MTV Unplugged - Season 7

Friday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Nov 01, 1989 Between Seasons


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  • La Maldita Vecindad
    This is a great music group form Mexico whose music is a mixture of punk, rap, ska, funk, and Latin. Eleven years after their founding they perform their Unplugged session in October 1996. Recorded: 10/12/1996 in Miami, MTV studios. Set List: 01. Mojado 02. Pachuco 03. El Cocodrilo 04. Esta Tarde Vi Llover 05. Un Poco De Sangre 06. Ojos Negros 07. El Barzon 08. Apanon 09. Salta Pa Tras 10. Un Gran Circo 11. Morenaza 12. Humbala 13. El Tiezo Y La Negra Soledad 14. Rafael 15. Solin 16. Don Palabras 17. Tono 18. Supermercado 19. Pata De Perromoreless
  • Tori Amos
    Tori Amos
    Episode 6
    "MTV Unplugged," the acclaimed acoustic music series, will present a one-hour acoustic performance with one of today's most talented solo artists -- Tori Amos. Taped at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music in New York in April of 1996, Tori performs material off her latest release Boys For Pele, as well as work from previous albums. Song selections include: "Blood Roses," "Silent All These Years," "Cornflake Girl," "Caught A Light Sneeze," "Icicle," "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," "Hey Jupiter," and "Voodoo." Amos, who plays harpsichord and piano, is accompanied on several numbers by guitarist, Steve Caton. Set List: 01. Blood Roses 02. Cornflake Girl 03. Silent All These Years 04. Icicle 05. Caught A Light Sneeze 06. Somewhere Over the Rainbow 07. Hey Jupiter 08. Voodoo Recorded April 11, 1996 at Brooklyn Academy of Music - Brooklyn, NYmoreless
  • Soda Stereo
    Soda Stereo
    Episode 5
    Soda Stereo was one of the most famous Argentinean pop/rock band of the '80s and early '90s. This performance isn't the usual Unplugged session, because some parts weren't accustical, they were electonical. So this was only a part Unplugged session. This performance is named as Comfort y música para volar: Unplugged. Recorded: 3/12/1996 in Miami Set List: 01. Un misil en mi placard 02. Pasos 03. Zoom 04. Cuando pase el temblor 05. En la ciudad de la furia 06. Entre canibales 07. Angel electrico 08. Te para 3 09. Ella uso mi cabeza como un revolver 10. Genesismoreless
  • Seal
    Episode 4
    "MTV Unplugged," the acclaimed acoustic music series, presents a one-hour acoustic performance with internationally renowned solo artist Seal. Taped in April of 1996 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, Seal performs work from his two albums, both entitled Seal. Song selections include: "Prayer for the Dying," "Crazy," "Kiss From A Rose," "Deep Water," and "Don't Cry." Recorded 4/9/96 at Brooklyn Academy of Music - Brooklyn, NYC Set List: 01. Stone Free 02. Prayer For the Dying 03. Future Love Paradise 04. Blues In Me 05. Quicksand 06. Crazy 07. Kiss From A Rose 08. Violet 09. Deep Water 10. Don't Crymoreless
  • Alice in Chains
    Alice in Chains
    Episode 3
    "MTV Unplugged," the acclaimed acoustic music series, presents a one-hour performance with Seattle band Alice In Chains. Taped in April of 1996 at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music in New York, this is the band's first live performance in three years. Alice In Chains band members Layne Staley (vocals), Jerry Cantrell (guitar), Mike Inez (bass), Sean Kinney (drums) and guest guitarist, Scotty Olsson perform work from their most recent release, Alice In Chains, as well as earlier material. Song selections include: "Nutshell," "Brother," "Down In A Hole," "Rooster," "Heaven Beside You," "Sludge Factory," "Got Me Wrong" and "Would." Recorded April 10, 1996 at Brooklyn Academy of Music's Majestic Theater - Brooklyn, NYC Set List: 01. Nutshell 02. Brother 03. No Excuses 04. Sludge Factory 05. Down In A Hole 06. Angry Chair (Unaired) 07. Rooster 08. Got Me Wrong 09. Heaven Beside You 10. Would? 11. Frogs (Unaired) 12. Over Now 13. The Killer Is Me (Unaired)moreless
  • Illya Kuryaki & the Valderrama
    Illya Kuryaki & the Valderrama named their performance "Ninja Mental - MTV Unplugged". This event was recorded at the 26th April 1996. Set list: 01. Chaco 02. Jaguar house 03. Hermoza from heaven 04. Virgen de riña 05. Hermana sista 06. Abismo 07. No es tu nombre 08. No way jose 09. Abarajame 10. lo primal del vientomoreless
  • Hootie and the Blowfish
    "MTV Unplugged" presents an acoustic performance by the grammy award winning Hootie & the Blowfish. These former University of South Carolina students head back to their college alma mater to perform . Accompanied by a string quartet, Hootie & Co. perform such hits as "Let Her Cry," "Hold My Hand," "Sad Caper," and "Running From An Angel." Recorded at The Horshoe - Columbia, South Carolina 4/19/96 Set List: 01. Sad Caper 02. Running From An Angel 03. She Crawls Away 04. The Earth Stopped Cold At Dawn 05. Gravity Of The Situation 06. I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You 07. Let Her Cry 08. So Strange 09. Hold My Handmoreless