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Since 1984, MTV has had an awards show for the year's top and new pop music videos. Now known as the VMA's, it was traditionally held on the first Thursday of September on the East or West coast. But since 9/11, it has been moved to the previous week. Every year there is atleast 1 host and performances by the nominees and newer artists.

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    • With great power comes great responsibility

      I will be reviewing the catastrophic confrontation between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards. I will also be discussing and evaluating the relationship between the stars. The whole fiasco started when Nicki Minaj posted some things on her Twitter about how you need to be white and thin to be nominated or win best music video. Her friend Taylor Swift immediately thought this was a jab towards her and called Nicki out on it. Nicki replied by saying it had nothing to do with her and Taylor soon got the hint, and then apologized for speaking out of ignorance. It was surprising though, how the two were good friends and spoke highly of each other beforehand, but when it came to something Nicki Minaj expressed on social media, Taylor was quick to think it was about her. It makes one wonder how deep or genuine their friendship really is. From the way things played out, I am guessing that they are not too close and just like to show a good face to the general public.

      After Taylor apologized to Nicki Minaj, the two made nice and performed on stage together at the VMA's. Apparently Miley Cyrus was the host of this awards show and had an interview with The New York Times beforehand, about her hosting and about the Twitter feud between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. Miley first said how she wasn't following it too much then came out saying how Nicki is not a nice person, and how her delivery of her message is an issue. Miley basically called Nicki a self centered and jealous person. This did not roll over well when during the night of the VMA's, Nicki took the stage to accept her award and called out Miley Cyrus. The infamous line, "Miley, whats good?" was said here after Nicki referred to Miley as "this bitch who had a lot to say about me in the press" We see Miley visibly shocked and she quickly brushes off the comment by saying how they are all in the "industry" and she should know how they (the media) manipulate things.

      From the top, Nicki's twitter posts that started this disaster were not well written and clearly worded. I could see how Miley could get the idea that the issue Nicki was bringing up was just jealousy and all about herself. I feel like perhaps it was true and Nicki was just feeling very jealousy and bitter but when her friend Taylor Swift put a word in, Nicki backtracked to not seem like the bad guy and turned the situation on Taylor. To be fair, Taylor Swift was the only thin, white woman to be nominated for best video this time around. I was surprised at how petty and immature these women in the public eye could act. If Nicki Minaj really wanted to make a statement about how there is white privilege and racism in this industry, she could have made a better worded, clearer statement on the matter. She certainly has the platform to do it, and the voice to be heard by millions.

      On the other hand, this situation had nothing to do with Miley Cyrus, so it was not very smart for her to try to comment on the matter or judge the players in this game. The New York Times did bring it up and ask for comment but there were more tactful ways to navigate that situation especially since Miley knew she would come into contact with Nicki and Taylor the night of the VMA's, since she herself is hosting it. It is hard to imagine how Miley would think that she could get away with bad mouthing one of the nominees of her award show. Especially since in the interview, Miley went so far as to speak ill of Nicki Minaj's personality and character. The situation was a bomb waiting to explode. I am not surprised that Nicki called Miley out but rather I am surprised that Miley couldn't see it coming.

      Regardless of whether or not this whole incident was staged or not, we can see hot short tempers, distaste between two stars, and a fragile friendship between another two stars. It was becoming evidently clear how much underlying tension and hostility there is between them. Everything one says or does in the media or behind closed doors comes out in a big way. Everyone has an opinion, and judges each other harshly. I feel as if there is not enough communication that went on between these three women and it caused a lot of drama. Taylor clearly questions Nicki's motive and character as shown by her quickly jumping to conclusions. Miley Cyrus either knows something we don't about Nicki Minaj or just plain doesn't like her, and Nicki Minaj herself is hard to understand in general. I found that I could only theorize as to why she behaved the way she did and said the things she said. For me though, it was difficult to see her as an honest and genuine person with honorable intentions.

      No one hesitates to throw the other under the bus if need be, to save their own public image. It was fascinating to see how each star's conduct or style of commenting appealed to the general public in some sort of way. Whether it be Taylor's victim playing, Nicki's "stand up for yourself' play, or Miley's hippie-like interview comments about "coming at things with love, not These different tactics are clearly trying to win some audiences approval. I see that the stars seem more desperate for approval than maybe their own fans are.

      I am not condoning what anyone did in this situation but it is possible that making issues public for these individuals may not be a good idea. It is sad how none of these stars can freely voice their own opinions without backlash. I would say that all three of these women should think clearly and twice about what they are about to say before they say it. These stars have great power and a huge outlet while being in the spotlight, but with that power comes immense responsibility.

    • Try and watch every year.

      I can tell I am getting older b/c I don't know hardly anyone on the show. Not bad.
    • If you're into following celebrities, this is for you.

      Great stuff to watch! Lots of stunts and empowering music performances for the music fan. Videos don't get enough credits these days, because they put a lot of visual effects and graphics that are hard to make to make the lyrics presentable.
    • Awesome Gaga!

      Lady Gaga's performance was an awesome start to the show. It's hard for any act to follow her and not be a let-down, but the rest of the show was fast-paced and visually exciting. May not always agree with who got the awards, but the performances were cool to watch. You get to see who has the real talent when they have to perform live. Cool show, cool live webcast.
    • The VMA's no longer reward artistic, forward-thinking video-making. Rather, the VMA's exist to serve the corporate interests of the parent company and sponsors. The nominees in all categories were a disgrace.moreless

      I have never written a review on a TV show before, but watching this really compelled me to do so. I have watched the VMA's for at least 15 years now and it never quite dawned on me how the show simply exists to push forth corporate interests. It is sad that the VMA's no longer exist as a forum to showcase progressive, artistic merit in video making. Case in point, Britney Spears video that raked in the awards - not impressed. Was there truly no videos made this year that were better than this one? It seemed as if MTV has an agenda of re-igniting her career. Perhaps they just wanted to justify their choice of Ms. Spears as the opening guest. Or maybe they just like to use her as a kind of Cinderella story, returning from the netherworld of B-list Paparazzi fodder. Whatever it was, I can almost guarantee that it wasn't the high quality of her video that gave her the awards.

      Another example... Little Wayne. Don't get me wrong, I think his music is exciting and different, but his video for Lollipop is truly unremarkable. Rapper riding in a limousine with attractive women, rapper at pool party with attractive women, we've seen this before. In fact, I would say that most of this had been done ten to fifteen years before. Maybe the song is noteworthy, but the award show is supposed to be about the video, isn't it? I could go on (I don't even want to get started on Danity Kane, whoever they are), but the point is obvious, whoever decides upon nominees and awardees for the VMA has little to no interest in video quality. And, unfortunately, since good artistry in video making is no longer valued, why should the artists bother to do anything new or risky. But then again, if MTV doesn't play videos anymore, then I guess there is not much point in having the VMA's at all besides to hype up their network.

      As far as the rest of the show went, mediocre at best. Brand was sometimes funny, but kind of a fish out of water. But I can't help but laugh at the Jonas brother's promise ring. -Jonathanmoreless

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