Mr. Squiggle and Friends

ABC1 (ended 1999)


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Mr. Squiggle and Friends

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Originally called Mr Squiggle and Friends, Mr. Squiggle was Australia's longest-running children's series. The title character, Mr Squiggle, was a puppet with a pencil nose who visited from the moon in his rocket ship, Rocket. He used his nose to turn "squiggles" sent in by children around Australia into pictures by turning half drawn lines and shapes into recognisable drawings. Mr. Squiggle always had a human female assistant who would place the pictures onto an easel (Blackboard, see below) for him, and help him into Rocket at the end of the show when it was time from him to go back to his home on the moon. He often drew "squiggles" upside down, and would announce "Upside down! Upside down!" to his assistant so she could turn them the right way up. Another memorable character from the series was Blackboard who was a grumpy chalkboard who often yelled "Humph, hur-ry up!" and arguably stole the show from Mr Squiggle. There was also Bill the Steam Shovel -- a jolly, helpful character, and Gus the Snail who didn't always wear his shell, often replacing it with other objects, including a TV or a potplant.moreless