MTV Exposed

Monday 6:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Dec 03, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • A bad show for an extremely bad channel

    MTV has done it yet again.For probably the 100th time in it's channel's fluent run, it has introduced yet another "Dating show... with a twist".Is this the only way they can get viewers?By showing scripted dating shows that slowly devour themselves in their own ignorance?By the terms of this site, I have to make this a "rview" though.To put it in the easiest terms.Exposed is a dating show split into to parts every episode.The two parts usualy consist of a different sex reviewing the opposite sex.For example, the first part of an episode will have a guy reviewing two girls and the second will be vice versa.Its painfully obvious to tell the show is scripted and the people that get picked are usually terrible actors.Also for some reason, people from other crappy dating shows on MTV appear on this show too,coiencidence?I think not.Sometimes the show will derive from its "average man/woman" clientale and have a cleberty,well not really an actual one usually another reality TV star from its own channel or its bastard spawned relative VH1.The most recognizable was of course Brooke A.K.A "Pumkin",A.K.A "The Whore of Charm School",A.K.A "That dumb bimbo who thinks being a total slut is acceptable, a few names I wouldn't be proud of.In summary, Exposed is another stupid MTV show that , once again, has nothing to do with music.But hey!Its MTV we're talking about and we all know that they hate music at MTV.