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Monday 6:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Dec 03, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Exposed is like mu fav mtv show. I like watching it alot.

    Have you ever fibbed in an effort to make yourself seem more desirable to someone you wanted to go out with? After watching MTV Exposed, you may think again about lying. In this show, one single interviews two potential daters and asks them probing, personal questions. What the daters don't know is that every answer they provide is being filtered through lie detection software. Watch what happens when they find out they've been exposed. Are you going to lie the whole time or are you oging to deside to tell the truth? Who knows only you can deside that.
  • A bad show for an extremely bad channel

    MTV has done it yet again.For probably the 100th time in it's channel's fluent run, it has introduced yet another "Dating show... with a twist".Is this the only way they can get viewers?By showing scripted dating shows that slowly devour themselves in their own ignorance?By the terms of this site, I have to make this a "rview" though.To put it in the easiest terms.Exposed is a dating show split into to parts every episode.The two parts usualy consist of a different sex reviewing the opposite sex.For example, the first part of an episode will have a guy reviewing two girls and the second will be vice versa.Its painfully obvious to tell the show is scripted and the people that get picked are usually terrible actors.Also for some reason, people from other crappy dating shows on MTV appear on this show too,coiencidence?I think not.Sometimes the show will derive from its "average man/woman" clientale and have a cleberty,well not really an actual one usually another reality TV star from its own channel or its bastard spawned relative VH1.The most recognizable was of course Brooke A.K.A "Pumkin",A.K.A "The Whore of Charm School",A.K.A "That dumb bimbo who thinks being a total slut is acceptable, a few names I wouldn't be proud of.In summary, Exposed is another stupid MTV show that , once again, has nothing to do with music.But hey!Its MTV we're talking about and we all know that they hate music at MTV.
  • well its obviously fake but what the heck i watch it anyway.

    i guess this show is okay. If i felt lazy and i was flipping through the channels and nothing good was on, i guess i would watch it. i think its probably fake, but whatever. And lie detection software doesn't really work probably. But who cares i mean american idol is pretty much all fake but i watch that anyway. I'm really gullible, but this was obviously fake. But its mtv. What do you expect? For me, this show is one of those things where you don't like it but you don't hate hate hate it. maybe I semi-hate it. Or i don't especially like it. Whatever. Its Nothing great. Wouldn't recommend watching it if you have any other choices.
  • This "show" was obviously created to fool drone couch potatoes into watching an 30-minute advertisement.

    First, it is obvious that all of the people on this show are fake. These are not real dates. The entire episode is scripted. Think about it: nobody acts or talks like that on a real date. Second, count how many times a brand name is mentioned. I challenge you to watch the show with a piece of paper and write down every time it happens. Same goes with visual product placement too. You will be surprised by how many times you notice it when you're actually looking for it. And in addition to mentioning specific brand names, the actors also play to the young audience's insecurities, such as a recent episode I watched in which the two rival "women" were exchanging stabs like "I forgot to bring diet pills for you" and "I think you forgot to bring your breasts." Oh, by the way, advertisers need teenagers to feel insecure in order to sell them things they don't need. Seriously, if you care about the well-being of your brain, quit watching MTV and go watch C-span.
  • This is a terrible show! Lie detection softwear? STUPID!!!

    This show is ok. It is pretty bad. The softwear isn't even reliable, so what is the point? People are obviousely desperate; some just like to be on MTV. It is a lame show. Those people are pretty randomly chosen too. T h e questions people ask are pretty dumb and completely irrelavent. I especially hate it when every thing that they say is the truth, that just makes it boring!!! :( Now I am at 76 words and I am going to write one final thing: This show is absolutely P O I N T L E S S!!!
  • WHat is the point of lie ditector software?

    WHat is the point of lie ditector software? It's not even real... Read the warning at the end. This show is just another useless dating show. And if u seen the show look for the dam truck its the same on everytime. then u would know so u wouldnt lie. people always lie. why do u need a partner tho. out a lie ditecror in your ear abnd its buuzzes when it lies. this is like punkd. look at the lines. You've been Exposed. Youve been Punkd. I kinda hate this show. the celiberty addioton is weird. MTV should get better dating shows.
  • Are you seeing the same faces over and over again?

    Half of the people who go on this show were on Next or something else that's on MTV. It gets annoying seeing their faces over and over again. And they repeat the same episodes like more than 15 times a day. That's probably because it's a dumb show and most people have better things to do than go on some show where you found out if someone's lying to you. That's one of the dumbest ideas ever. Don't you think so?
  • Surprinsingly this was a really good show for MTV! You have a chance to go out with two hot guys/girls and your friend who stays behind to see whos telling the truth and whos lyin. Then in the end you must decide who you want to go on a date with again.

    This is a really good show! I absolutely love it, it still has all those good qualities that MTV shows have...drama and comedy! This show will definately have you watching it all day long and you get to see whos a complete fake and who is not. I reconmend any one seeing this show or definately getting into it. This is one of those shows were, when your bored you could just sit back and watch it...and trust me you'll like it!!
  • WHO THOUGHT OF THIS?> i mean seriouslly? what

    This has to be the worst show in the whole entire world and the fakest show in the whole entire world this show is so fake that its not even funny you can tell its scripted its dumb and a complete waste of time..why woul danyone watch this show this is so stupid the only episode i will ever like is the lesbian episodes other than that its retarded you can tell its fake..dude you so can tell.Oh man MTV needs to cut this show off for good cuz this show is whack and it is never going ot become popular EVER
  • Worst show ever but makes you want to watch.

    Exposed is a really low-classed show but it can get you addicted to it for some reason. I don't know why but it can literally suck you into the show like your apart of it. It's about people going on a date. It can either be one guy with two girls or one girl with two guys. They supposedly don't know they are on lie-detectors. The show is such a fake . I have no clue why the hell I watch it. Help me! :P
  • i cant believe i see this show

    this show really pisses me off i like it sure but i cant understand how is this show real it look so fake i just wanna say hey this looks fake cancel it i hate it but i watch it and i get tired of it cause they repeat it like 20 times in 24 hours i get pissed of i mostley watch the end to see who wins that's it i hate it yet like it i like to see it but not buy a dvd season or something like that so i give it a 7.5 cause its actually not bad it just needs fine tuning and . . .not look so fake ! oh my god.
  • People go on dates.

    Unknowingly, two of the specified sex that the show's star likes, fall into the trap of truth detectors. They have a truck, with which the star's best friend, sister, brother, mother, whoever, is in and communicating with them through a mini ear piece. Throughout the date, there's competitions (star's opption) and a meal or a snack. The star asks the other two about themselves, their jobs, their race, their height, their sexual preferences, their experience, their lives, etc., and the other two answer. Whatever, the answer, the star's option friend tells them if they are lying or telling the truth. The unknowing two, are told at the end of the date, when the star goes back to the truck to go over results. They then chose one, or chose neither.