MTV Movie Awards

Season 2008 Episode 1

2008 MTV Movie Awards

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 01, 2008 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • The skit featuring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as Wayne and Garth is the first they've played those characters since "Wayne's World 2", 15 years ago.

    • Adam Sandler won this year's MTV Generation Award. His previous wins include:
      • 1996 - Best Fight (with Bob Barker), Happy Gilmore
      • 1998 - Best Kiss (with Drew Barrymore), The Wedding Singer
      • 1999 - Best Comedic Performance, The Waterboy
      • 2000 - Best Comedic Performance, Big Daddy
      • 2004 - Best On-Screen Team (with Drew Barrymore), 50 First Dates

    • It is the second time Will Smith won the award for Best Male Performance. In 2001, Smith won for portraying the title character in Ali.

    • Wayne's World's Top Ten list of Porn Titles Based on 2008 Movies (some are from 2007):
      10) Horton Hears A Who
      9) National Pleasure 2: Book Of Secretions
      8) I Am Legend... In Bed
      7) The Suck-It List
      6) I Know Who Drilled Me
      5) Scat-Atouille
      4) Gush Hour 3
      3) No Country For Old Balls
      2) Alvin IN The Chipmunks
      1) Iron Man

  • Quotes

    • Ben Stiller: Where... where's Robert?
      Jack Black: Eh, he said he wanted his own, personal introduction. Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest movie-star on the planet, the greatest actor of all time... forged in the cauldron of his own genius... the one and only man of iron... I give you: Robert Downey Junior!

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