Mr. Merlin

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  • Season 1
    • I Was a Teenage Loser
      When Leo feels like a loser, Zack decides to use his powers to help him. Only when he does Leo's ego gets boosted and he turns into a jerk.
    • Arrivederci, Dink
      Arrivederci, Dink
      Episode 21
      Mr. Merlin tries to help a man who runs a hot dog stand.
    • An Absence of Amulets
      Mr. Merlin scoffs at Zac's superstitions when the lad puts his faith in a lucky amulet.
    • Change of Venue (2)
      It may be goodbye for Mr. Merlin and Zac when Zac's mother plans to leave San Francisco.
    • Change of Venue (1)
      Zac's mother is having problems with her boyfriend and turns to Max for help.
    • How to Help a Gymnast in a Foreign Country
      Zac befriends a foreign world class gymnast.
    • The Egg and Us
      The Egg and Us
      Episode 16
    • Everything's Coming Up Daisies
      Mr. Merlin and Alex are once again upset with how Zac treats women. They want to teach him a lesson and with a magical daisy, Alex turns into a girl named Daisy. 'Daisy' then cancels her date with Zac and goes with Leo instead. Leo falls head over heels in love and plans to marry 'Daisy'. Mr. Merlin has to use his magic to break them up without hurting Leo's feelings.moreless
    • Alex Goes Popless
      Alex Goes Popless
      Episode 14
      When Alex loses her "pop" or ability to transport, Merlin tries to restore it but it accidentally goes into Leo instead.
    • Getting to Know You
      Mr. Merlin and Zac are getting on each other's nerves and during dinner Leo suggest that the two of them go camping in order to get to know each other better. Secretly he and Alex go camping too, to keep an eye on Zac and Mr. Merlin. When Zac's and Mr. Merlin's tent break down, they take shelter in a cave. Leo and Alex get soaking wet and end up with a cold.moreless
    • Romeo and Dreidelwood
      Both Zac and Leo audition for a role in their school's production of Romeo and Juliet. Zac because he's interested in the girl playing Juliet, but Leo is honestly interested in acting, even though he is afraid to admit it.
       Zac's acting is terrible, but using the magic Dreidelwood potion, everyone is convinced he's a great actor, everyone except Mr. Merlin.
      However, when Zac discovers that Leo is really interested in acting, he has a decision to make.moreless
    • Not So Sweet Sixteen
      When Susan, a girl Zac likes, goes out with a guy who owns a van, Zac decides he needs to get a van too. With a little help from Mr. Merlin acting as a a salesman, Zac gets his van and with more help makes it look fantastic. He's even invited to become a member, well, associate member, of a club of van owners and neglects Leo. When a wins a race to decide who gets to take Susan home, he discovers that the club members aren't interested in him, they're not his real friends and Zac starts to miss Leo.moreless
    • The Ache
      The Ache
      Episode 10
      Zac's in love with a beautiful girl, but, as Leo tells him: "she's out of his league, unless he invites her to the Rolling Stones concert". Now all Zac has to do is find tickets to this sold-out concert. As Zac tells Mr. Merlin that he only notices pretty girls, Alex is appaled and together with Mr. Merlin decides to teach Zac a lesson.moreless
    • Take My Tonsils... Please!
      Mr. Merlin needs to have a tonsilectomy, but stubbornly refuses.
    • A Message from Wallshime
      Mr. Merlin teaches Zac the power of teleportation and when Zac gets into a fight he uses it to win the fight. This earns him a repuation and he wins a few more fights, that is until Mr. Merlin finds out from Alex what's going on. He takes away Zac's power of teleportation and Zac, who's become quite popular at school after winning these fights, has to find another way.moreless
    • A Moment in Camelot
      When Zac accidentally uses Mr. Merlin's formula to turn lead into gold in a chemistry paper, Mr. Montrose, the chemistry eacher who turns out to be an Arthurian fan, is highly interested. Mr. Merlin decides to meet the man to see what his intentions are.
    • The Two Faces of Zac
      Zac's messing with magic leads to two Zacs. Mr. Merlin must destroy the clone, only he doesn't know which is the real Zac.
    • All About Sheila
      All About Sheila
      Episode 5
      Zac and Leo are both eligible to win the basketball MVP award, but Leo's acting strange towards Zac. Even when Mr. Merlin steps in and acts as coach for the team, Leo won't tell him what's going on. A random remark by another player about Mr. Merlin's basketball demonstration results in Mr. Merlin giving Zac an invisibility device, only to be used to figure out what's wrong with Leo. Zac does find out what's wrong with Leo and he's not happy about it, but in the end things work out for both of them.moreless
    • The Music's in Me
      Leo convinces Zac that they should audition for a music promoter. Zac knows they're not good enough but gets caught up in the moment and agrees. They are told that they need to pay the promoter 50 dollars before he will even listen to them. After the audition, they get fooled into arranging a concert at their school but all the proceeds from the ticket sales are to go to the promoter who tells Zac and Leo to work on their image. When Mr. Merlin magically works on Zac's proposal for an image, the Hot Pink Heads are born, much to Mr. Merlin's amusement.moreless
    • Starsand
      Episode 3
      Zac secretly uses starsand, which temporarily changes things, to go to a party with a famous pin-up girl. At the party he shakes hand and touches many people, including Jessie, the girl, but he's forgotten Mr. Merlin's warning. He didn't wash his hands and the people at the party who've come into contact with the starsand change back to the way they were before the party... Zac promises never to make a mistake again and then immediately makes one!moreless
    • The Cloning of the Green

      In this episode Zac learns how to make a copy of something. He fails with a rose but manages green wrapping paper.
      When Zac's friend Leo invites him on a motorcycle trip, Zac tries to make a copy of Leo's motorcycle but fails again. Leo mentions renting a motorcycle and Zac manages to make copies of a ten dollar bill, though he needs help from Alex to stop the bills for copying themselves.
      The problem is, the copies of the bill are identical, including the serial numbers!
      Mr. Merlin needs to teach Zac some responsibility.

    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Zach pulls a crowbar from a bucket of hardened cement, earning his place as Merlin's apprentice. His first test is to prove his trustworthiness, not an easy task when he and Leo enter Merlin's Crystal Room and make a love potion for their dates.