MTV Movie Awards

Sunday 9:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jun 10, 1992 Special


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  • If you think Lois`s story is incredible.

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  • Awesome! :)

    It's great fun!
  • Try and watch every year.

    Pretty good.
  • Needs a host

    I don't care who you get but you need to get a host. I will only watch this show if there is nothing else on. I have to say that if you want a really go awards show you need to have an awesome host. For instance your MTV music awards, I watched that once and that was because MTV had Chris Rock as the host. The best awards show, then the Academy Awards but him on for I believe it was the 78th Annual Academy Awards, now why on earth would I remember that unless you had an awesome host. Get someone great, funny, and doesn't really give a damn about who he embarrasses and you got yourself a show. That you might actually have people want to watch without channel surfing first. It's just an idea though.
  • It ROCKED.

    Mike Myers hosts the 2008 MTV movie awards. It had categories like the best kiss, evil villains, best actor, Best movie, best actress etc. In the movie awards ceremony, there were two spectacular bands singing and dancing, who were none other than Cold Play and The Pussycat Dolls- singing "When I Grow Up." It seemed like so funny, so extravagant, and so wonderful to watch. The Jobawockeez, the winners of ABDC also came as guests. It was pretty much like the Oscar awards, Tony awards, something like that. That is all I got rite now. bye bye bye bye good bye.
  • Terrible Humor.

    Yes, we all watch it. I mean it is MTV, the modern day adolescent TV playboy. It has taken over its age demographic and holds it with an iron fist. The movie awards are just another one of those things that MTV uses to hold its viewership. Though the performances and dances are interesting, the comedy routines used in the show are terrible. Absolutely terrible. Penis Candy? Allusions to every stupid thing and movie under the sun? A racist view of everything? I am a teen and have nothing against MTV, but this presentation is a complete waste of time.
  • I don't watch many movies, but I love to watch the MTV Movie Awards just to see what happens!

    I've been watching the MTV Movie Awards for a while, and this year's show was exciting! Sarah Silverman was hilarious! Her dissing Paris Hilton was kinda sad because of her circumstances, but the rest of her jokes were pretty funny. The best part of the show was when Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Farrell rolled around on the floor kissing after winning the Best Kiss award. I knew they were going to win, and I haven't even seen "Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" yet. The performances were great! Rihanna looked amazing, as usual, and Amy Winehouse sounded beautifully. I totally knew that "Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest" was going to win for Best Movie. And Johnny Depp is as hot as ever! This show was awesome for 2007, but I can't wait to see the 2008 MTV Movie Awards. I gotta go see some movies this year I've only seen 3 movies that were nominated this year :(
  • so wrong Sarah Silverman! so wrong..but soo right!

    i don't know if anyone saw the MTV Movie Awards 2007 hosted by the halarious Sarah Slverman but if you didn't you missed out big time Sarah Made a soo funny but soo wrong JOKE about PARIS HILTON! you have to hear it to believe it and to make things even more funny paris was their to hear the whole thing! everyibe was ib shock they didn't know weather to laugh and cheer or to boo her! but you know what most of them were doing! hears a few words of what she said paris hilton...and jail! they probly have it on youtube so go look at it on their!!
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