Mr. Sunshine

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Feb 09, 2011 on ABC

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  • Petty awesome!!!! =)

    wow... just wow.. i really think this show i great
    i mean, is really funny and its so great to see matthew acts again, is really funny, this guy is natural... i mean, yeah the rol of chandler is never goin to change, but i think thats whats make this guy so funny,
    the acting is great, everybody is funny and the son too... the guy from lost jajaja daam he is good jaja anyway i think this is going to be a really funny show, im I looking forward the next episode
    hope you like this show and my review...

    jhon winchester out
  • First ep of Matthew Perry's return to TV

    This year we have seen Matt Le Blanc return to TV where he is the only funny guy in a very average show. Just five weeks later and now it is Matthew Perry's turn after his absence since the cancellation of the under rated Studio 60. This show has him cast as Ben, the manager of a San Diego Arena called Sunshine Arena. He is a self-absorbed jerk who decides to start changings his ways on his 40th birthday and comes to the realisation that he has no one to share his life with whether it be friends or a relationship. He is supported by the Arena Owner Crystal (the always delightful Alison Janney) who is always seems to be a but aloof and to be frank CRAZY!!.

    Other support characters include the ever positive Olonzo, ticking time bomb assistant Heather and simple son of Crystal, Roman.

    As far a pilots go this was actually pretty good, no consistent laughs but it does feel like Studio 60 meets 30 rock with grounded characters in wacky situations. It is way too soon to know whether this show will be anymore than a quiet giggle from time to time but the start has shown some real promise. Great cast, well written characters and an interesting back drop. Stay tuned
  • Pilot episode.

    It seems like all the Friends' stars have been taking off as of late with Matt Leblanc on Episodes, Courtney Cox on Cougar Town, Jennifer Aniston with her movie career, and now Matthew Perry with Mr. Sunshine. To be honest, I really don't see a lot of potential in this comedy, most of the comedy was bland and I had no idea what the story was. Apparently, the backdrop is a middle-aged man working at a convention center with a crazy boss, and some other quirky characters.

    Do I really see this show going very far? Err... no, bu was it an enjoyable hour of television? For the most part, yes. Matthew Perry was the one who brought the laughs tonight but even more so, his boss definitely brought a lot of laughs to the table as well, with throwing a kid, or saying "I'm crazy high right now," it was just hilarious.

    I really couldn't care less about the relationship drama. The show just started and they expect us to care for characters who've barely been introduced. The assistant is definitely the character I would like to see more of. The show right now is a toss up, but I really don't see it going that far.