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  • I love Mr. meaty!

    Im a teenager so this show really expresses a lot to me and i like pointless humor and its creative in my opinion. (like if u like family guy its pointless humor) becuz ever since Invader zim was like created, danny phantom was like ...something u would expect to be a show to come out not long after. (becuz paranormal link) (invader zim is paranormal and everyone loves it so they didnt want it to end so they made danny phantom another popular paranormal based show) i like danny phantom and invader zim like crazy and everything. but Mr meaty to me is freaking funny! and from what ik danny phantom wouldnt of lasted anyways it was actually suppose to be done at season 2. but butch hartman heared about the ppl that were crazy for it so he made one last season just for he audiences. so for a u haters dont dis this show. after danny phantom the shows REALLY sucked afterwards. its rare if i liked one after 2004. so when i found this show i was amazed i liked this. 2004 and lower is the best of the shows nick actually had to offer.
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