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  • Good on general updates for news from around the country. Not so good, immersion coverage of major crime cases.

    What in tarnation are all those tickers around the screen? The headline banner is okay; the stock ticker makes sense in the morning and at the close of day. However, all too often during the gaps in between, we get hit by blurs of graphics that don't even make any sense. It's like swatting flies.

    What MSNBC is good at, is the series of overview stories they do on general national news throughout the day. I feel I pick up a lot of things from the events in different states. Where they turn into a bingo tumbler is the 'notorious crime case' area: whenever someone is the victim of something dangerous and it hits a nerve, they 'cover' it in much the same way as paint covers a wall. Rephrase the same thing 7,562 different ways, interview total strangers who just wandered by, point the camera into the middle of nowhere and just *keep talking,* at all costs... If there's one thing this network will give you, it's too much of... too much.

    But when they dispense with the politicking and the fanfare and get down to brass tacks, they can be quite good.

    If they would stick to their strengths, they would be dependable in all weather.