Mr. Meaty

Season 1 Episode 3

Schnozzola/ Wedgelor

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 29, 2006 on Nicktoons Networks
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Schnozzola/ Wedgelor
Schnozzola: Josh gives Ashley #1 a cream to remove a zit. It accidentally makes her nose fall off. So he and Parker attach a sausage on her nose and it becomes all the rage. Wedgelor: Josh decides to bulk up after he gets a wedgie from some bullies. He gets some bulk powder from the pharmacy and releases a guy named Wedgelor. Wedgelor grants Josh one wish before leaving to give everyone wedgies. Josh has to save the day.moreless
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  • Schonozzola rocked! I didn't really like Wedgelor though. . .

    Well, pretty much in Schnozzola Ashley gets a HUGE zit on her nose and wants it to go away. So Josh overheard and says he has a zit remover cream. So, Parker and Josh go to their "lab" and make a "fresh" batch of it. They apply it on her nose and BAM! It falls off! Ashley, reacting by rage, says: You better put this nose back onmy face mister! So they go to their new "nose-fixing" room and make a fresh batch of that. Apparentley, when they were about to glue it on, a rat eats the nose, so instead of her regular nose, they give her a SAUSAGE NOSE! Lol! That episode was so funny!

    Wedgelor was okay. Josh gets bullied by the tater turf (eight-year olds) so he gets mad and wants "a big, beefy body" so Parker and Josh go to the mall pharmacy and get like drugs, well not drugs but like . . .you know. So, Josh opens it up and released was a beast named "Wedgelor" who gives him the wish he wants. . . Now he notices that his head is tiny and bets Parker in an arm wrestling competition. Wedgelor wins but Parker uses "inner strength" to give Wedgelor a Wedgie. Wedgelor dissapears and so does Josh's body.moreless
  • ok!


    This episode was okay it wasn't my favorite one! It's about Ashley #1 getting a huge zit on her nose and Josh doesn't like that ( because he likes her )! So he and Parker start to make an anti - zit creame with Mayonaise (I didn't put any others because I don't know the other ingredients )! They put it on her nose and it melts it!So they replace it with a piece of sausagage and now everbody wants a meat nose! So everything turns out ok!


    Josh thinks he has no muscles at all so he goes to the back of the food court and finds a jar that makes a person named the wedgelor that gives wedgies to every person in sight and Josh has to defeat him but, the question is does he?This episode was ok!moreless
  • Best episodes! *Spoilers*

    By far the best two episodes of the series, they each deserve 10/10s. Schnozzola is about Josh reconstructing Ashley's nose after making it fall off with terribly acidic zit cream! Josh and Parker attempt to operate it back on, but the bumbling Parker drops Ashley's nose in a vat of grease and other such nasty tubs, eventually melting it into what resembles a deep-fried mushroom! Josh and Parker hurry to find a replacement nose coming up with a sausage! The other girls get jealous and demand their own meat-made noses. Promenade!

    Wedgielor is the better episode I'd say. Full of laughs, I held my sides the whole time! Josh wants to impress the ladies as always, this time attempting to beef up. After getting beaten up by a gang of 8-year olds, Josh is goes to nearby muscle-powder store, buying the largest, but oldest jar of the stuff. Upon opening it, Wedgielor, the demonic lord of wedgies, grants one wish to Josh. Josh wishes for a beefy body, but forgets to ask for a beefy head to go with! Wedgielor then sets out to terrorize the mall with wedgies, starting with the susceptible Parker. Wedgielor does not come upon mush luck however, encountering such impervious persons as the "goin' commando" security gaurd as well as a man who grew up with spiteful older brothers and sisters. Disappointed, Wedgielor wedgies Parker once more before getting his just deserts! Parker gets so upset that he gives the biggest, longest wedgie to his tormenter, sendinghim back into the can of muscle-inducing poweder.

    Like I sid before, these two episodes were my very favorites with all the side-splitting jokes they made, potty and otherwise. I give these episodes two big thumbs up!moreless

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    • Josh: Wedgelor! You outta give me my big head to go with my big body!
      Wedgelor: Forget it, kid. You've got nothing to offer me. Except... (looks at Parker)
      Josh: Oh, you like what you see? Okay, I'll tell you what, we're gonna have an arm wrestle. If I win, you give me the big head to go with my big body.
      Wedgelor: And if I win?
      Josh: You can have Parker as your personal wedgie slave to wedgie for all eternity.
      Parker: I beg your pardon?! I heard that!
      Wedgelor: Well, he is the only good wedgie I had today. (to Parker in his ear with a creepy voice) You're a screamer, aren't cha?
      Josh: Like a banshee.
      Wedgelor: I accept!

    • Ashley 1: Watch out world here comes Ashley sausage nose!

    • Doug the Mall Cop: Hey you! Reindeer, get out of my mall now!

      Wedgelor: Prepare mortal, for your tighty whities shall spell your doom.

      Wedgelor attempts to pull Doug's underpants.

      Doug the Mall Cop: Aw, bad news candy apple. Today, I'm going commando! You just grabbed yourself a fist full of back fat, you know.

      Wedgelor: Ew!

    • Parker: (After getting a wedgy from Wedgelor) I'm gonna need tongs to dig that out!

    • Parker: (About Josh's new body) You look like a superhero, except for your tiny little head. (laughs)

    • Josh: Hey, now that looks wicked.
      Parker: I don't know, Josh. It looks pretty evil. I'd check the expirey date.
      Josh: Well it may be evil but it's on sale!

    • Josh: Inner-strength is for hippies!

    • Josh: Here, give that bicep a squeeze
      (Ashley #1 feels his arm)
      Josh: Impressive, huh?
      Ashley #1: All I felt was bone.

    • Ashley #1: How am I supposed to live with a sausage for a nose?
      Josh: Ashley, it's what's on the inside that counts. Regular nose or sausage nose, you are beautiful all the way through.
      Ashley #1: Yeah, nice try Josh.

    • Parker: (To Ashley #1, who doesn't have a nose) It smells delicious. Here, have whiff.
      Josh: Parker!
      Parker: Oh, I'm sorry. That's my bad.

    • Josh: I will now apply the glue.
      Ashley #1: Josh, it's dripping into my brain.
      Josh: Don't worry, that just means it's working.

    • (There's a beeping in the room that Parker and Josh have turned into an operating room.)
      Ashley #1: Is that ,like, my heart rate, Josh?
      Josh: No, but your fries are ready.

    • Josh: (To Ashley #1)Why don't you just step into my nose fixing room?
      Parker: We don't have nose-fixing room.
      Josh: YES WE DO!
      Parker: We have a nose-fixing room, it's this way.

    • Britney: (about the zit cream on Ashley #1's nose) It's simmering.
      Josh: Yep, yep, that means it's working.

    • Ashley #2: (about her zit) Ashley, it doesn't look so bad, I mean you wouldn't be able to see it from space.

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