Mr. Show with Bob and David

HBO (ended 1998)


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  • Comedy Central needs to bring this pregnant monkey back!

    Mr. show was pure genius sixth grade humor comedy but unfortunely was ahead of it's time and paled to Mad TV and SNL who during the mid 1990s had found thier place in sktech comedy.

    Bob,David, Jay,John snd Brian were genius at writing bizzare and absurd skech comedy from the fartin' guy, the rapist/ insurance salesman,Globechem to the "Teardrop Awards" and "Fairsley and Gibbons" Mr. Show was ground breaking and needs to return to T.V. because for the past 3 seasons both MadTV and SNL's writing has been weak with lame and mundane skeches.

    Yes folks, the blame goes to HBO for making "Mr. Show" underatted but there's plenty we can do to bring it back, online petition is one, while writing letters to "Comedy Central" can be another factor to saving the world of sktech comedy which right now is in the same palce it was in back in 1994-1995: Weighted down by weak preformances by cast and mediocre writing