Mr. Sunshine

Season 1 Episode 5

Crystal on Ice

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Mar 09, 2011 on ABC

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  • Crystal on Ice....

    Evidently the writers of Mr. Sunshine have actually heard of character development. Who knew it? FINALLY this show has actually done something. It took five episodes, but things are beginning to happen. With a vague basis of the Smurfs on Ice as the center of the episode, Alonzo and Alice's relationship is brought up again, which is becoming a consistent theme and something emotional to ground the show. Crystal and Roman are finally shown to be a little bit more than dumb and/or racist one liner machines given some lines that actually portray cognition and Ben is openly developing an interest in others in an unforced way.

    The show remains largely unfunny but if it continues along the lines of creating interesting stories for the characters that actually result in more than emotionless banter then laughing only once or twice at an episode is fine, because it will go much beyond the standard sitcom formula. This show is nowhere near where it needs to be to keep a fan base that will get it a second season outright, but it has definitely just taken a step in the right direction.