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Welcome to MTV Cribs, the most exciting way to peep into your favourite celebrity homes without getting slapped with a restraining order.
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  • Good to watch when there's nothing else on.

    I don't like Cribs but I don't hate it either. It is an OK show, better than Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant and the rest of MTV's crappy reality shows.
  • Awful.

    Cribs is nothing more than celebrities showing off their houses and constantly rubbing in people's faces how they're rich and poor people aren't. Now I know what you're going to ask, is that it? Well, unfortunately, yes, that's all there is to it. This is nothing but more time filler for MTV. Nobody wants to view this junk, if I wanted to see rich people's houses, I would look them up on Google Images instead of wasting my time on a pointless show were people make fun of the poor because they're not rich. This show is pointless from the start to the finish, and I am glad it's gone. MTV really needs to stop producing reality shows. Last time I checked, this was a music channel, not a reality channel.moreless
  • How to spend money on crap

    When there are people starving to death and homeless. But enough with my cynical side. I do enjoy to see how the other half lives.
  • It's really nice for superstars to be tv stars too...

    What a neat concept for a show! To find a celebrity who is comfortably being even more stalked by showing off his amazing house to the world. Like, I feel really bad for these homeowners but I love them for having taste in making their house extra unique from civilians and from another superstar. You'll get great ideas for home decor and have some laughs at it too!
  • Another show where rich people are constantly in your face saying they are better than us

    This show is just flat put pointless and is just more time filler for MTV since they went and did reality shows all the time. All this show is about is just rich people or celebrities showing off their houses and rub it in that they are better than everyone else. If I wanted to see the house of a rich person, then I would do Google images on a person's house, not see the rich have so much fun and mock the poor for not being rich. This show was just unneeded garbage that just again focuses on the rich and pretty much says, "Ha, Ha! I'm rich and you aren't!" I am glad this show is over and done with. MTV, please go back to shows like Beavis and Butthead and Celebrity Death Match.moreless
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