Mr. Sunshine

Season 1 Episode 3

Heather's Sister

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Feb 23, 2011 on ABC

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    I subsequently gave up on this show after the pilot episode, even if it was good enough to keep me tuned in the following week, it still wasn't good enough. And this episode proved that I shouldn't have tuned in tonight. Can you say cancellation? Cause that's definitely what I'm seeing for this show. Don't get me wrong, I really do want to like this show, but it's just not good. It's not edgy, original, or even funny to put it bluntly.

    It's not memorable, the only noteworthy actor is Matthew Perry that pretty much is still portraying Chandler in this half-hearted sitcom. The story line was laughable and incredibly forgettable. If it weren't for Matthew Perry, this show would have been canceled after the second episode. I'm really not seeing high hopes for this show, and this is certainly the last time I will be tuning in to Mr. Sunshine. I mean, jeez, even Cougar Town was better than this tomfoolery.
  • Heather's Sister..

    I have to admit I came into this episode with very little hope of any genuine laughter. Thankfully, after a lacklustre start to this series, my continued viewership has paid off. Matthew Perry's dry delivery, much like in the prime of Friends, brought a lot to this episode of a show that I felt was lacking previously. For the first time in the 3 episodes that have aired thus far, we finally get to lay our eyes upon genuine character interaction that ultimately drives any sitcom like this. Under the backdrop of Roman being too scared to date Heather alone and Alonzo finding the limelight again whilst walking a dog, there were several laughable moments throughout the episode. Sadly none of them come from Allison Janney's Crystal. I was really looking forward to seeing her contributions to this show after becoming a devoted fan of The West Wing, but her character has just fallen flat from my perspective. She is just a bit too off the wall in amongst a set of regularly dysfunctional people. I really hope the writers tone her down as time goes on and actually utilise such a talented actress in a more plausible role. Overall, this was a significant improvement upon the first two episodes but there is still a huge scope for improvement. We got to see some actual plot progression, if it can really be called that, but I honestly think that this show would do so much better moving into a more serious tone. Taking after something like Sports Night, balancing the usual silliness of comedic sitcoms with characters that actually have emotions.