Mr. Merlin

CBS (ended 1982)


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Mr. Merlin

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Merlin the Magician is alive and well and owns an auto shop in San Francisco, where he uses his magics to help people. But the higher powers say he's overworked and falling behind, so he's ordered to take on an apprentice. Enter Zach, a bumbling 15-year-old who gets the job by effortlessly pulling a crowbar from a bucket of hardened cement. The 1600-year-old and the teenager become friends as well as teacher and student. Assisting Mr. Merlin is Alexandria ("Alex"), a blonde fellow magician and the only other person who knows his secret.
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  • Merlin the wizard is living in San Francisco and working as a car mechanic. He is told he has to find an apprentice and he finds Zac.

    I watched this when it aired originally and loved it, which is hardly surprising given that I love wizards and magic. I recently had the chance to watch it again and it's still excellent.

    Yes, the cars, the fashion and the skateboards all make this a very eighties show, but the storylines are still relevant and fun to watch. It wasn't just about the magic, it was about growing up, becoming your own person and about friendship. Growing up hasn't changed that much!

    By today's standards it's probably a very tame show, but I like watching shows in which characters care for their friends. Yes, Zac and Leo fight sometimes but they're real friends and Mr. Merlin and Zac also really care about each other. It's completely different from, say, Gossip Girl in which friends are mostly backstabbers and you can't trust anyone.

    If that makes Mr. Merlin an old-fashioned show, then so be it. I still love it.moreless