Mr. Sunshine

ABC (ended 2011)





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  • really horrible. i mean, really.

    look, i really wanted to like this show. and i'm definitely in the target audience. Being a 41 years old male, I should identify with Matthew Perry, but i don't here (while i did in Friends for so many years).

    i don't know, the entire show and its premise looks fake to me. To a point i was 'seeing' (understand: imagining) the crew filming the show around the actors and the sets being built out of cardboard... and that's a very bad sign.

    add to this VERY bad jokes (understand: weak), and you have a show that's obviously way over-rated here, very likely voted heavily by its crew...c'mon, we all know the drill... the same happens to Z-movies on IMDB, right? So this show can't seriously be rated 9.2! (as of today)... a 5 or maybe a 6 if I'm generous, but over 9????

    Anyway, while i SO enjoyed watching a new episode of RAISING HOPE (at last!) the same night of "Mr Sunshine" pilot, I see only clouds over this show, and possibly even an early cancellation.