MTV2's Guy Code

Tuesday 11:00 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Nov 15, 2011 In Season


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  • One of the best I've seen so far!

    An ingenious, informative comedy show featuring various pop culture entertainers, top comics, athletes and specialized experts who tell the story of the special code of conduct that exists between men. MTV and Viacom, this is one of few TV shows you've gotten right. Don't fuck it up by canceling it too soon. It definitely needs more than three seasons, and WAY more than SIX when you compare it to Jersey Shore (granted it hardly meets the criteria of the dying genre that's reality TV).

    This show is so funny and creative. Every man can watch it and say "Hey, that is me" or "Hey, I did that". Because what appears in this show is so true. I really like this show.
  • This Is Funny And True

    My Day hasn't Begun into I've seen a episode of guy code #DontJudgeMe This just comes together with all the comedians on there point of view on what guy code means and has some very atractive ladies they talk to from a ladies points of view if you just have regular cable it comes on 11 Pm on Tuesday On Channel 56 Watch it
  • Man-to-man advice.

    I'm not a fan of a lot of crap MTV puts on these days but "Guy Code" is an exception. It's what the title says it is. There are a bunch of situations that guys face and this show with its cast of men tell you what is the best way to handle it, proper etiquette, when to or not to do it (whatever it is) and more. There are also two beautiful women that give guys advice on what they should do as well. It's pretty helpful, they all give lots of great advice, although I'm only 15, so some of the stuff they cover (roommates, drugs, etc.) have nothing to do with me. However, it's a good show and it the cast are all really funny.