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  • Just Like Before

    Matthew Perry is similar to what he was in "Friends", refreshing great scenes...
  • Great Show! - and of course some small minded people decided to destroy it -.-

    It was really great to see Matthew Perry again in a cool, sympathic Role as a Manager of all kinds of crises. And surprise some small minded money-maker just destroyed it. All 13 existing episodes were well written with warm charming and looney characters. This show would get pretty quickly a big fan-base (already over 100,000 on FB) and has big potential!

    No, I'm not from the crew (like "skidoo369" assumes) and voted a 10! Seems like nowadays only stupid dance-, casting- and bachelor-shows, who really are the *** that were ever produced, get a time spot to dull the publics mind. Same with "my name is Earl" great show with a big audience but cancelled for some *** up dance-show. Good shows should produce and sell themselfs in the internet so the TV-stations go down in the flames of their own cheap decisions! Lets start a revolution!!! :)
  • This show wants to be good...tries to be good...but...

    No dice. Half past mediocre as far as I'm concerned. Oh, there were moments, Crystal's animosity moments concerning the Smurfs (I just got through watching the Crystal on Ice episode) were pretty lively, but the show left me flat. Mr. Sunshine is well cast and there's interesting chemistry between the characters, and I feel that there may be an instant classic memorable episode in there somewhere if only the writers will find a way to let it happen, but if it doesn't happen soon, I think Mr. Sunshine is destined to be a one season wonder. Keep trying guys...and while you're at it, try a little harder.
  • I was so disappointed.

    I was truly looking forward to seeing Matthew Perry on a regular show again. I loved him in Friends, and in the short-lived but so well written Studio 60. And the premise of this show, having him be the manager of an arena, was different and could lead to so many opportunities for good comedy TV. Add to this Allison Janey, another great star..and it sure had potential. But it did not use much of this potential at all. Matthew himself did well with his character, the only one with any redeeming value. Allison, oh my, how could you have agreed to take part in this show with the character and writing they gave you? Just awful. The rest of the characters and the juvenile plot made this one of the worst shows I have seen in a long time. I am so, so sorry as I was so looking forward to this show.
  • really horrible. i mean, really.

    look, i really wanted to like this show. and i'm definitely in the target audience. Being a 41 years old male, I should identify with Matthew Perry, but i don't here (while i did in Friends for so many years).

    i don't know, the entire show and its premise looks fake to me. To a point i was 'seeing' (understand: imagining) the crew filming the show around the actors and the sets being built out of cardboard... and that's a very bad sign.

    add to this VERY bad jokes (understand: weak), and you have a show that's obviously way over-rated here, very likely voted heavily by its crew...c'mon, we all know the drill... the same happens to Z-movies on IMDB, right? So this show can't seriously be rated 9.2! (as of today)... a 5 or maybe a 6 if I'm generous, but over 9????

    Anyway, while i SO enjoyed watching a new episode of RAISING HOPE (at last!) the same night of "Mr Sunshine" pilot, I see only clouds over this show, and possibly even an early cancellation.
  • This is a great show dont cancel it

    I can see this going far. Its Hilarious! seriously stop canceling good shows, but renewing shows like the bachelor, the apprentice or survivor. The stars of this show all come from great show backgrounds and i think ppl expect the new shows to take off immediately, not so though Mr Sunshine has had a great start. Keep going at this momentum and it could be a classic. Many people were skeptical about the Office and Seinfeld when they first started. Give it a chance, my friends and i love this show. It is a nice finish to a funny lineup.
  • Got a lot of potential....starting to really love it

    Really love this show...superb...something I can't misss every single week...don't you guys think they are shoving a lot of Matthew Perry on our him totally...Matthew Perry and Fernando Alonso are the only people I want to be like in my life...but I really want this show to work...and thinking in foresight, no1 likes a show roaming around just one guy...they should cover Heather and Roman and Alice and Alonzo a lot more,,,great stories to be told there...again I say....totally love this show and thats y I am being a bit critical....hope they can keep up the good work
  • Give it a chance and remember the worse pilots tend to be hits afterall! Matty and Allison deserve a 2nd tv life.

    You know how it goes. Pilots tend to be weak (this one is not but its not as strong as expected) because they are just getting their feet wet. I definitely see potential and some creativity. It seems networks fear creativity and just want boring cookie cutter comedy. This series doesn't tend to follow the path of others. In a good way. It ticks me off when critics judge a show straight out of the box. This show is good and has a lot of potential. All I say is give it a chance and allow an opened mind! I love Matty and Allison so I will be watching. :)