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Mr. Young

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Adam Young is not your ordinary teenager. A whiz kid-turned-teen genius, Adam hit the books hard enough to get into university at age 9. Now a university graduate at the tender age of 14, he's headed back to high school as Mr. Young, the science teacher! But no amount of studying could prepare him for the challenges of balancing his job with his personal life, especially when he's teaching both his best friend AND his crush. With one foot in the classroom and one foot in the staff room, it's Adam's social life that's being put to the test.

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AIRED ON 6/24/2012

Season 2 : Episode 27

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    Boring and it sucks

    I don't know why Dan Signer (the creator) is obsessed with child prodigies (he made farm)

    I also hate how random his shows are ( farm has toned down n this) but just keeps getting worse.

    This show is loved by the Network for virtually no reason at all. It is not funny, It is really mean and the show is just bad.

    Characters- everyone on the show is either an Idiot or a Asshole

    Adam Young- He is a pathetic stalker who likes a bitch who doesn't like him back,

    Derby- DUMBASS

    Echo- god she is just such a bitch that it is not funny

    Ivy- Every girl on the show is bitch

    Slab- Dumbass and jerkass

    all the adults-what the hell

    My least favorite character is Echo because she's a bitch for no reason.

    I have never hated a television show so much in my life

  • On you gotta be fucking kidding me

    It looks stupid, It is stupid, and it feels stupid. I watched an episode and fell asleep.
  • Out of all the shows on Disney Xd, I`d watch this

    Mr. Young may not be the best show but I think thats it`s decent compaired to the shows on Nickelodeon. The settings at times can feel like a cheap stage but others have a convincing feeling. Most of the characters likability vary. Adam Young is sort of likable but can get too smart for us to understand (which is why he makes his class fall asleep at times). Echo is also sort of likable but it bothers me that she is oblivious to Adams crush on her. Most of the other characters are likable. You have Tater, the cowerdly principal who is funny nontheless, theres Slab, the bully who was held back several times. He may act like a ....... at times but he can still be a decent character. Derby is also funny and so are Dang and Ms. Byrnes with thier series running gags. The jokes can get repetative at times yet I can shake that off. This is probally the only decent show left on Disney XD since Kid vs. Kat got cancelled.moreless
  • What the bloody shit is this?

    Now to be fair, I haven't actually seen this show, but considering what the premise is, I don't think I want to watch it. what kind of school hires a 14 year old to be a teacher there?