MTV Unplugged - Season 1

Friday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Nov 01, 1989 Between Seasons


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  • Poison
    Episode 19
    The consummate hard rock quartet of Bret Michaels, Bobby Dall, Rikki Rockett and C.C. DeVille get back to basics with acoustic renditions of "Talk Dirty To Me" from their first album Look What The Cat Dragged In?, "Your Mama Don't Dance" and "Every Rose Has A Thorn" from their second release, Open Up And Say ... Ahh! and "Good Love," "Let It Play" and "Unskinny Bop" off their latest release Flesh and Blood. Recorded 11/19/90 at National Video - NYC Set List: 01. Your Mama Don't Dance 02. Good Love 03. Every Rose Has Its Thorn 04. Let It Play 05. Poor Boy Blues 06. Unskinny Bop 07. Talk Dirty to Memoreless
  • The Allman Brothers Band
    Touted as one of the most influential and successful American rock groups of the 1970s, The Allman Brothers Band recently regrouped and turned out their first new album in nine years: Seven Turns. In this special edition of "MTV Unplugged," original band members Gregg Allman on keyboards, Dickey Betts on guitar, and drummers Butch Truck and Jaimoe, are joined by new members, guitarist Warren Haynes, bassist Allen Woody, and Johnny Neel on keyboards and blues harp. Song selections performed include: "Midnight Rider," Gregg Allman's '74 solo hit and "Low Down Dirty Mean" and "Seven Turns" off the band's new release Seven Turns. Recorded 11/19/90 at National Video Center - NYC Set List: 01. Seven Turns 02. Midnight Rider 03. Low Down Dirty Mean 04. Melissa 05. C'mon in My Kitchenmoreless
  • The Black Crowes & Tesla
    The Black Crowes, the Atlanta quintet who rocked the early 90's, perform "Jealous Again" and "She Talks To Angels" off their hard rockin' debut album Shake Your Moneymaker. Tesla, one of heartland America's most popular hard-rock bands, perform "Love Song," the gold top 10 single off their second album The Great Radio Controversy, and "Signs," from the band's just released acoustic album Five Man Acoustical Jam. Recorded 11/19/90 at National Video Center - NYC Set List: 01. She Talks to Angels [Black Crowes] 02. Jealous Again [Black Crowes] 03. You're Wrong 04. Comin' Atcha Live/Truckin' [Tesla] 05. Love Song [Tesla] 06. Paradise [Tesla] 07. Signs [Tesla]moreless
  • Ratt & Vixen
    Ratt & Vixen
    Episode 16
    Heavy duty rockers Ratt and Vixen bring the house down during this special presentation of "MTV Unplugged." Taped in high-definition TV at the historic Ed Sullivan Theatre in Manhattan, Vixen, who were joined by Cinderella guitarist Fred Coury, performed "Love Is A Killer" and "Edge Of A Broken Heart." Ratt, in an unusual performance, covered Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well" and Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Born On The Bayou." "MTV Unplugged" with Ratt and Vixen, with high-definition imaging by Captain of America, marks the airing of a third high-definition program on the network. Recorded 8/11/90 at Ed Sullivan Theatre - NYC Set List: 01. Love Is a Killer [Vixen] 02. Edge of a Broken Heart [Vixen] 03. Way Cool Jr. [Ratt with Michael Schenker] 04. Givin' Yourself Away [Ratt with Michael Schenker] 05. Oh, Well/Born on the Bayou [Ratt with Michael Schenker and Fred Coury]moreless
  • Crosby, Stills & Nash
    In a special edition of "MTV Unplugged," Crosby, Stills and Nash perform a collection of classic hits. Taped in high-definition TV at the historic Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City, the soaring vocals of David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash will transport you back in time with such songs as "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes," "Daylight Again," "Southern Cross," "Wasted On The Way," and more. "MTV Unplugged" with Crosby, Stills and Nash, with high definition imaging by Captain of America, marks the second airing of a high definition program on the network. Recorded 8/11/90 at Ed Sullivan Theatre - NYC Set List: 01. Wasted on the Way 02. Helplessly Hoping 03. Guinevere 04. House of Broken Dreams 05. 4 + 20 06. Daylight Again/Find the Cost of Freedom 07. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 08. Southern Crossmoreless
  • Aerosmith
    Episode 14
    MTV viewers get the rare opportunity to see legendary hard rockers Aerosmith perform acoustically on this special edition of "MTV Unplugged." Taped live at the historic Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City in High Definition TV, band members Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass), Joey Kramer (drums) and Brad Whitford (guitar) perform a rousing 30 minute acoustic medley of their hit songs past and present. Song selections include "Toys In The Attic," "Hang Man Jury," "Big 10 Inch," "Dream On," "Walkin' The Dog," and "Train Kept A Rollin'." "MTV Unplugged" with Aerosmith, with high definition imaging by Captain of America, marks the first airing of a high definition program on the network. Recorded 8/11/90 at The Ed Sullivan Theater - NYC Set List: 01. Hangman Jury 02. Monkey on My Back 03. Love Me Two Times 04. Seasons of Wither 05. Big 10 Inch Record 06. One Way Street 07. Smokestack Lightning 08. Dream On 09. Milk Cow Blues 10. Toys in the Attic 11. Walkin' the Dog 12. Train Kept A-Rolllin' 13. Home Sweet Homemoreless
  • Elton John
    Elton John
    Episode 13
    Legendary rock veteran Elton John performs a memorable medley of hits past and present in a special one hour version of "MTV Unplugged." Viewers get the chance to see one of rock's most flamboyant showman performing live in an intimate studio setting. Song selections include "Sad Songs," "Sacrifice," "Tiny Dancer," "Daniel," "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me," "Benny and the Jets," and "Candle in the Wind." Recorded 5/17/90 at Chelsea Studios - NYC Set List: 01. Sad Songs 02. Sacrifice 03. Tiny Dancer 04. Daniel 05. Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me 06. Bennie and the Jets 07. Candle in the Windmoreless
  • Hall and Oates
    Hall and Oates
    Episode 12
    "Blue-Eyed Soul" duo Daryl Hall and John Oates joined the "MTV Unplugged" roster in mid-1990. The artists that hold the record for having the most Top 40 songs in the 1980s performed the classic #1 hits "She's Gone" and "Out of Touch," and debuted their '90s hit "So Close." They were backed by such highly acclaimed musicians as Tom "T-Bone" Wolk and Bob Mayo. The timelessness of their songs shows why Billboard magazine deemed them the Most Successful Duo in Rock 'N' Roll History. Audience reaction to the accoustic set influenced their decision to support the "Change of Season" album with an all-accoustic tour later that year. Recorded 5/17/90 at Chelsea Studios - New York City Set List: 01. Out of Touch 02. She's Gone 03. Starting All Over Again 04. So Close 05. Don't Let Me Down 06. Can't Help Falling in Love with Youmoreless
  • Crowded House with Tim Finn
    Australian rock sensation Crowded House, and solo artist Tim Finn, perform in this special edition of "MTV Unplugged." This program marks the first time Crowded House lead vocalist/guitarist, Neil Finn, and brother Tim Finn, have appeared together on U.S. television since the break up of their New Zealand band Split Enz in 1985. The Finn brothers are joined by Crowded House bassist Nick Seymour and drummer Paul Hester, and Crowded House producer Mitchell Froom, on keyboards. Song selections include "Mean To Me" from the band's debut album Crowded House, the Hunters & Collectors hit single "Throw Your Arms Around Me," and "Four Seasons In One Day," a new song from their upcoming album release. Also included is a rendition of "Chocolate Cake," a new song from the Finn brothers soon-to-be-released collaborative work, Brothers Finn, and "Not Even Close," a song from Tim Finn's current album release Tim Finn. Recorded 3/30/90 at Hollywood Center Studios - Los Angeles, CA Set List: 01. Mean to Me 02. Four Seasons in One Day 03. Not Even Close 04. Show a Little Mercy 05. Chocolate Cake 06. Throw Your Arms Around Me [with Jules Shear]moreless
  • Great White with Damn Yankees
    "MTV Unplugged," the acclaimed acoustic music series, presents an acoustic performance with Great White and Damn Yankees. Taped at the Hollywood Center Studios in Los Angeles, Great White and Damn Yankees bring down the house rock-n-roll style. Song selections include: "Coming of Age", "Cat Scratch Fever", "Once Bitten Twice Shy" and "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You". Recorded 3/30/90 at Hollywood Center Studios - Los Angeles, CA Set List: 01. Coming of Age [Damn Yankees] 02. Cat Scratch Fever [Damn Yankees] 03. House of Broken Love [Great White] 04. Once Bitten Twice Shy [Great White] 05. Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You [Great White]moreless
  • Don Henley
    Don Henley
    Episode 9
    This special edition of "MTV Unplugged" takes an intimate look at Henley as he performs songs that span his career with the Eagles through his recent solo career. Joining him is a string quartet which was brought in to perform songs in arrangements that have never been heard before. Song selections include "End Of The Innocence," "Heart Of The Matter," "Best Of My Love," "Come Rain Or Come Shine," and "Desperado." Recorded 3/30/90 at Hollywood Center Studios - Los Angeles Set List: 01. End of the Innocence 02. Heart of the Matter 03. The Best of My Love 04. Come Rain or Come Shine 05. Desperadomoreless
  • Sinead O'Connor with The Church
    Australian band The Church and Irish solo artist Sinead O'Connor are featured in this edition of "MTV Unplugged." The Church band members Steve Killbey (bass/vocals), Peter Koppes (guitar/vocals) and Mary Willson-Piper (guitar/vocals) perform a collection of songs, including "Under The Milky Way," the band's first Top 40 hit, as well as "Metropolis" from their new album Gold Afternoon Fix. Sinead performs acappella versions of "Black Boys On Mopeds" and "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got." Recorded 1/30/90 at National Video Center Set List: 01. Under the Milky Way [The Church] 02. Metropolis [The Church] 03. Black Boys on Mopeds [O'Connor solo] 04. I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got [O'Connor] 05. First Freeze after the Fall [Shear] 06. Rain [Shear with Willson-Piper] 07. Waterloo Sunset [Sehar with The Church]moreless
  • Michelle Shocked with Indigo Girls
    "MTV Unplugged" presents Atlanta-based singers/songwriters/guitarists Amy Ray And Emily Saliers -- collectively known as the Indigo Girls -- and solo artist Michelle Shocked. Shocked performs "Jamboree Queen," "On The Greener Side," and "The Water Is Wide." The Indigo Girls perform "World Falls," and "Closer To Fine," from their self-titled LP. Shocked joins host Jules Shear to revive the Jimmy Rodgers song "T For Texas." Recorded 1/30/90 at National Video Center - NYC Set List: 01. Yamboree Queen [Shocked] 02. On the Greener Side [Shocked] 03. World Falls [Indigos] 04. Closer to Fine [Indigos] 05. T for Texas [Shocked/Shear] (written by Jimmie Rodgers) 06. The Water Is Wide [all] (traditional composition)moreless
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan with Joe Satriani
    "MTV Unplugged" devotes an episode to the work of two guitar virtuosos: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Satriani. Satriani showcases his expressive guitar work with renditions of "The Feeling" and "I Believe." Vaughan performs memorable versions of "Rude Mood" and "Pride And Joy." Recorded 1/30/90 at National Video Center - New York City Set List: 01. Open Your Eyes [Jules Shear/Marty Willson-Piper] 02. Rude Mood [Vaughan] 03. Pride and Joy [Vaughan] 04. The Feeling [Satriani, Mover] 05. I Believe [Satriani, Mover] 06. Life Without You [Vaughan] 07. Testify [Vaughan] 08. May This Be Love [Shear/Satriani/Mover]moreless
  • Joe Walsh and Dr. John
    "MTV Unplugged" presents former James Gang member Joe Walsh accompanied by R&B great Dr. John. Recorded at the National Video Center in New York City, Walsh performs such hits as "Desperado" and "Rosewood Bitters." All involved come together for renditions of "Cinnamon Girl" and "Let The Good Times Roll." Recorded 12/14/89 at National Video Center, New York City Set List: 01. Desperado [Walsh] 02. Rosewood Bitters [Walsh and Rosas] 03. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition [Shear] 04. Cinnamon Girl [all] 05. Life's Been Good [Walsh/Dr. John/Rosas] 06. Let the Good Times Roll [all]moreless
  • The Alarm with Nuclear Valdez
    Miami-based quartet Nuclear Valdez, and Welsh rockers the Alarm are featured in this edition of "MTV Unplugged." Alarm band members Mike Peters (vocals/guitar), Dave Sharp (guitar), and Eddie MacDonald (bass/vocals) perform "Change," and "One Step Closer To Home," which the band dedicates to "all the people of Eastern Europe." Nuclear Valdez showcase their rich Latin Heritage with renditions of "Summer" and the Phil Lynott song "Don't Believe A Word." Recorded 12-14-89 at National Video Center - NYC Set List: 01. Change [Sharp/Twist] 02. My Land, Your Land [Sharp/Twist] 03. One Step Closer to Home [Sharp solo] 04. Summer [Nuclear Valdez] 05. Don't Believe a Word [Nuclear Valdez] 06. If She Knew What She Wants [Shear with Alarm] 07. This Train [all] 08. 20 Flight Rock [all]moreless
  • 10,000 Maniacs with Michael Penn
    Natalie Merchant, lyricist/singer of the acclaimed New York folk-rock band 10,000 Maniacs, performs "What's The Matter Here?" and "Dustbowl." Solo artist Michael Penn performs "No Myth" and the upbeat "Brave New World" off his new release March. Merchant and Penn join together for a rendition of "City Of Angels," from the Maniacs' 1987 platinum release In My Tribe. Recorded 12/13/89 at National Video Center - NYC Set List: 01. What's the Matter Here? [Maniacs] 02. Dust Bowl [Merchant/Gustafson/Buck] 03. No Myth [Michael Penn] 04. Brave New World [Michael Penn] 05. Gun Shy [Maniacs] 06. City of Angels [Maniacs/Shear/choir]moreless
  • The Smithereens and Graham Parker
    New Jersey guitar band the Smithereens, and veteran British artist Graham Parker, are featured in this edition of "MTV Unplugged." Smithereens band members Jim Babjak (guitar/vocals), Dennis Diken (drums/vocals), Pat DiNizio (vocals/guitars/harmonica) and Mike Mesaros (bass/vocals) perform a medley of hits spanning their ten year career, including "Only A Memory," "A Girl Like You," "Behind The Wall Of Sleep," and "Blood And Roses," all penned by DiNizio. Parker's selections include "Slash And Burn" from his new album Human Touch. The Smithreens and Graham Parker team up with host Jules Shear to perform a medley which includes the old Sam Cooke song "Cupid." Recorded 12/13/89 at National Video - NYC Set List: 01. Only a Memory [Smithereens] 02. Girl Like You [Smithereens] 03. Slash and Burn [Smithereens] 04. Behind the Wall of Sleep [Smithereens with Parker on lead vocals] 05. Blood and Roses [Smithereens] 06. Cupid/Chain Gang [Smithereens/Shear/Parker]moreless
  • Squeeze with Syd Straw and Elliot Easton
    The season premiere of "MTV Unplugged" features performances by British rockers Squeeze, solo artist Syd Straw, and Elliot Easton from The Cars. Musical highlights include Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford of Squeeze performing a rendition of their classic hit "Pulling Mussels From The Shell," as well as a song from their new album Frank, "She Doesn't Have To Shave." The show is hosted by singer/songwriter Jules Shear. (The first episode of the season is an encore presentation of the pilot which aired November 26, 1989.) They performed at the National Video Center in NYC. Set List: 01. Pulling Mussels from a Shell 02. She Doesn't Have to Shave 03. If We Never Meet Again 04. Messed Around 05. Almost 06. Magic 07. I'm a Believer [all except Bonebrake]moreless