MTV's The '70s House

Season 1 Episode 10

Andrew Wins!

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Sep 06, 2005 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Andrew Wins!
Andrew and Joey compete in different series of games. Every game is a different year. The outcome was that Andrew wins.

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  • Let the 70's REST IN PEACE !

    I've sat through many movies that were just plain awful, hoping that miraculously they'd get better. They usually don't.

    I've watched this awful series, hoping the same thing and the end isn't any different. It didn't get any better. I did like the final two contestants though.

    This episode was probably the most fun of all of them and most era-accurate. The stunts were as lame as ever and Dawn, well, what can I say about Dawn? Even Big Foot didn't want her. I wish the show would "jump the shark" and throw Dawn in. Nah, the shark would probably throw her back.

    Playing "weird games" as Joey says, is exactly what they're doing, but they are doing it with such good sportsmanship for kids actually from today. No attitude, no arguement, ya can't help but respect that. These guys are very promising.

    The '70's comedian, Gallagher, shows up, looking MUCH worse for wear and wearing his most obvious "hat with hair". He's a walking advertisement for "just say NO". Still, maybe some of today's audience will be curious enough to rent one of Gallagher's many videos (I suggest starting at the beginning and eventually watching them all - they ARE worth it!)

    Later, a "pimp on the field" must mean it's 1978? What on earth????? Sometimes this series just throws a curve ball, right out of left field. Making it obvious that producers were NOT much more than toddlers at the END of the 70's at best. They must have gotten most of this material from old regional magazines.

    Anyhoooo, Andrew wins and STILL looks like Fez from That 70's Show. If they ever want to introduce his brother, here he is!

    Wrapping this dull series up was a reunion of contestants, showing lots of good graces and then, as we sort of hoped for, Oscar shows up. Our view of him was an arm out of a stretch limo, a left hand with a gold ring and a final break out of The Hustle.

    Here's hoping these guys take with them a better appreciation of what they've got and what their parents didn't have. Here's hoping they bring with them just a little of the "love" attitude, independent thinking and drive to get along. Here's also hoping that there's no more 1970's series by anyone who wasn't at least in their 20's during that era. A time of love and peace. Let the 70's go. Let them rest in (love and) peace.


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