in. His new friend Hamish disturbs everybody though. Tater Turf: Josh is challenged to a dance competition by a gang of 8 year olds. He makes a splash at the competition with his dance move and he becomes popular. Will Josh have any more new moves up his sleeve?moreless
    • Nosferateens/ I Love Lizzie
      Nosferateens: Josh and Parker find a vampire hiding in the freezer and decide to become a vampire too. However it's less enjoyable than they would have hoped. The can't taste food, can't look at themselves in the mirror, and Doug is looking for vampires to kill. I Love Lizzie : Lizzie is a new employee at Mr. Meaty and Parker really falls for her. The problem is that Josh thinks she’s pretty cool too. Parker ends up winning the contest for her attention. Josh discovers that Lizzie is an alien, and he's not sure if Parker will believe him.moreless
    • The Tell-Tale Burger/ Parker's Date
      The Tell-Tale Burger: When Josh accidentally causes a mess in the kitchen, he blames Parker for it. After, he feels guilty about doing it and hears things that are not really there. Will he confess? Parker's Date: When Ashley #2's boyfriend dumps him, Josh tries to find another boyfriend for her. Desperately trying to find one, he ends up choosing Parker for her boyfriend. Will josh be able to get Parker ready for his date, or is it going to be a big mess.moreless
    • Model Employee, Part I / Model Employee, Part 2
      Chip, the new robot employee, was designed to help Mr. Meaty business. Unfortunately, Parker doesn't like him and asks him to remove his parts. Josh gets mad at Parker because Josh liked Chip. Suddenly, Chip comes to life and controls Parker. What will Josh do to save him?
    • Roast Beef Barb / My Eddie
      Roast Beef Barb: Parker grows Josh a girl using the Jiffy Meat and DNA from girls around the mall. However the girl, Barb, ends up looking like a big piece of meat, and Josh can't get past it. After the people at the mall start to make fun of Barb, Josh decides he has to do something to make it stat.

      My Eddie: Parker orders a baby yeti. The first day it arrives, it's cute. But the next day, it's giant.moreless
    • My Eddie
      My Eddie
      Episode 9
      Parker's new yeti baby was delivered frozen, fresh from the Himalayas!
    • Doug of the Dead / Suburbs of the Apes
      Doug of the Dead: "Fast-Food Zombie Mall Gore-fest" is Parker and Josh's latest movie attempt. However they just can't get some scenes right. They use the SALIVATOR-X8, a new Mr. Meaty invention, to turn mall patrons into zombies, in order to film Doug in action taking them down. One problem: Doug's afraid of zombies.

      Suburbs of the Apes: A new game console called the Game Craze is coming out and Josh and Parker want to be the first to get one. So, Parker builds a time machine that will transport them two months into the future. But instead, the time machine transports them to the year 2676, when apes rule the earth.moreless
    • Josh Off
      Josh Off
      Episode 11
      It's a fashion throwdown as Josh and Parker battle for the right to rock the emo haircut!
    • Unihorn
      Episode 11
      Instead of healing Josh's black eye, Ashley 2's crystal summons a unicorn!
    • Unihorn / Josh Off
      Unihorn / Josh Off
      Episode 11
      Unihorn: When Ashley #2 gives Josh a magic crystal to heal his black eye, it releases a rainbow that carries a unicorn. When the unicorn gives josh a horn, Josh is embarrassed of Parker until he sees the magic ability of the horn.

      Josh Off: Josh is fed up with Parker dressing like a wizard, so he tells Parker to be cool. Parker then dresses exactly like Josh. After a while, Parker thinks he really is Josh and gets fed up with Parker stealing his identity.moreless
    • Original Sin/Ninjam
      Original Sin: The Mr. Meaty Manager tells the story of how he received his implant, and how Mr. Carney was thawed.

      Ninjam: Josh and Parker ask the man at Chopsticks to teach them to be ninjas to exact revenge on Josh's older brother and his friend.
    • Ninjam
      Episode 12
      After learning to be ninjas, Josh and Parker vow revenge against Ken and Darryl.
    • Original Sin
      Original Sin
      Episode 12
      After drinking way too much soda, Wink reveals the secrets of the Mr. Meaty!
    • Dinkleman/The Incredible Jerk
      Dinkleman: Parker simply asked the carnie for superpowers by getting shot by a beam. He gets tired of being a superhero and drinks Josh's sweat to turn normal. Turns out, he still has his powers!

      The Incredible Jerk: Upset by all of the insults, Parker turns into a rampaging monster and insults everyone. In the end, he is normal but Josh makes Parker mad to move stuff in the freezer.moreless
    • Dinkleman
      Episode 13
      After a day of record-breaking profits, Carney grants Josh and Parker one wish.
    • Insecurity Guard / Kids Party
      When the security guard is unable to fulfill his duties, Parker steps in. However, Josh is not happy about Parker's new position and he tries to get others to feel the same way he does. Britney turns to Josh and Parker to help with her little brother's birthday. Unfortunately, Josh and Parker don't take the task seriously, and chaos ensues.moreless
    • Embarrassed To Death/Puppet of Pop
      Embarrassed To Death: When Josh's brother posts an embarrassing video of Parker on the internet, Parker litterly dies of embarrassment and is visited by the Grim Reaper, but it's not his time to go yet. Puppet of Pop: When Pop Star Jesse Lumberbund visits the mall to do a concert, Josh and Parker scheme to be famous by joining his band, but things change when he is knocked out coldmoreless
    • Nightmare on Josh Street/Revenge of the Dorks
      Josh hosts a cool kids party in the mall to become popular, but things get out of hand when Parker crashes it./The cool kids make fun of the nerds live action role playing game, but things get really out of hand when Parker summons a real monster for revenge by accidentmoreless
    • Life's at Steak/Overloaded Order
      Life's At Steak - Josh decides to make the perfect steak but in the process it turns to life and is evil. Overloaded Order - A customer by the name of Load, decides to order everything on the menu
    • Mamma's Boy/Puberty Fairy
      Parker becomes sick of his over nurturing mother, so to get away from her he moves to a dumpster.
      Parker is visited by the puberty fairy, and struggles to hang onto his childhood so he and Josh can see Star Raiders VI.
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