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    [1]Sep 13, 2009
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    Is anyone watching live right now?

    I cant believe Kanye just did that! I mean I was surprised Taylor Swift won but jeeze I cant believe he just ruined her moment! She looked like she was about to cry!

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    [2]Sep 14, 2009
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    I wasn't surprised by Taylor's win because after all there was no one else really for the country fans to vote for in the category (unless you count Kelly Clarkson). And the fans who primarily watch MTV would have their votes divided by the other nominees.

    I remember an awards show where Kanye actually won (a rarity Im sure) and he was giving his acceptance speech dedicating it to his mother who just passed away. The show began playing the music to hurry him along and he pointedly remarked that they were being disrespectful to him by interupting his acceptance speech. Where was that belief tonight when he interupted Taylor? I am glad he was ejected from Radio City Music Hall. If a "regular person" had gotten on stage they might be facing judicial consequences and I think Kanye should as well. I hope he feels good about himself for insulting a 19 year old young lady.

    Thankfully Beyonce showed the viewers and attendees that she is a LADY with class and graciousness. Congratulations Taylor you deserved it!

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    [3]Sep 14, 2009
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    Judicial consequences? Really?? Either way while it was wrong I found this experience quite amusing just the same especially when Beyonce won the major award subsequently after.
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