Mr. Sunshine

ABC (ended 2011)





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  • Great Show! - and of course some small minded people decided to destroy it -.-

    It was really great to see Matthew Perry again in a cool, sympathic Role as a Manager of all kinds of crises. And surprise some small minded money-maker just destroyed it. All 13 existing episodes were well written with warm charming and looney characters. This show would get pretty quickly a big fan-base (already over 100,000 on FB) and has big potential!

    No, I'm not from the crew (like "skidoo369" assumes) and voted a 10! Seems like nowadays only stupid dance-, casting- and bachelor-shows, who really are the *** that were ever produced, get a time spot to dull the publics mind. Same with "my name is Earl" great show with a big audience but cancelled for some *** up dance-show. Good shows should produce and sell themselfs in the internet so the TV-stations go down in the flames of their own cheap decisions! Lets start a revolution!!! :)