Mr. Merlin

Season 1 Episode 12

Romeo and Dreidelwood

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 1982 on CBS



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    • Zac: Your interest in acting can be summed up in two words: Laura Kelly!
      Leo: Well, at least I've got a chance at her. You don't!
      Zac: I'm glad this happened cause, now I can see how you really are. You're short on loyalty, you're short on talent and you're short on height.
      Leo: Well, if you're glad it happened, I'm thrilled it happened! You're the wrong guy, with the wrong attitude and the wrong name. You mother named you Zac Rogers, she should have looked at your teeth and named you Buck Rogers.
      Zac: I hate your guts Samuels!
      Leo: I hate your guts Rogers!

    • Leo: Hey Zac, I was thinking, wanna have some fun?
      Zac: What?
      Leo: Oh, they're having try-outs for Romeo and Juliet, let's go read for Romeo.
      Zac: Are you kidding?
      Leo: Lot of pretty girls reading for Juliet! Like Nancy Arnold.
      Zac: Nancy Arnold is not your type.
      Leo: Zac, they're all my type.
      Zac: Mine too. Why do you think women drive men crazy?
      Leo: I think it's because God didn't want us to marry chickens.

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