Mister Peepers - Season 4

NBC (ended 1955)




Episode Guide

  • Episode 117
    Episode 117
    Episode 30
    Mr. Peepers gives the official commencement speech at the junior high school graduation exercises. He also asks for a raise in salary, in view of the coming baby. When the Superintendent of schools refuses the raise, Mr. Peepers considers applying for employment at a nearby military academy.
  • Episode 116: "The Wally Cox Show"
    Mary McCarty and Mae Barnes help Mr. Peepers enact "The Life Story of Wally Cox".
  • Episode 115
    Episode 115
    Episode 28
    When a new ballet teacher is hired at Jefferson City Junior High School, all are shocked to learn that after school hours she dances at a roadside cabaret. Mr. Peepers goes to investigate
  • Episode 114
    Episode 114
    Episode 27
    Mr. Peepers and Wes hear that Elaine Stritch is playing at a nearby theater, so they attend, hoping to convince her to appear at their parent-teachers meeting.
  • Episode 113: "Boat Trip"
    Harvey Weskit borrows a cabin cruiser from a friend of his wealthy father-in-law, and invites the Peepers to join him and Marge on a cruise. Wes is self-appointed captain, but his piloting leaves something to be desired.
  • Episode 112
    Episode 112
    Episode 25
    Harvey Weskit returns from a visit to his in-laws with a large gift of money, which he hopes will buy him membership in an exclusive country club. Mr. Peepers knows the club president, and arranges a golf date between him and Wes. Meanwhile, Mr. Peepers takes a gardening job at the club in order to earn extra money, but this threatens Wes' chances of being admitted as a member.moreless
  • Episode 111 [lost]
    Episode 111 [lost]
    Episode 24
    A surprise party is arranged for Nancy Peepers who is leaving Jefferson City Junior high school to await the arrival of the stork.
  • Episode 110
    Episode 110
    Episode 23
    Mr. Peepers and his father-in-law Pa Remington decide to spend a day fishing, but they're after no ordinary catch. For fifteen years, Pa has been trying to hook a large trout, unofficially known as "Old Colonel." He thinks the assistance of his scientifically-minded son-in-law may do the trick this time.
  • Episode 109 [lost]
    Episode 109 [lost]
    Episode 22
    Mr. Peepers take out on his motorcycle in search of a flighty canary and breaks up a sedate woman's club meeting.
  • Episode 108
    Episode 108
    Episode 21
    Aunt Lil is so thrilled to hear she will be a great-aunt that she takes some time off to visit Jefferson City and offer her congratulations. When there, she decides to stay a few days, and has Mrs. Gurney call her boss to say she's ill.
  • Episode 107
    Episode 107
    Episode 20
    Robinson Peepers' in-laws, Ma and Pa Remington, return from an out-of-town trip to learn that they are to be grandparents.
  • Episode 106
    Episode 106
    Episode 19
    To celebrate Mr. Peepers' birthday, Wes decides to bake him a cake. Meanwhile, Nancy and Marge make a secret trip to the doctor and confirm their suspicions: Nancy is going to have a baby.
  • Episode 105
    Episode 105
    Episode 18
    Mr. Peepers returns from England and is met by Nancy and the Weskits. But a financial crisis arises as they live it up at a fancy restaurant.
  • Episode 104
    Episode 104
    Episode 17
    Mr. Peepers is in England to hear his uncle's will read. He's most interested in getting his uncle's insect collection.
  • Episode 103
    Episode 103
    Episode 16
    Mr. Peepers and his new friend Peter Rhodes-Downing arrive in England. To compare English customs with those in the United States, Robinson visits an English junior high school, then takes a sight-seeing tour of London.
  • Episode 102
    Episode 102
    Episode 15
    Robinson Peepers and his new-found friend, Peter Rhodes-Downing try to elude the purser in an effort to see the first class quarters.
  • Episode 101
    Episode 101
    Episode 14
    Mr. Peepers' inheritance becomes a legal fact and he prepares for his journey to England to collect the money. After frantic last-minute preparations, he boards the boat, only to find himself as cabin mate to an elegant British aristocrat, Peter Rhodes-Downing. Downing holds him in complete contempt until he finds out that Mr. Peepers is to collect some money; then his attitude changes quite quickly.moreless
  • Episode 100
    Episode 100
    Episode 13
    A law firm representative informs Mr. Peepers that he may be the heir to the estate of a deceased English great-aunt.
  • Episode 99: "Robinson Goes Skiing"
    A skiing safari is in the air for Mr. Peepers and his friends, but it doesn't quite work out as planned.
  • Episode 98
    Episode 98
    Episode 11
    Mr. Peepers agrees to play Santa Claus to his neighbors' children; Harvey Weskit has a similar plan in mind, as do other parents in the neighborhood. The problem arises when there is only one Santa Claus suit in town.
  • Episode 97: "The Rumor"
    An attractive substitute teacher (Inger Stevens) arrives at Jefferson City Junior High School to replace Mrs. Gurney while she is attending a teacher's convention in California. Mr. Peepers and Harvey Weskit are more than helpful to her, leading to all kinds of rumors.
  • Episode 96
    Episode 96
    Episode 9
    Mr. Peepers and his wife Nancy have their first marital spat. Robinson invites his beloved Aunt Lil home to dinner without warning Nancy; then Aunt Lil invites a friend of hers, to Nancy's increased consternation.
  • Episode 95
    Episode 95
    Episode 8
    Mrs. Gurney is appointed to represent Jefferson Jr. High at a teachers' convention in California, but can't decide whether to take the trip.
  • Episode 94: "Freedom of Education"
    The County Supervisor of Schools visits Jefferson Jr. High for an annual inspection. Wes agonizes over whether he should apologize after the Supervisor takes exception to his suggestion that Christopher Columbus did not discover America.
  • Episode 93: "The Halloween Story"
    In order to stop a group of children from playing pranks out of boredom, Mister Peepers invites them in for a Halloween story, which includes a bad knight (Wes), a wicked witch brewing practical jokes (Mrs. Gurney), a queen (Marge), the queen's younger sister (Nancy), and the queen's best knight (Mr. Peepers).moreless
  • Episode 92 [lost]
    Episode 92 [lost]
    Episode 5
    Marge and Nancy are mighty proud the day that Wes and Robinson receive bids from the Grand Lodge of the Lancers of the Southern Star. The Ancient and venerable Mister Remington is among the ancient and venerable lodge.
  • Episode 91: "The Furniture Party"
    When Mrs. Gurney and the Weskits discover the inadequacies of the Peepers' makeshift furniture, they plan a "furniture party" for Robinson and Nancy. It is Mrs. Gurney's duty to see that the Peepers remain at home that evening, but when they go off to the movies instead, it becomes Wes' job to go retrieve them.moreless
  • Episode 90
    Episode 90
    Episode 3
    Robinson and Nancy have finally saved enough money to purchase a household appliance they want, but Nancy's father points out how vitally important it is for Robinson to carry life insurance. Peepers' cousin Luther, an insurance man, sells them a policy and the initial premium payment depletes the savings which had been put away for the appliance.moreless
  • Episdoe 89: "The Eclipse"
    Mr. Peepers' sister Agnes arrives with a young scientist colleague from Chicago to view an eclipse of the sun which can only be fully observed in Jefferson City. Mom Peepers phones her son, asking him to carefully appraise Agnes' boyfriend, since she is not sure that he is right for Agnes. Peepers tries to watch both the boyfriend and the eclipse together.moreless
  • Episode 88 [lost]
    Episode 88 [lost]
    Episode 1
    The first show of the new series has Peepers and Nancy returning from their honeymoon summer to Jefferson City where he is the high school biology instructor. There is the problem of getting into the upper floor apartment they have rented in the home of Mrs. Gurney.