Mrs Brown's Boys

Saturday 11:55 PM on RTE One Premiered Feb 21, 2011 In Season





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  • Would be better if it was a real women

    Its just not funny coming from a guy in drag.
  • Amazing family show!

    My family and I always watch this show in Canada. It makes us laugh unconditionally !! :)
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  • Boys

    I simply love the the live tour good morning was awsome :) I really hope something new with this comming up :)
  • Series Return

    I love this show, when will the series return?

    The Christmas special was aired on Christmas Day 2013

    New Year special 30th Dec 2013

    I will keep you updated of any new episodes

  • What is happening with Mrs Browns Boys ?

    Is it returning if so when ?
  • Funny!

    I'm from the US, and have just heard and managed to watch snippets of the show, but I LOVE IT already! Thank God for these characters, it's impossible not to laugh at this show, it's that F U N N Y!!!
  • That nice!

    A really good and funny show, had me laughing so much. Agnes is such a funny character in the way that she always says "thats nice", it is one of the funniest lines i have ever heard. I hope the new series will be back soon as i miss it on a monday night.
  • Boot this crap off TV!

    At one point, my grandmother decided that I should watch Mrs Brown's Boys. I was not eager as I had to watch it before at my aunt's house. On both occasions, I found the show unfunny and humourless and slept through most of the episode on the second occasion. I thought my dreamless nap was more entertaining than this "comedy".
  • Too rude for little ones!

    This show is so funny! XD
  • get this drivel off the TV

    its just horrific some unfunny irish man dressed as a women, attention seeking constantly with an awful supporting cast who laugh while trying to act. sad thing is the laughter is real so people actually call this entertainment.

    Oh My Goodness.. This Show... Made Me Laughed HARD ON THIS!!!! HAHAHAHA! I Mean Seriously! I Guess.. All Of The Sitcoms I Watched.. I Guess This Is The Funniest right now.... They've got the Great Comedy! Great Job Brendan O'Carroll ..... Thank Goodness This Show was picked up By BBC One....... I Recommend This Show to all Sitcom Lovers out there!!!! OH MY GOSH!! Wedding, Funeral, Bathroom and many more..... THIS IS SOOOO FUNNY!!!! I LOVE THIS SITCOM!!!! THIS IS GENIUS!! I HOPE BBC Extend This Show From 6 Episodes to 20 Episodes on A Season!!!

    Sadly, This Show Still Didn't air Around The World(Thru BBC Entertainment or other Local Channels) especially in America... I Hope This Show will air In America... Surely, the Americans gonna love this show! THIS SHOW IS HILARIOUS!
  • One of THE funniest shows I've ever watched

    If you were to change Robin Williams into a British/Irish old lady, this show is the product of such a combination. Quick witted and on-the-spot ad-libbing where even the actors are trying hard not to break out into tear-jerking, side-splitting laughter. Every episode is a new adventure with Mrs. Brown.

    I give it a 9.0 rating only because I don't believe any show is perfect, but for what it is and what it does, it certainly deserves a 9.0.
  • Mrs. Brown is a foul mouthed widow who is quick with a quip and a cuppa tea. Someone's always in a crisis and leave it to Mrs. Brown to make it worse before it gets better. You just never know what's going to happen with Mrs. Brown's family.

    It's fekin' hysterical! Watch the show and you'll know exactly what I mean. I can't wait for season 2!
    It's like Archie bunker meets Betty White. Whatever is going on, be it a wedding, a funeral, a new bathroom installation or her gay son coming out of the closet, Mrs. Brown will make it hysterical. Will Jacko ever get out of the hospital? Will Dermott stay out of Jail? Will Grandad ever die already? And will the cameramen stay out of the bloody scenes?!? These burning questions and more will be addressed when you visit the set of Mrs. Brown's Boys. You won't see this show remade in the US! :)
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