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  • thank god for ifc

    when IFC started showing episodes from this show (this show existed before i was born) i fell in love with it. their comedy was genius and ahead of its time, i always laugh when watching this show. =] David Cross and Bob Odenkirk are so awesome!!!
  • sophistedcated sketch comedies within sketh comedy. mr. show with bob and david has me saying "did they jsut do that?" quite often. tune in for some off-color, off the wall comedy with the guy in the suit and that weird lookin' bald guy!

    mr show is an incredible staple in the world of short lived sketch comedies. although not many can compare to the kings of cross-dressing, the kids in the hall, bob and david put a new twist on sketch comedy with live performance and video broadcast.

    the fact that mr. show was an hbo original gave it a free pass to be as offensive as it wanted. so to those who are easily offended, you may want to sit this show out. this show is packed with laughs, however there are some episodes where laughs are few. despite that, i rate mr. show at an eight.

    i hope you'll rent a season and find the laughs that i did.
  • Comedy Central needs to bring this pregnant monkey back!

    Mr. show was pure genius sixth grade humor comedy but unfortunely was ahead of it's time and paled to Mad TV and SNL who during the mid 1990s had found thier place in sktech comedy.

    Bob,David, Jay,John snd Brian were genius at writing bizzare and absurd skech comedy from the fartin' guy, the rapist/ insurance salesman,Globechem to the "Teardrop Awards" and "Fairsley and Gibbons" Mr. Show was ground breaking and needs to return to T.V. because for the past 3 seasons both MadTV and SNL's writing has been weak with lame and mundane skeches.

    Yes folks, the blame goes to HBO for making "Mr. Show" underatted but there's plenty we can do to bring it back, online petition is one, while writing letters to "Comedy Central" can be another factor to saving the world of sktech comedy which right now is in the same palce it was in back in 1994-1995: Weighted down by weak preformances by cast and mediocre writing
  • Edgy Satire (probably ahead of its time)

    This show was an intelligent comedy sketch show featuring a talented cast anchored by comedians Bob Odenkirk and David Cross.
    Also impessive were the seamless 'links' that joined the sketches into a cohesive show.

    To enjoy this show, you have to enjoy irreverant and satirical humour. I'm also convinced that a higher than avergage intellect is necessary as well (otherwise the jokes will fly over your head).

    Of course, not ever sketch was a winner; but there was something funny in the majority of sketches.

    Also, a final warning - those easily offended probably should not watch this show. If you're worried about vulgar language...don't watch! And religion was a favorite target of the show (you've been warned).

    But if you have a good sense of humour and don't take things too seriously, this is a great show!
  • "It could be one young person and one companion together or one young person and one companion seperately..." Trust me, Mr. Show is the funniest sketch show since Monty Python and its completely bizaree, twisted, absurd, and I love it.

    As the HBO logo disapeers you hear a catchy tune with a weird logo of man in woman's shoes, a big mouth with a full beard, a little hat, dead flowers, and fireworks. You got Mr. Show in your head.

    If you haven't heard of Mr. Show, I don't blame you. Not a lot of people actually heard of it at the time when SNL and MADtv was viewed for free. I suggest look at SOME of the sketches on YouTube.

    My introduction to the show was another great but cancelled show Arrested Development starring David Cross as one of the many characters. I looked up his name to see what else he has done and Mr. Show came up. I now have all the DVD's up to point, and just watching the episode from time to time is great replay value.

    Mr. Show was not as the same as other sketch shows. There weren't a lot of repeated characters but if you notice, some repear from time to time such as Bob Odenkirk's Slob ("This museum isn't a baby-sitting place *eats donut() or David Cross' British Person ('Ugh, Air Conditioning?") and lets not forget Three Times One Minus One ("Woo wea woo wea Wee-ooh... Damn..."). The humor had many levels of style in terms of shocking the audience ("Cause life is precious, and God, and The Bible") and how absurd a situation is ("Can both of you watch me and my husband do it?"). There was not a lot of physical comedy, but there was a lot of singing. I personally did not like "Jeeper Creepers Musical" but I did like "Fuzz: The Musical" and "3 Holes Musical" but loved "Teardrop Awards" and "3 Times 1 Minus 1". Mr. Show does follow some traights from other shows like going from live-action to pre-taped similar to Python. But what shows true effort from the cast is for example: Bob and David has a producer who is a prisoner. In live-action on the stage they are talking to the producer, but what the producer is doing and saying was pre-taped so the timing is great. Another great thing that borrows from Python is going from one sketch to another without having a short intermission with a logo showing. Somehow one minor character introduces a major character. For example: An adult orphan has a balloon following him which is minor, then he enters a p**n shop which is the major sketch and goes into a "booth". Although I feel some intervening of the sketches are obvious, its great the humor is non-stop.

    The humor may not be easily accesible, most of the humor is for those who enojyed Seinfeld, Curb your Enthusiam, The Larry Sanders Show, The Office (both versions), and Napoleon Dynamite to name a few. I was really confused of the "God Making a Book On Tape" sketch actually and I hope I'm not the only one. Fans of SNL or MADtv (especially) may find it diffucult to keep up of Mr. Show but the ride is fun. The entire (Main and Featured) cast is great.

    Overall, I love Mr. Show and you should definately pick it up. If you're worried, rent Season 3, the best season between 1-4. I would like to end this review by saying...

    "Why should we blow up the Moon, when we already have so much to destroy on Earth?"

  • Nice one!

    The comparison to Monty Python is inevitable (both Bob Odenkirk and David Cross have acknowledged their debt to their predecessor in interviews), but make no mistake: "Mr. Show with Bob & David" is refreshingly original and brilliantly funny. There have been so many hilarious moments on the show that it would be impossible for me to name a particular favorite. The sketches are so finely crafted that even when the jokes fall flat (which is extremely rare), they're still quite engrossing ("Coupon: The Movie" is an example). I've been watching the show faithfully since its second season and each new episode only leaves me wanting more. The show's strong ensemble cast featuring John Ennis, Jill Talley, Tom Kenny and especially Jay Johnston are part of what makes the show work so well.

    Being on HBO, they're pretty much able to do what they please, but while there is plenty of profanity (not an issue for me at all), they are in no way reliant upon cussing for laughs. In fact, one of the more memorable sketches involved a take-off of "Goodfellas" being edited for television in which the cuss words were replaced with such phrases as "mother-father" and "Chinese dentist".

    HBO deserves to be praised for recognizing the talent of Bob & David and keeping the show on the air in spite of its small - albeit fiercely loyal - number of viewers.

    The next time HBO airs a "Mr. Show" marathon, don't just watch it, tape it!
  • One of the ultimate stoner shows!

    Bob and David are amazing! This is the best sketch comedy ever and it is sad that it only lasted a few years. I just recently discovered this show when I found out that Maynard Keenan of Tool appeared in a few episodes. I decided that to check this show out. I love it, it is creative and absolutely hysterical. It is very rare to find a show that actually makes you laugh out loud. Bob and Dave aren’t afraid to say and do what they please, making fun of religion, the government, corporate American, and the Pope. This show needs to come back!
  • This show should have never left and should be doing new episode.

    This show has to be one of the best sketch comedy shows well best ever, this show is so original and yet genius. I have to say that I have never seen a bad episode of mr show, I mean come on there should be new episodes. they still show reruns and I never miss them. but out of all the shows don't think any of them come close to this great show.
  • Better comedy is nowhwere to be found.

    HBO can pretend that the show failed because it was "too highbrow", "too cerebral", or just plain "unfunny", but we all know it was because they sandwiched the damn thing inbetween reruns of "Real Sex" and "Look Who's Talking Too" at 3 in the morning on Tuesday nights.

    Long live the Royal Dutch of Dukes!!!
  • Random show about random stuff with Bob and David.

    Why did they take it off? NOOOOO RONNIE!!!!!!!!!! Let's celebrate Mr. Show with a quote overview.

    "No one knows what entidilitus does or what entidilitus is but entidilitus kills"

    "Can I have change for a dollar? hmmmmm...lemme go ask my boss. what'd he say? I went the wrong way"

    "Yesterday I was number one grandpa and today you're gonna just take that away from me?"

    "RONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My scream lasted for 3 days"

    "When will I be special? when will I be someone who's loved? (something you should know about David: he went to public school and gets Hitler confused with Hitler.)"

    "I will say the states in 18 seconds! um Indiana...Illinois... (2 other random names) and um.......................................................CHIM CHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! ( runs around with American flag) (something you should know about Bob...he missed the first day of school and never quite caught up...he thinks that there are 5 states and one of them is called Chim Cham)
  • This show changed the way I look at comedy. I never got a chance to see this show during its run. I caught this show one late night on HBO a couple of years ago. My first impression was not so postitive. I think I even changed the channel.

    The genius of Mr Show is how little you understand it at first. Some times you think you know what they are trying to do, and it doesnt seem funny. If you watch it multiple times you find something you missed almost everytime. Some of my least favorite skits have become some of my favorite. I have found a few skits that didnt work well, but the majority of the skits are some of the funniest skits I have ever seen. There are a slew of reasons why this show
    did'nt become a success. I think this show was to good to become popular.
  • Must see comedy.

    Bod and David continue the great comedy set out by the likes of Kids in the Hall, but that put in the own original creativity. Rude, crude and intelligent to the very core this show will always make you wonder what they are going to come up with next. Sketch loosely into weave with another much like the the Beatles Lonely Hearts Band album with the same mind bending effects.
    The bad thing is that it lasted four seasons with few episodes per season. But with this short ride you will see some great comedians among the special guest. Also the show spawned a funny movie called Run Ronnie Run. Trust me, picking up the DVDs would not be a mistake. For Mature Audience.
  • david cross is GREAT

    the only reason im not giving this show a 10 is because i am spoiled by the glorious show arrested development, in which cross plays a "never nude" jobless husband named Tobias Funke. as far as the quality of the show goes, i love every minute of mr show with david cross.
  • magic and delicious!

    i love the insanity of this show. the writing is amazingly good, and the sketches all connect in a way that is just as entertaining as the sketches themselves. It makes every show much more an organic experience, instead of a show like SNL that has successful sketches that stand or wither on their own.
    David Cross is great, and Bob Odenkirk is super.
    hooray! Pit-Pat!!!
  • Senator Tankerbell: Archetype of Buffoonery

    If quality was esteemed above marketing and intelligence above cup size, this would have been the most popular show of all time. I certainly deem it as such. This episode in particular features some of the finest writing, production, and acting in all of its four seasons. It shows Mr. Show delivering what it does best: demented, involved, original concepts, beautifully crafted links, and caps off with a musical number that cuts the A.L.Webber pomp down to size. It also finds the show at its subversive best. It starts with a scathing commentary on Censorship in Television, cracking its whip on the V-chip and the Righteous Republican/Religious Right (the RRRR?) that instigates such legislation. Senator Tankerbell makes his first appearence here, though Bob was known to do a similar chatacter on the Ben Stiller Show, who would go on to reappear whenever the writing called for an archetype of buffoonery. Thank you Misters Cross and Odenkirk.
  • Oh How I Need to Buy the 4 Season DVD Pack

    This show is hilarious! I have seen about 4 episodes only but that was more than enough to get me HOOKED! I just can't believe that HBO didn't like having it! If only Comedy Central could have picked it up and kept it going so we wouldn't have to watch those stupid MAD TV reruns that aren't even near as funny. I laughed, I cried, then I laughed some more. This is definitly a show that needs to be added to your collection (They have the whole thing for about $120). You will not be sorry that you did. Much funnier than SNL or MAD TV. You will be much happier with this collection on your shelf at home.
  • I want more!

    I absolutley love Mr.Show! It's a funny sketch comedy show in which the sketches are connected in a bizarre way, and as well as being very funny! The comedy team of Odenkirk and Cross to me will soon be as well know as Martin and Lewis, and Abbott and Costello! The supporting cast is extremely hilarious, and they will make you burst out with laughter! I eat, sleep, and breathe this show! IT'S Just so gosh darn funny!!!!! I wish those jerks over at HBO would air more different episodes of this timeless laugh riot since it is such a popular show! I also wish they would put it on VHS or DVD, so i could laugh the day away. Forget Sex and the city, Six feet under, or the Sopranos, CAUSE MR.SHOW Rocks!!!!!!
  • "Well... They took the OJ Police Chase and... they replaced OJ with the Pope and... there was this Pope Expert who was..."

    When one thinks of sketch comedy, such names as Monty Python, SNL, and Mad TV come to mind but what about a lesser name in sketch comedy? That lesser name I'm talking about is Mr. Show with Bob and David. Comedians David Cross and Bob Odenkirk teamed up in early 1995 to do a travelling sketch comedy stage show which they called "Mr. Show". During one of their performances, a couple of HBO executives showed up and decided to make Mr. Show into a sketch comedy TV show.

    If you haven't heard of or seen Mr. Show, I suggest you do so immediately. It is a show which is impossible to explain to someone. If you've seen Mr. Show, try to explain it to someone. "Well... They took the OJ Police Chase and... they replaced OJ with the Pope and... there was this Pope Expert who was..." Yeah, There's a lot lost in translation. Which is why you should see it for yourselves. It is one of the single greatest sketch comedy shows I've ever seen. Better than Mad TV, Better than SNL, and I'd have to say right up there with Monty Python's Flying Circus as a classic.

    Now, if you give a damn, you may be asking, "How do I see this Mr. Show?" Well, unfortunately the show ended after 4 seasons. Recently, Comedy Central has been showing a lot of reruns, mainly editted and censored because of the language and content. (They had total freedom because the show was on HBO.) I finally got the 1st DVD in the series, Seasons 1 & 2. It is GREAT. Mr. Show is my favourite TV show. It is incredibly funny and some totally priceless moments throughout.

    The show's flow is very unique. One sketch will lead right into the next. A minor character in one sketch could end up being the focus of the next. The absurdity is taken to a level I've never seen before on a television show. "Only British People Can Fly" is a good example of how absurd some of the sketches are.

    The cast is also very interesting. Aside from Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, The regular cast members include Tom Kenny(Voice of Heffer on Rocko's Modern Life and the voice of Spongebob Squarepants... Trust me, he's a lot funnier on Mr. Show.), John Ennis, and sometimes Jack Black. Mr. Show does borrow a little tradition from both Mad TV and SNL and that is the singing. Mr. Show features a lot of singing and musical gags too. For example, the sketch "Jeepers Creepers: Semi-Star" is a very strange musical spoof on "Jesus Christ: Superstar" and let's not forget "Fuzz: The Musical," which is essentially a musical version of the hit show "Cops".

    Anyway, Overall... Mr. Show is one of the most brilliant, wacky, and funny sketch comedy shows you will ever see. I recommend it... HIGHLY.
  • Mr Show has to be one of the wittiest, most original sketch comedy shows ever made. Unpredictable sketches and talented comics make up this comedic masterpiece

    My favorite comedy program, maybe even my favorite television program. Mr. Show stars two comedians, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, who write and star in most of the sketches. Not only are most of the sketches very original (The Third Wheel), witty (The Four Voices), and unpredictable (Titannica), but you cannot help but notice how great the chemistry between Bob and David are. They play off each other very well, when they are themselves, Ronnie and Terry, Three Times One Minus One, Nostradamus and Alexis, etc. There is a terrific supporting cast which includes, then-future married voice actors Tom Kenny and Jill Talley, John Ennis, Brian Posehn, Paul Thompkins, Jay Johnson, and a few appearances by Jack Black. My main complaint is this show jumps the shark at the fourth season. While there are a few good scenes (Rudy will Await your Foundation, Toenapper) the show loses its witty HBO-ish feel and becomes absolutely TERRIBLE during the last two episodes. But the first 3 seasons are brilliant enough for this to be absolutely worth the watch! Highly Recommended!
  • Mr. Show is the show that, in my mind, changed my entire perception of what is comedy. Bob and David (along with John, Jay, Brian, Paul, Tom and Jill) created the BEST sketch comedy show ever.

    The first episode of Mr. Show pretty much tells what it is. "America asked for it, and we gave them a brand new sketch comedy show atarring two people they've never heard of." But a young David Cross and Bob Odenkirk struck gold with one of the funniest and smartest television shows in recent memory.

    Mr. Show was a new breed of sketch comedy, where all of the sketches were linked together in a clever live/taped segment. The show originally aired on HBO at midnight on mondays, leading to very few viewers. But despite the timeslot, Mr. Show earned a cult following due to the excellent quality of the show.

    The only (and I mean only) reason that this show doesn't get a 10/10 is because it only ran for 30 episodes. Since the show has ended, the cast has gone their separate ways. David Cross became a movie and television star, starring in Ron Howard's Arrested Development. Bob Odenkirk has spent time directing and working on Melvin Goes to Dinner and the infamous Miller Presidential commericals. Tom Kenny went on to marry fellow Mr. Show alum Jill Talley as well as do the voice of Nickolodeon's Spongebob Squarepants. Paul F. Tompkins has been working with VH1 on some of their MANY clip shows. John Ennis went on to be the star pitcher of the Atlanta Braves. Jay Johnstone washed my car this morning.

    But as I digress, I would like to say Mr. Show deserves to go down in history as one of the best sketch-comedy shows of all time.
  • Oh, how I wish I still got HBO.

    Mr. Show with Bob and David is a very funny sketch show. It's like a modern-day American "Monty Python". With its outlandish and random situations thrown into a state of controlled chaos, this show is consistently hilarious.

    The sketches are usually linked, much in the spirit of Monty Python. Rarely is there a slow or unfunny moment. Bob Oedenkirk and David Cross are great, and they certainly deserved a much longer run.

    Unfortunately, it loses some edge in its edited version. Comedy Central and TBS lack the freedom to show Mr. Show in its full brilliance. If you can, watch it on HBO or DVD.
  • To be honest never saw this show on HBO. Just a few re-runs of it on Comedy Central. That made me realize there are sketch shows better than Monty Python!

    The shows point it simple Bob and David the hosts start out with maybe like what if old people ruled the world. Then as the show goes on with super hilarious bits you realize they all come connected. This being said it makes it the best-written show on television. I am not one that laughs at movies or TV this is one of the few shows that makes me laugh all the time. Although this show like many others has its dumb bits that make you just smirk. That is still covered up by all the good. I could go on but I won't simply watch this show I don't care how you do it. You will thank me this has to be one of the most under appreciated shows on TV. It's still darn good though.
  • They were writing what was quite possibly the greatest comedy ever written. Too bad no one was watching.

    At the risk of sounding elitist, I've basically broken the world down into two groups. Either you "get" Mr. Show or you don't. The crazy part about the distinction is that it wasn't like Mr. Show was going out of its way to be funny to a select group. While some points of reference made certain bits easy to enjoy (such as the amazing God-as-Robert-Evans book on tape bit), the comedy worked on enough different levels to make it accessible to all but the most attention-deficient among us.

    Mr. Show was sketch comedy that didn't beat you over the head with obvious material. Recurring characters were kept to a minimum. There was no reliance on stunt casting by ushering through a series of celebrity guests, though when the occasional celebrity did appear, it only served to make the sketch that much better. The sketches were woven together to give each episode a cohesive, Python-like feel. It was all extremely tight. In short, it was the perfect sketch show. Forget calling it America's answer to Python. Mr. Show beat the Brits at their own game.

    Mr. Show would go on for four seasons and spawn 30 episodes. It's a shame that there weren't more, and it's a shame that it didn't reach a higher level of success when it was on. But for those 30 episodes, the cast and crew of Mr. Show made the type of television magic that the networks simply don't let anyone make anymore.
  • Like most other fans of this show, I discovered Mr. Show after it had already run its course on HBO. As with Arrested Development, part of the show's charm is that it is so off the wall that it becomes funnier with repeated viewings.

    Like most other fans of this show, I discovered Mr. Show after it had already run its course on HBO. As with Arrested Development, part of the show's charm is that it is so off the wall that it becomes funnier with repeated viewings.

    It's good to see that many members of the cast have gone on to establish careers for themselves. I was disappointed that the Mr. Show Live! tour was simply a re-hashing of their old material from the show. It would be great if they were to bring this show back and create some new episodes. In the meantime, we'll always have "Mother-Father! Chinese Dentist!"