Mr. Show with Bob and David

Season 4 Episode 6

The Story of Everest

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 23, 1998 on HBO

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  • Would you like to buy insurance from a convicted rapist? How about having the Mafia wack-off your tuxedo or getting a free apple from Gibbons?

    It's the story of on Mount Everest! Bob and David hire a death row inmate named Jonus to produce this episode while Bob plays a convicted rapist named "Larry" trying to sell insurance while having an officer wear a sign that tells people what Larry is as he lives in a suburb and drives to work.

    Meanwhile the channel 6 Sunday movie matenee "Pallies" is edited for T.V. as cuss words are replaced with "mother father" and "chinese dentist"

    In the grocer two horse race,Big bad "Fairsley Foods" takes cheap shots at kindly old "Gibbons" run by a kindly old man named "Len Gibbons" by telling people in thier ads that "Gibbons" has rats, Fairsley got apples while poor old Len offers free apples, Fairsley lies that kids will be kidnapped from gibbons and sold into a middle eastern sex slave trade. Poor Gibbons tries to save face by installing security cameras but it can't save his business.

    Meanwhile in 1926 a man played by Jay tells his parents about his trip to Mt. Everest but he keeps falling over a shelf and his mishap is made into a silent film.

    Jonus meanwhile is transformed into a cat that Bob and Dave punish by kissing.