Mr. Mercedes

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2018 on Audience Network



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    • Ida: Okay, um, I'm gonna make a suggestion right now, one that is sure to repulse you.
      Bill: Ugh, you're not gonna propose sex again, are ya?
      Ida: Well, Bill, actually, I don't think you're that lucky a guy.

    • Bill: Did you say anything to him?
      Lou: A couple... couple things. Uh, he stabbed me, so I kind of had a bone to pick.

    • Jerome: I want to be part of that world.
      Bill: That's fine. Be a part of it with a Harvard degree.
      Jerome: Harvard's lies and... and whole subtext language, that's the complete opposite of what's leaving people's mouths. You know that, right? It's actually fucking designer labels and $100,000 cars and people calling me "bro" and "homey" and "yo" just 'cause they swear that they're cool or they're on some sort of hipster-friendly wave or or this whole post-modern meta-pseudo "I'm not really racist but I'm actually fucking racist. " It's fucking It sucks. It really sucks.
      Bill: You lost me at "subtext".

    • Bill: I remember the big speech you gave me.
      Ida: I've given you many.
      Bill: Yeah, the one about after your husband either died or faked his death to escape your clutches. That one.

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