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  • "It could be one young person and one companion together or one young person and one companion seperately..." Trust me, Mr. Show is the funniest sketch show since Monty Python and its completely bizaree, twisted, absurd, and I love it.

    As the HBO logo disapeers you hear a catchy tune with a weird logo of man in woman's shoes, a big mouth with a full beard, a little hat, dead flowers, and fireworks. You got Mr. Show in your head.

    If you haven't heard of Mr. Show, I don't blame you. Not a lot of people actually heard of it at the time when SNL and MADtv was viewed for free. I suggest look at SOME of the sketches on YouTube.

    My introduction to the show was another great but cancelled show Arrested Development starring David Cross as one of the many characters. I looked up his name to see what else he has done and Mr. Show came up. I now have all the DVD's up to point, and just watching the episode from time to time is great replay value.

    Mr. Show was not as the same as other sketch shows. There weren't a lot of repeated characters but if you notice, some repear from time to time such as Bob Odenkirk's Slob ("This museum isn't a baby-sitting place *eats donut() or David Cross' British Person ('Ugh, Air Conditioning?") and lets not forget Three Times One Minus One ("Woo wea woo wea Wee-ooh... Damn..."). The humor had many levels of style in terms of shocking the audience ("Cause life is precious, and God, and The Bible") and how absurd a situation is ("Can both of you watch me and my husband do it?"). There was not a lot of physical comedy, but there was a lot of singing. I personally did not like "Jeeper Creepers Musical" but I did like "Fuzz: The Musical" and "3 Holes Musical" but loved "Teardrop Awards" and "3 Times 1 Minus 1". Mr. Show does follow some traights from other shows like going from live-action to pre-taped similar to Python. But what shows true effort from the cast is for example: Bob and David has a producer who is a prisoner. In live-action on the stage they are talking to the producer, but what the producer is doing and saying was pre-taped so the timing is great. Another great thing that borrows from Python is going from one sketch to another without having a short intermission with a logo showing. Somehow one minor character introduces a major character. For example: An adult orphan has a balloon following him which is minor, then he enters a p**n shop which is the major sketch and goes into a "booth". Although I feel some intervening of the sketches are obvious, its great the humor is non-stop.

    The humor may not be easily accesible, most of the humor is for those who enojyed Seinfeld, Curb your Enthusiam, The Larry Sanders Show, The Office (both versions), and Napoleon Dynamite to name a few. I was really confused of the "God Making a Book On Tape" sketch actually and I hope I'm not the only one. Fans of SNL or MADtv (especially) may find it diffucult to keep up of Mr. Show but the ride is fun. The entire (Main and Featured) cast is great.

    Overall, I love Mr. Show and you should definately pick it up. If you're worried, rent Season 3, the best season between 1-4. I would like to end this review by saying...

    "Why should we blow up the Moon, when we already have so much to destroy on Earth?"