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    I hate it its creepy They look like human frogs
  • Lolwat?

    I only vaguely remember this as a show that was on when I was like 7 that I'd watch if literally nothing else was on. I don't really remember the actual plots of the show, or even caring about the grossly-disfigured characters at the time either. But looking back at it now, I can definitely vouch for you all that this show is disgusting. The skinny one looks stoned and the fat one looks like a pedophile. I have no idea what the hell Nick was thinking with this one. I can't begin to imagine how many little kids got nightmares from watching this show...
  • This is the creepiest form of puppetry I've ever witnessed.

    Words cannot sum up the atrocity of Mr. Meaty, so let's take a look at the show shall we? This show is about two teen guys named Josh and Parker, Parker is the nerd and Josh is the womanizing teen. Toghether they go through chaotic and odd adventures as they work at a fast food restaurant. The puppetry done in this show is handled in quite possibly the worst way you can imagine. Sometimes the strings are visible and you can actually see them. The characters move in such a choppy and slow way and it's downright awful to look at. The characters look ugly and downright creepy to anyone and it's unspeakably bad. The characters themselves are no better either. Josh is a stereotypical ladies man, Parker is just a typical nerd, and the girls on this show are stuck up and only care about shopping and fashion. The plots are poorly parodied spoofs of movie titles and it's just stupid. The humor is gross and feels too disturbing and creepy for the sake of it. This show is downright creepy and horrifyingly unbearable to watch, do not look at this show and let it be forgotten.
  • TERRIFYING! Catscratch was actually better than this, and I'm glad this has been pulled off syndication

    This crap has got to be one of the most ugliest, disgusting, and creepiest show I have ever watched on Nickelodeon. First of all, the show is about (what looks like) emo-stoner hipsters that work at a fast-food restaurant. The episodes are bland and are just so nasty obviously. Especially that damn tapeworm episode.

    You know the drill. Whoever remembers this show must've been spooked for life.
  • Somewhat good

    I know this show can be revolting and creepy, but I kinda like it.
  • Creepy

    wouldn't say it's as awful as Fanboy and Chum Chum, just creepy
  • It was SO stupid

    This show deserved to be a flop. It was extremely stupid and had the weirdest of characters and plots. I found every character on the show to be ridiculously weird. (Especially that Edward Carney guy) It creeped me out and I don't know who the heck would think it was good. Anyone who does is an idiot in my book.
  • Yeah, I watched it.

    I watch the first 2 years of the cartoon, after that I literally forgot about it. It was somewhat funny. Hell, I did not even know it ended in January of 2010. I am giving it this rating because it was very funny to make fun of, but the story lines were decent. I don't know how the new episodes were, but when I was a kid, I enjoyed it.
  • Beautiful and underratted

    Man why do you haters have to ruin the good shows. The designs here are very cool and cute. I also love all of the gross stuff happening in the show.
  • What did I watch...

    The title says it all!
  • Didn't understand

    1st ep (10)
  • Ew...

    This show is disturbing. If you decide to watch one of the episodes you can see why. It's basically self-explanitory, I mean you have the ugly looking puppet characters along with the creepy area that it's in. It's just weird, I can't even rant on it because it's not even bad it's just disturbing.
  • Awesome!

    I am a parent and loved to watch Mr. Meaty with my daughters. It was dumb, sometimes gross, but always hilarious! We all laughed and that was the point!

    I don't know why I even liked this show when I was younger! I remember one episode when a creepy blue puppet came on the screen and I started screaming!
  • Mr. Meaty Fails! EWWW!!

    This show was just so revolting and abhorrent, I cannot believe that it ever aired on Nickelodeon or TV period. It is such an insult to reasonable person's intelligence. I've watched it when I was a kid, I hated it then and I hate it now! While I am this review about Mr. Meaty (The biggest train wreck in television history) The puppets were so grotesque looking and the humor used was so stupid. Just pervasive fart jokes and stupid teenage humor. A reasonable person WOULD HATE THIS SHOW! I am so glad that this show failed. It is a failure and it failed just like it should have. Here is what I hated about it:

    -The puppets (OH MY GOD, the puppets make my stomach nauseous)

    -The humor (The humor was so stupid and rude, it was not funny AT ALL!)

    -The plots are just abhorrent (I saw the episode were Josh and Parker's hand fell in the fryer and they ate their hands. I MEAN SERIOUSLY?!!!! O_O I just shook my head in disgust)

    -The name of the show is so stupid.


    -The theme song was so dumb and offensive. My grandmother is religious and I would NEVER EVER let her watch this show.

    Overall, Mr. Meaty is a stupid, revolting, abhorrent, grotesque, failing, dumb, pointless, useless, worthless, valueless, crude, rude, obnoxious, sickening, disgusting, vulgar and repulsive/repugnant piece of garbage I have ever seen in my life and I hope I never see it again. I'm so glad it is cancelled from television sydnication period. It was one of the dumbest programs I have ever seen. I am USUALLY positive about things, but this show is an insult to my positiveness and my reasonable moral standards. Do not waste your time on this show!! Move along folks! Have a nice day. and BLOW IT OUT YOUR @$$ Mr. Meaty. You got cancelled!!! HAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!! :P :P
  • Nick missed the mark by miles with this show

    I saw some clips on Youtube and the characters looked so ugly, they grossed me out. I thought I saw butt-ugly characters on before but this one takes the cake. There was hardly an enjoyable moment and makes puppetry get a big bad name. This show is better off left in the attic under a pile of junk and forgotten.
  • I cant believe I made an account just to rate this.

    Nickelodeon? You okay in your mind? I cant believe this replaced Danny Phantom! Even until now, I hate it. Unlike DP, the characters are poorly developed, the humor is GROSS, and the plots are horrible in some sort of (creative?) way. The puppets are also disturbing.

    At least its better than Fanboy and Chum-Chum.


    Im considering drawing Danny strangle the brothers.
  • Looking at the characters make me want to throw up.

    The characters are all ugly looking. MY GOD I NEARLY THREW UP. No one remembers this show much.
  • Disturbing

    One of the most weird episodes was probably when Josh accidentally knocked their friends nose into the deep fryer. Since her nose was fried, they had to find her a new nose... So they gave her a sandwich for a new nose! REALLY? A SANDWICH?! Then after she shows her friends, they get jealous!! So they switch their noses with sausages, hotdogs, soda cups, and hamburgers. Honestly the people who made this are crackeheads...
  • I think it should come back

    I watched this when I was little my mom did too but come on nickelodeon dog cat was horable also was the x's what was the concept that's why they should put it back to pull this out everyone but the should also put back on my life as a teenage robot and making feines also the mighty bee.
  • A Classic

    TeenNick needs to replace CatDog with this and Nicktoons Network needs to replace ChalkZone with this because Mr. Meaty's a classic, CatDog and ChalkZone are bad shows.
  • You Guys Don't Crave This Show As Much As Myself

    Mr. Meaty is very underrated. I can see where the complaints are coming from, however. Yeah, the puppetry here is not close to being as good as in ALF. Yeah, there are some very revolting and nasty jokes that pop up. However, I don't think this is a terrible show, and it's actually a guilty pleasure. The voices are fine, the plots are somewhat creative, and if you get past the gross humor, some jokes are actually kind of tasteful.

    This is the most stupidest show I've ever seen. I'm so glad it flopped.
  • Disgusting, crude, and idiotic. These three things define Mr. Meaty.

    It's terrible and the worst thing ever to air on Nicktoons and Nickelodeon when it did on The Amanda Bynes Show, and even worse and a standout show. Just a bad show...
  • Ok time for my -barf- review.

    THis show is -barf- -barf- so -barf- im sorry i cant saw my -barf- this show is just so freakin nastyy..... -barf- -barf-

    okay i got a hold of my self.

    They copied drake and josh for some reasons:

    1. The guy's name is parker, which is the last name of drake in drake in josh

    2. Josh is the name of josh in drake and josh

    3. Parker is like josh, and josh is like drake in drake in josh i mean cmon ppl?

  • Another God Awful Show

    Though this show is not as bad as Fanboy and Chum Chum, this show is still God Awful. It's just soo gross that it shouldn't even be a kids show. This show should have been on Adult Swim instead. I wouldn't be suprized if alot of parents complained about this show to the creator. This show overall is just stupid.
  • I love Mr. meaty!

    Im a teenager so this show really expresses a lot to me and i like pointless humor and its creative in my opinion. (like if u like family guy its pointless humor) becuz ever since Invader zim was like created, danny phantom was like ...something u would expect to be a show to come out not long after. (becuz paranormal link) (invader zim is paranormal and everyone loves it so they didnt want it to end so they made danny phantom another popular paranormal based show) i like danny phantom and invader zim like crazy and everything. but Mr meaty to me is freaking funny! and from what ik danny phantom wouldnt of lasted anyways it was actually suppose to be done at season 2. but butch hartman heared about the ppl that were crazy for it so he made one last season just for he audiences. so for a u haters dont dis this show. after danny phantom the shows REALLY sucked afterwards. its rare if i liked one after 2004. so when i found this show i was amazed i liked this. 2004 and lower is the best of the shows nick actually had to offer.
  • MR. MEATY!

    I honestly love this show because of its strange creativity and comedy. Yes people will call it stupid but really if you think about it in what world would you ever come up with this show idea i think its funny intresting and weird which makes it amaaaaaazinggggggggg HEHE :P
  • Danny Phantom got canceled for this?!?!

    Butch Hartman must have been appalled by how this show took out Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom was a classic and original, but Mr. Meaty just has no value at all whatsoever. The show centers around two teenagers named Josh and Parker. Parker is a big nerd, and Josh is a self named ladies man, but is actually a creep. Together they embark through weird adventures and deal with their chaotic work place, a fast food restaurant. Trust me when I say that the premise is the last problem with this show. The show is done in puppet work, and this has to be the worse excuse of puppetry ever seen. The characters lip syncs are off most of the time, the puppets look really nasty and unappealing to everyone, and there are times when the strings can be noticed. As for the characters they are all generic and flat. The girls in this show are obsessed with shopping and are stuck up, Josh is a stereotypical womanizing teen, and Parker is just a generic nerd. The plots are shallow and are parodies of movie references like Doug of the Dead, alias Dawn of the Dead, and the Planet of the Apes parody. The parodies though are terribly written and are not funny in the least bit. While I am on the subject of the humor, it's abysmal in every sense of the word. It's mostly fart jokes and they have no appeal to anyone at all. This show is just unspeakably shockingly bad, and is an insult to TV. The only character I liked on this show a little bit was Doug the security guy, because he was so over the top, you couldn't help but laugh at him. I can't believe that this show took out Danny Phantom. This show is just unwatchable and should never be seen by anyone at all.
  • Mr. Meaty...... GO BACK TO THE FRIDGE!

    The most outrageous puppet show, Mr.Meaty, forced Danny Phantom down the hill to claim its throne. But HE WAS FORCED TO GO BACK TO HIS FRIDGE! Umm, sorry, it's just my temper.

    Plot: The plot is hard to understand because it went full r***d. Sorry. we can't say that word here without beeping it out. Remember Sergeant Osiris? (Tropic Thunder, Robert Downey Jr.) Sergeant Osiris said, never go like that. You will go home empty handed and the others will not be able to communicate with you. Same thing happened in this show.

    Characters: Eaughh! They look like frogs instead of good puppets like from Sesame Street, and man! They've got issues as well! Voicing is not actually a problem here because almost every voice fits a puppet.

    Humor: Bad. Trying to be gross and sloppy ASAP. This show needs to be bathed in a scalding hot water to learn some lesson, and the one who made this needs to eat a soap. It's a gross humor went out of control.

    Overall: 0. Gone, they are back to their fridge.
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