MTV Unplugged - Season 8

Friday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Nov 01, 1989 Between Seasons


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  • Santa Sabina
    Santa Sabina
    Episode 10
    This Mexican rock gorup originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco perfomes this season of MTV Unplugged. Recorded: 2nd april 1997 at the Miami Broadcast Center, Miami, Florida. Set List: 01. Miedo 02. La Garra (Lucy Y Fer) 03. Que Te Paso 04. Estando Aqui No Estoy 05. Los Peces del Viento 06. Simbolos 07. Lamento 08. Labios Mojados 09. Babel 10. Olvido 11. Nos Queremos Morir 12. El Angel 13. Azul Casi Morado 14. Palomazomoreless
  • Jewel
    Episode 9
    This concert was performed on 1997-06-24 in the Brooklyn Academy, NYC. Although this was an Unplugged concert, Jewel used several amplifier to boost up her voice. It's unclear if her voice only got boosted like the Unplugged concert would prescribe or was manipulated. Recorded: 1997-06-24 in the Brooklyn Academy in NYC. Set List: 01. Satellite 02. Boy needs a bike 03. You Were Meant for Me 04. Foolish Games 05. Who Will Save Your Soul 06. Last Dance Rodeo 07. Fragile Flame 08. Passing Time 09. Too Darn Hot 10. Angel Standing Bymoreless
  • Bryan Adams
    Bryan Adams
    Episode 8
    Bryan Adams performed at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City at September 26th, 1997. Besides some other musicians, Bryan Adams is supported by the students of the Juilliard school of music. Recorded: Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City at September 26th, 1997. Set List: 01. Summer of '69 02. Back to You 03. Cuts Like a Knife 04. I'm Ready 05. Fits Ya Good 06. When You Love Someone 07. 18 Til I Die 08. I Think About You 09. If Ya Wanna Be Bad (Ya Gotta Be Good) 10. The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is... 11. A Little Love 12. Heaven 13. I'll Always Be Right Theremoreless
  • Babyface & Friends
    Babyface & Friends
    Episode 7
    Babyface usually produces and writes songs for other people like Whitney Houston or Boyz II Men. For this event he performs this songs by himself. He got himself some serious help though with Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder. They bring a complete new side up to all those songs they perform at this event. Recorded: In New York City 10/18/1997 Set List: 01. Change The World 02. Talk To Me 03. Whip Appeal 04. Breathe Again 05. Exhale (Shoop Shoop) 06. I'll Make Love To You 07. End Of The Road 08. I Care About You 09. The Day (That You Gave Me A Son) 10. Gone Too Soon 11. How Come, How Longmoreless
  • Erykah Badu
    Erykah Badu
    Episode 6
    Badu sings of love lost, love unrequited, and of a womanish life still under construction (in search of her mothers' gardens no doubt). Basically she performs songs from her albums Mama's Gun and Baduiszm.
  • Aterciopelados
    Episode 5
    The Colombian band Aterciopelados perform their Unplugged in Miami. The famous "Latin explosion" while evident on the dance scene, has yet to cross over to America's rock and pop fans Recorded 9/7/1997 in Miami. Set List: 1. Pipa de la Paz 2. Ya Yo No 3. Menos Mal 4. El Album 5. A eme O 6. Amortiguadormoreless
  • Blackstreet
    Episode 4
    An intimate performance with R & B sensations Blackstreet for the acclaimed Unplugged series was recorded in Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. Set list: 01. No Diggity 02. Don't Leave me 03. Another Level 04. Fix 05. Good Lovin' 06. Never Gonna Let You Go
  • Fiona Apple
    Fiona Apple
    Episode 3
    Fiona Apple performed for MTV Unplugged as part of her Extraordinary Machine tour.
  • The Wallflowers
    The Wallflowers
    Episode 2
    This seassion was filmed in Brooklyn Studios in New York City in May 1997. Recorded: New York City, May 1997, USA Set List: 01. Three Marlenas 02. One Headlight 03. Bleeders 04. Angel on my Bike 05. 6th Avenue Heartache
  • Maxwell
    Episode 1
    Maxwell performs his famous R&B and neo-soul songs for this unplugged session in New York. He clashed with his label about the release of an album of this event, so only an EP was released. Recorded in New York 6/15/1997 Set List: 1. Suite Urban Theme [the Hush] 2. Mello: Sumthin [the Hush] 3. Lady Suite 4. This Woman's Work 5. Whenever Wherever Whatever 6. Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) 7. Gotta Get: Closer 8. Now 9. Embriamoreless