Mr. Merlin

Season 1 Episode 5

All About Sheila

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1981 on CBS

Episode Recap

Zac and Leo are both eligible to win the basketball MVP award, but Leo's acting strange towards Zac. After the game, Sheila, Zac's girlfriend drops him off at Mr. Merlin's. Zac gets his pay check and discusses Leo with Mr. Merlin. Then the coach phones Mr. Merlin, who's a friend, and ask him to fill in as he's got the flu. With a little magical help, coach Merlin demonstrates his basketball skills, but afterwards Leo still won't tell him what's going on. A random remark by another player about Mr. Merlin's basketball demonstration results in Mr. Merlin giving Zac an invisibility device, only to be used to figure out what's wrong with Leo. It turns out that Leo's been seeing Zac's girlfried behind his back. However, with Mr. Merlin's help Zac finds out the girl's been playing both of them, as she wishes to be crowned queen by the MVP award winner, either Zac or Leo. With a bit of difficulty, some magic and some convincing, Zac tells Leo what Sheila's plan was. In the end, their team does win but Zac and Leo are tied for MVP. While the both of them decide not to select a queen but a king, a man named Max Merlin who's taught them about friendship, Alex gets to live out her dream of being a cheerleader.