MTV Unplugged

Friday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Nov 01, 1989 Between Seasons


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MTV Unplugged

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The idea of Unplugged is that bands perform only acoustical and without any electronically devices. So this term usually only applies to music bands or performers that usually don't perform unplugged. Many performers fought with a performance the judgment that they actually can't play and computers and machines produce the entire sound. The origin of the idea isn't absolutely clear. There are only concerts in the unplugged style, but who really invented it, is unclear. The first concert you could describe as unplugged was Elvis Presley's concert in 1968 today known as the 68 Comeback Special. As inventors Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora get named, because they performed with only with two guitars at the MTV Music Awards in 1989 the tracks Wanted Dead Or Alive und Livin' On A Prayer. So the Unplugged series started soon later in 1989. Jules Shear hosted the first season, with was produced as 30 minute short "concerts", in an absolute simple way. The artists sitting in a half circle, maybe some background musicians behind them and playing their music in a small location, styled almost like a café. The second season was basically the same concept, but the duration now changes and MTV Unplugged leaves the US for the first time and goes to the UK. Also there isn't any host from now on. The bands announce themselves. The third season was the last one really organized as season. The ending of this season with the session of Bruce Springsteen also change the image of the series, because he performs plugged instead of unplugged. Season four starts with a big surprise: The first session with no English speaking band: Roxette! Season four already takes on the character this series will have in all other seasons from now on. It isn't a series anymore it's an idea. All sessions are a project to fallow this idea. In this context MTV invites comedians for the Spoken Word I session. A basically non musical session, but season four ends with a big bang. The Nirvana unplugged session makes this show part of music history. Nirvana doesn't perform a completely unplugged session, because Kurt Cobain uses some electronic sampler in the background. The discussion if this performance can be counted as unplugged doesn't hurt the success in any way. In season five, MTV Latin America starts recoding performances in the US starting with episode eight of this season. MTV US also airs these sessions. Season six and seven are basically the same like season five – they write the story of the show even further. With season eight the seasons aren't organized in the usual TV year rhythm anymore. Instead of the summer till summer schedule and the fact that it isn't a series anymore, the schedule now works similar to the usual calendar from 1.1 till 12.31. In 1998 the big break comes. MTV only produces one session and the series is basically dead. In 1999 the show is basically reborn, because now every characteristics of a series were now gone and every single session is a project by its own and is produced and released as such. Season 11 in 2000 features only one session again, basically because the time spirit works against the show concepts – the IT boom and the ultimate believe in the new millennium makes this show look spare. The first year in the new millennium the show starts over once more. More globally than ever the show starts with three Latin American performances before two US performances fallow and the year ends over in Asia, but visited Europe first. From now on the number of sessions produced in one year goes down dramatically. Season 13 features only three sessions, season 14 and 15 only one. In 2005 the show comes back form Europe to the US after three years absence with one other big performance. This time it's Alicia Keys who gives the show a new boost. ------------------------------------------- Notes to this show guide: Seasons: 1-8 are numbered as regular seasons. 9+ are organized annually, because of this shows character. Episodes: Numbered according to the original air dates (where ever that was). The show: The show isn't only the US series, since this is a global series since the beginning. Many episodes helped to build up MTV stations in many countries, sessions where produced. So this guide lists all sessions, not only the US ones. So the guide has more seasons and episodes than can be found in other guides. So don't be confused about that.moreless

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