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MTV Hits

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MTV Hits is the all music channel by MTV, it is none of their shows just the music you want to watch. MTV Hits has music from all genres and is rarely interrupted by commercials. MTV Hits also is on 24 hours to keep your musical wants satisfied. Recently MTV Hits has had more variety and mostly music from 1999 to present day.

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AIRED ON 5/16/2001

Season 1 : Episode 16

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  • I want my MTV

    What's not to like? MTV has and had a wide arrange of shows and music. From unplugged to chill and on.
  • Play rock music please !!!!

    Why aren't there any rock videos ??? I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses rock videos.
  • "Who hates music?"

    "Mtv is a tv channel that shows music videos. With the music videos they make them creative. They have the top ten for example. It shows what the viewers think of the videos. Mtv makes the people choose what you want and what you like. Mtv has different shows also. Dont think that Mtv only has music videos but shows about them too. So if you dont have anything to watch on tv you always have the music channels!moreless
  • MTV Hits is an all music channel that shows all the best music from over the years.

    MTV Hits premiered in 2001, and its main goal was to show all the music it could. MTV Hits is getting more popular so it is beginning to get new features shows as viewer play list and the top songs. MTV Hits also is gaining more variety. It contains music since 1999 until this present day. It contains all genres except the country music. Being a twenty-four hour show it will be showing music at all times to satisfy your musical taste, the only bad part is that some of the music on it seems to be replayed to much, mostly the more popular songs of the month.moreless
  • my songs are all on this station and its da joint

    i really like this how. the reason i like this statoin is because it a little bit of every thing all my joints b on that station u havin party crank that **** up and sip on dat henesse u know what i mean . they play bow wow chris brown , teddy geiger , diddy , christina agulara and all my peeps luv v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v mtv hits and man i gonna watch dis **** until da day i diemoreless
  • Your Thoughts?
    How do you like MTV Hits? Is it a channel you go to watch music videos?