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MTV's Most Wanted

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MTV's Most Wanted is a variety show from MTV Europe, hosted by VJs Ray Cokes Naughty Nina and Davina McCall. Cokes takes the role as the lead host in this series that combines live music and interviews from up-and-coming popular bands. The band Faith no More shows up first in the series, playing live tracks from their album King for a Day‚ĶFool for a Lifetime. After the set, Cokes and Nina have some fun joking around with band members Mike Patton and Billy Gould. The British rock band Thunder also appears on the show to promote songs from their Laughing on Judgment Day album. In this episode, Thunder's lead vocalist, Danny Bowes, gives a few choice words to hecklers in the audience after the band plays their last set. Cokes, Nina and McCall interact with both the crew and studio audience freely during every show, answering questions yelled at them in the studio's casual setting. MTV's Most Wanted also invites members who left their bands to sit down with Cokes and Nina to talk about their upcoming projects. The show's non-singing guests include the artists Robert Smith from The Cure, Bj√∂rk and Canadian singer, Bryan Adams.