Mr. Merlin

Season 1 Episode 21

Arrivederci, Dink

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 1982 on CBS

Episode Recap

Dink, the owner of a hotdog stand and friend of Max's is told that the property his stand is on has been bought and will be turned into a shopping mall. Max offers to intervene for him with the attorney handling his eviction, Lee Skinner. Max shows up at Skinner's office and was all set to raise hell when he sees that Skinner is a woman and he is attracted to her. Max leaves. He goes home and when Zack and Alex sees just how attracted he is to Skinner. Max decides to try and charm her. Just when Max was making headway, Leo comes in and blows it and Skinner vows to throw Dink out. The next day just when they thought they had no other recourse, Leo utters something that gives Max an idea. Max borrows a jug that Dink uses to put his mustard in. Max asks Skinner to meet him and that's when he shows her the jug which Dink found on the property. Max intends to present to the museum claiming that there might be other artifacts on the property. This could put the project on hold indefinitely. But Max is willing to admit that there is nothing to find. But the people at the museum won't care. That's when Skinner offers to compromise. But she tells Max that there's no room for Dink. But Max pulls out the plans and points out a location. They all have lunch at Dink's which is just outside the elevator.
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