Mr. Show with Bob and David

HBO (ended 1998)


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  • sophistedcated sketch comedies within sketh comedy. mr. show with bob and david has me saying "did they jsut do that?" quite often. tune in for some off-color, off the wall comedy with the guy in the suit and that weird lookin' bald guy!

    mr show is an incredible staple in the world of short lived sketch comedies. although not many can compare to the kings of cross-dressing, the kids in the hall, bob and david put a new twist on sketch comedy with live performance and video broadcast.

    the fact that mr. show was an hbo original gave it a free pass to be as offensive as it wanted. so to those who are easily offended, you may want to sit this show out. this show is packed with laughs, however there are some episodes where laughs are few. despite that, i rate mr. show at an eight.

    i hope you'll rent a season and find the laughs that i did.